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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

OMG. I suck so bad. I know it, truly I do. I'm honestly try to figure out what to do with this site. Yeah, I can still do kid updates, but it's getting old, and I'm getting bored with it. I feel like I need to start writing stuff FOR ME.

But, that's not going to happen tonight! haha ... So, what the hell has been going on since I lasted posted? The kids are doing great. They are getting so big and cute and very excited for the holidays. I got what might be my favorite picture I've ever taken of them.

Twin Love

Halloween was a success. We had an adorable Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. They really liked going trick or treating ... Unfortunately it was all crappy and rainy by us, so we only went to a few houses.

Tink and Hook

The best thing that has happened in the past few weeks was our trip to ARUBA! Yup, my sister and her husband graciously gave me and my DH a trip to Aruba as a thank you for carrying the twins. My parents took my kids for the week, so it was just me and DH relaxing, drinking, sleeping in. Ahhhhh, heaven. Here we are at dinner right on the beach ... it was gorgeous.

Dinner on the beach

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house with 16 adults and 5 kids. Then Friday we are going to get our Christmas tree and decorate the tree and our entire house. Then Saturday we are going with my sister and her husband to take our kids to the circus! Should be lots of fun ... We are also going to attempt at taking the picture for our Christmas card this weekend! Fingers crossed for that please!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall is here ...

I know ... I suck. I start way too many posts like this ... I need to figure out what I want this blog to be, and then I think I will be better at it ... I need to post all the kid pics, because a lot of family and friends come here to see them ... but Facebook has kind of taken over for some of that. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Anyway, what have we been up to you ask? Well, we've had some fun weekends with the kids ... scheduling playdates, going places, trying to keep them happy and busy. Oh, and yes, I am back at work now. That does kind of suck. I didn't realize how much time I had to get stuff done while I wasn't working and wasn't taking care of the kids. The laundry never backed up, the house was always in some sort of order, I made dinner almost every night. It was crazy! But, all good things come to an end. And staying home while getting paid and not watching my kids was definitely a GOOD thing!

So, I got some cute pics of a day at the park with the kids. There was a local town fair, but I screw it up, and went too late and it was basically ending, so we just hung out and played on the swings. The kids loved the swings, so it was all good!

Twins on the Swings

I haven't been able to see my sister's twins as much as I would like. Between me going back to work, and her living farther than she used to, and my kids being sick a lot, it's been tough. We all had dinner at my parents one night, and Boots was showing Sami some lovin'.

Boots and Sami

And Grandma with little Anthony
Grandma and Ant

And I just love this picture of the kids in my bed together in the morning. We have a daily tradition of everyone piling into mommy and daddy's bed when they wake up, and putting on some sort of movie ... Boots was pretending to be sleeping ...
Moop and Boots

We had a really fun time two weeks ago when DH's band got together for a little reunion. It was a really good time ... We ate some food, the guys played for a while, and all the kids got to play together. After the guys were done playing, they let the kids mess around singing into the microphone and playing the drums. Moop LOVED playing the drums (yes, that does scare me). Here here is playing the drums, and Boots is patiently waiting next to him for her turn. And yes, he is wearing a Run DMC shirt!
Moop the drummer

When it was Boots' turn to play, Moop WAS NOT happy about it. He's not so great with the waiting for his turn thing.

Then last weekend we went to take the kids pumpkin picking and they had a blast. Here is Moop helping Boots cheat in the hay maze and go OVER the path, instead of following it!
Moop and Boots

And then a cute pic taken by Daddy of the 3 of us on the hay ride!

We are brining the kids up to see my sister tonight, so hopefully we will get some more pics of her twins with mine!


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Baby Story

We have a date!!

Our episode will air on Friday Oct 30th at 1pm on TLC. I'm excited and nervous. I didn't really think that my 15 minutes of fame would be me all fat and pregnant on tv. haha.

But I think it's going to be amazing to see the journey. And it's going to be an awesome keepsake for my sister and the babies.

On a not so happy note, I go back to work on Tuesday the 6th. I'm so not ready. This staying home, not working, not taking care of kids, and just lounging around all day thing is REALLY NICE. Unfortunately, it's not affordable. So, off to work I go.

More updates and pics coming soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

So, I guess this blog will now turn back into a blog about my twins. I really need to update more often, I know! Don't yell at me!

Ok ... so, what's been going on, you ask? Well, a whole lot of nothing, I suppose. I'm still enjoying my maternity leave. It all comes to an end on Oct 6th. That is my first day back at work. No, I'm certainly not looking forward to it! I didn't realize how much I would love this SAHW (stay at home wife) thing. I'm not a stay at home mom, being that my kids are in daycare all day. But man, this is the life!! Being home all day, no one else is here, I'm still getting paid, I need to find a way to keep this up! haha ...

I've been doing a lot better physically now. I've had a lot of issues since the birth. I explained all about the HELLP and complications from that. But then I finally started feeling better, and got this horrible shoulder/chest/stomach pain that lasted almost a week! I was really scared that I had another perforated ulcer. I had that 4 years ago, and needed emergency surgery to repair it. And it kinda felt the same! Luckily I was able to get into see my gastroenterologist and get an endoscopy done. My stomach looked good, and no ulcers! Woo hoo! I also had another chest x-ray done, since I was having chest pain, but lungs and chest were clear. The doc thinks it was more of a muscle pull type thing. Thankfully it's all gone, and I feel somewhat like a normal person again. Yeah!

My sister's twins are doing good. Getting big and thriving. My sister, on the other hand, is having a hard time of it. The kids are not good sleepers, and they have their days and nights confused, so they tend to be at their worst in the middle of the night. I feel bad, and wish there was more I could do. Having infants is so draining on the parents. No one can prepare you for the lack of sleep and how that affects everything. Then multiply it by two!! Ugh! But it will pass ... I think they are considering getting a night nurse to help out a little bit.

My two are doing great. They are just getting so darn big! They talk NON STOP! I can't believe I was ever worried about speech with them! My DH spoke late, so I was worried about them speaking. But seriously, they won't shut up. The questions are non-stop, and the sentences are now like full adult sentences that I would say. I'm so impressed by their vocabulary.

We haven't started potty training. They do it at daycare, put them on the potty every time there is a diaper change, but I just couldn't see dealing with that while pregnant, and recovering from the c-section. So now I am going to start actively working at the potty training thing. Wish me luck, and any advice is appreciated!

Lastly, we went away this past weekend to Hershey Park with the kids. I wanted to do some sort of mini family vacay while the weather was still nice. We left on Saturday morning and it was about a 2 hour drive. They were TERRORS when we first arrived there. It was raining, so we went to Choclate World to pass the time until we could check into the hotel. Moop was great, he held my hand the whole time and was very well behaved. Boots was totally out of control. She didn't want to hold hands, didn't want to be in the stroller, didn't want to be held, didn't really want to hang out with us! She just wanted to run around like a banshee. Finally, we decided to leave, and I took Boots to buckle her in the stroller as she was screaming. My little angel Moop decided to turn into a devil, and just took off in the parking lot. DH was chasing him, and he almost got hit by a tram car. Seriously.

We got them in the car, and DH and I were honestly considering driving all the way back to NJ. I just couldn't imagine a whole weekend with them like that. The cheap part of us won out (because we would have had to pay for the hotel no matter what) so we went to the hotel. It was really nice. We got a 2 bedroom suite so that the kids could have their own room, we could have our own room, and then there was a living room and full kitchen. We were smart to bring our DVD player from home ... so we watched a lot of Cars, Peter Pan and Dora/Diego.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous out, so we went to Hershey Park for the whole day. The kids were SO much better behaved. They loved the rides, loved the park, loved everything! Although both of them got stung by bees. Yup, you read that right. BOTH. It was SO bizarre. First of all, the park was overrun with bees. I don't know why. We were on this train ride, and Mr Moop suddenly started to cry and rub is arm. Just as the ride started to move, I realized he got stung. I was scared to death because he had never been stung, so I had no idea if he would have a reaction. We took him off the ride, and went to the First Aid. The people there were awesome. They put some stuff on it to numb the area, made sure the stinger was out, and gave him a little bag of ice. He was fine within 30 minutes and his arm was fine. So I'm glad he's not allergic.

Boots is a much more adventurous ride girl! She would go on anything, regardless of whether she had to go on by herself or not! She went on a balloon ride alone, the swings alone, and loved sitting on the horse on the carousel. Moop sits on the bench! haha. They both LOVED the mini log flume too.

Then like 4 hours later as we were leaving the park for naps, Boots says "I have a boo boo arm too Mommy." ... I thought she was just imitating Moop, but I played along and said "Let me see your boo boo". And no shit, she had been stung! She didn't cry at all though! She's much tougher. So we were right at the exit, and the First Aid was all the way on the other side of the park. So we told the security guard, and he called the EMTs over to the exit. They came and took care of Boots and she was fine. She was even dancing in the stroller as we were waiting for the EMTs. That kid is a trooper!

Unfortunately, they both fell asleep for the 10 minute ride to the hotel, and then woke up, and that was it for naps! So we went back to the park for dinner and more rides until it closed at 8pm. They were really very good that day.

On Monday we took them to the zoo, and back to Chocolate World for lunch. I think maybe it was that Chocolate World place, because as soon as we got back in there, they started acting like psychos again! So, we bought lots of chocolate (Hershey is my fave!) and got in the car to drive home.

And now, if you've made it this far, pictures!!!

Here are some silly pics we took of the kids one night before bed.

Here's Boots in her favorite ballerina pjs. I need to sign her up for dance class soon! And Mr Moop doing his super cute smile!

Ballerina BootsSilly Moop

This is one of my favorite pictures. Boots was practicing her "sad face". This is the face that is going to cost us millionaires of dollars through the teenage years. Because if she pulls out this face, there is NO WAY we will be able to say no to anything she asks!
Precious Boots

And a cute pic of Daddy and Moop.
Dad and Moop

And some pics from Hershey! Here are Boots and Moop on the Dinosaur Ride having a blast!

And ironically, the kids LOVED the bee ride!
Bee Ride

Mr Moop having fun on the car ride.
Moop in the car

Boots on her motorcycle
Boots on the motorcycle

And a picture of Daddy and Boots.
Daddy & Boots


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birth Story Part 2

So ... where did we leave off? Yes, in the middle of the c-section. There really isn't too much to tell at this point ... a lot of pulling, pushing, pressure, etc. And me and Chrissy and Ant were just kinda talking on the other side of the curtain. Suddenly the doctor said "Get ready!" and Chrissy and Anthony stood up to see their little girl being born. My sister immediately started to cry, and said "Oh my God, she's so beautiful! Thank you!" and sat down next to me crying and hugging me. I was crying, as was Anthony. I doubt there was a dry eye in the room.

Then just one minute later, the doctor again told them to stand up and look, and Anthony made is way out, feet first! Both babies were brought over to the warmers, cleaned up, and wrapped up in blankets. Sami was screaming her head off ... where Ant took a little longer to shout out, but soon enough he was letting his presence be known as well.

At this point, honestly, I was so spent, that it all kinda was a blur. I think I was just SO exhausted (having barely slept the night before) and it all finally hit me, since the birth was over and the babies were out. I just laid on the table as they closed me all up with my eyes closed, as Chrissy and Ant took a million pictures of the babies, held them, walked around with them, etc. It was a totally different experience than with my two, because after Boots and Moop were born, they were immediately taken to the NICU for 12 hours of observation. So I didn't even get to hold them in the operating room. Since Chrissy's babies were bigger and full term, they didn't rush them out. So we got to take lots of pics in the OR. At this point, they decided to let my husband in, so he came in to see me. Then Chrissy and Anthony left with the babies to go to the nursery, and me and my DH went to the recovery room.

This is when I started to notice that the nurses were concerned with my blood pressure. I could see it on the monitor, and it was like 160/90, which is really high for me. I was consistently 110/65 throughout my entire pregnancy. But I figured it was because I just gave birth. I didn't feel great, had a headache, my neck hurt, my back hurt, I was just uncomfortable. So I basically just closed my eyes and tried to relax best I could. I think I dozed off here and there.

About 2 hours later they moved me to my post-pardum room. It was AWESOME. It was private, HUGE, had a couch, recliner, flat screen tv, full table with 4 chairs, just a huge room. This was so great, because I delivered my twins at the same hospital, and ended up having to share a room, and it was the worst experience EVER. So I was so happy.

Once I was moved into my room, they gave me some pain killers and some blood pressure meds, and then everyone came in. My parents, DH, my brother, my sister and her husband and the babies, as well as my BIL's relatives. My sister also gave me my gift, a beautiful tennis bracelet as a thank you. Like I needed to be thanked anymore than she already has!

Besides having a headache and being tired, I was doing ok. And then my OB came in and said "Erica, you are pretty sick". That was kinda surprising, considering that I didn't feel bad. She told me that I had HELLP syndrome. I didn't know too much about it, but I knew it had to do with high blood pressure and something with the liver. They told me I needed to go on Magnesium Sulfate. And that I was going to be moved to the ICU. That is what scared me the most. ICU? Isn't that for people near death?? Yeah, that was pretty scary. So bye bye nice room, and off to the ICU. Luckily, they were able to find a room for my sister and her family to stay and visit with the babies. And me and my husband went up to the ICU.

I was only in the ICU for one night, thankfully. I was on the magnesium the whole time, and it just made me exhausted. I slept the whole time and just couldn't leave my eyes open. They came and took blood every few hours, and luckily all my levels were doing what they were supposed to be doing. The ones that needed to go up were rising, and the ones that needed to go down were lowering. So I was headed in the right direction, but my doctor did tell me that it could take a few weeks for everything to be back to normal.

So, I'll fast forward at this point. I went back to a regular post pardum room after one night in the ICU (not that great room I was in, but a private one, none the less!) They monitored me a little more closely than I guess the normal post pardum patient ... taking my blood pressure and blood more often to test everything, but everything was going well.

They finally set me free on the Saturday morning after giving birth. The babies left the same day that I did and went home with their mommy and daddy. It was nice that we were all able to leave the hospital together.

I did have one more scare after going home. The first night I was home, I woke up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath. It was worse when I was laying down, and I could hear this weird noise from my chest, almost like I had pop rocks in my chest, like a crackling. It scared me, so I called my OB to ask them about it, and he said I should go to the ER. So we called my mom to stay with the kids, and off I went! Ugh! We had a battery of tests, chest X-Ray, MRI, etc, and it turns out that I have fluid in my lungs from the HELLP. It actually looked like congenital heart failure, but it can happen to anyone who has recently had surgery, and it's a side effect of HELLP. So they gave me a diuretic to help me pee out a lot of the fluid, and told me it would work itself out.

It was definitely scary, and the whole thing was so unexpected. I mean, I carried twins before, and I have NO issues after they were born. So it kinda caught me off guard to deal with all of these issues after having this set of twins. But, most importantly, now 2.5 weeks later, the babies are healthy, I'm healthy, everyone is doing good, and that's really all I could ask for.

Thanks for reading all this if you made it through!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Birth Story - Part 1

Ok ... so now down to the birth story.

My c-section was scheduled for 730am on Tuesday morning. Since we had to be at the hospital between 6am and 630am, my mom spent the night Monday to get up with the twins, get them ready for daycare, and drop them off.

I could NOT sleep the night before. I literally slept from 11pm-3am, and that was it. I just was so anxious, excited and nervous! So I basically just laid in bed and watched soaps on my DVR waiting for 5am. I figured I would get up at 5am, take a shower, blow dry my hair, and do some last minute getting everything together. The Baby Story people wanted us to tape leaving the house in the morning, saying goodbye to the kids, etc. So we wanted to leave a little bit of time for that.

So after getting ready, DH grabbed the camera and we started taping. I went into the kids room, and told them that we were going to the hospital. They started saying the cutest things ... like "the doctors are going to take Sami and Anthony out of mommy's belly!" We've been prepping them! haha. So we said our goodbyes, and DH and I got into the car. I taped myself talking on the way to the hospital, and we got there about 615am.

After going up to L&D, everything was really smooth. The nurse came right out, had all my paperwork ready, and put all my medical bracelets on. They brought me back to a L&D room, and I got undressed and laid down. At this point I was starting to get nervous. The nurse came in, asking lots of questions, and Chrissy and Ant showed up, as well as the Baby Story people. So suffice it to say, there were A LOT of people in the room. At this point, it was my DH, Chrissy and Ant, 3 Baby Story people, and 2 nurses. The nurse tried to do my IV, UGH! That might have been the worst part of the entire process. She had to stick me 2 times, and couldn't get it, so she had to call in another nurse who finally got it. That sucked. They put the babies on the monitors just to verify heartbeats and all that. Then my doc came in and did a quick ultrasound just to see the positions. I also found out that one of the other OBs that I really like in my practice was going to assist in the delivery. So I felt VERY special! Two docs for me!

They made me drink this awful stuff that tasted like sweet tarts with a salty aftertaste. That made me kinda nauseous. Once everyone was all dressed in scrubs and all that stuff, they walked me down to the operating room.

It was agreed that my sister and her husband would be in the operating room with me during the procedure, with my DH waiting outside. Once the babies were born, Chrissy and Ant would follow them to the nursery, and then my DH would come in and stay with me during the end of the procedure and to the recovery room. They also only allowed the camera man from a Baby Story in ... the other two people had to wait outside as well.

The brought me into the OR first, alone, to do the spinal. That wasn't as easy as I remember it being from last time. It hurt a little more, and took a little longer. But once it was done, I was fine. They got me all ready to go. And then I felt REALLY sick. I started dry heaving and vomitting, but it only last like a minute or two. As soon as the anesthesiologists saw that I was sick, he gave me some meds, and they kicked in pretty quickly. So luckily that passed by. They then brought it Chrissy and Ant to sit down by my head.

At this point, things moved pretty quickly in my opinion. They started the procedure, and there really isn't much to tell about that. I felt pressure, some tugging, etc, but it's not uncomfortable. It's just weird to think of what you know is going on on the other side of the curtain, but can't feel at all! The only thing that was gross was that when they first started, you could smell it. I think they use a laser or something to cut, and it smelled, like burning meat or something. Me and Chrissy and Ant all kinda looked at each other and were like "umm, gross!", but luckily the anesthesiologist put oxygen in my noise, so I didn't smell it anymore.

OK, this is WAY longer than I anticipated, so I'm going to have to break it up into parts. And this ends Part 1.


Monday, August 17, 2009

They're HERE!!

I'm sorry I've been so slow to post. I am going to post an entire birth story, but first and foremost I wanted to get some pictures up!!

I'm happy and proud to announce that Samantha Mary was born on August 11th at 825am weighing in at 6.2 lbs and 19 3/4 inches long. She came out first, screaming her lungs out! It was a wonderful beautiful sound!

Anthony Mark was born one minute later, at 826am, weighing in at a whopping 6.12 lbs and measuring 19 inches long. He took a moment to shout, but once he did, he let us know he was there!

Both babies are beautiful, healthy and required NO NICU time!! Yeah!!

I didn't fair quite as well, had a few issues after delivery, but I'll save that for the full birth story post ...

But, without further ado, PICTURES! There are lots more pics if you click on any of these pics and look at my shutterfly album ... I'm having a hard time picking just a few to display! They are all so cute!

Here is my sister's beautiful family! My sister is holding little Anthony, and Anthony is holding Sami.
Family Picture

The twins are fighting already! Although I prefer to think that Anthony was shielding Sami from the paparazzi!
Fighting Twins

Anthony all wrapped up and not looking happy about it!
Wrapped Ant

Sami just peering out with one eye!
One eyed Sami

My twins meeting the new twins!
Two sets of Twins

All dressed up and leaving the hospital.
Sami going homeAnt going home

And birth story to come, I promise!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a Quickie

So, tomorrow is the day. C-section is scheduled for 7:30am. I'm not sure what the status of wireless is at my hospital, but I'm hoping that I can get online, post an update, and get some pics up here for you all to see!

Thanks for all the support along the way. It's really been awesome! I will update you all as soon as I can!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi guys ...

I'm still here! No babies yet! I'm 37w1d today, and still hanging in there! I had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and the babies are estimating in at 6.1 lbs and 6.8 lbs. Then I had an OB appt, and my cervix is completely closed. No dilation or anything! So that's a really good thing! My OB seems to think that I will make it to my scheduled c-section on Aug 11th. I actually think I might too!

Things have been getting a little tough over here. I'm really tired, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, and I just can't move well. If I stand or walk around for any extended period of time I just get EXHAUSTED. Thankfully, my sister is like an angel, and has been over all the time, helping to take care of the kids. And every single weekend they go to her house and my mom's house for a night. So this weekend my sister and her husband picked them up at like 10am Saturday morning, and brought them back around 5pm tonight. It's so nice for us, because it gives us one night/morning every week where we know we can relax and then sleep in. Plus, we've gone to the movie every single week. This week was Funny People. I liked it.

It's amazing that I've made it further in this pregnancy than I did with my twins. Boots and the Moop were born at 36w3d. And by 36w I was dilated 1-2 centimeters. So I'm excited about how well I am doing ... I can't believe it!

Since I feel like I've been ignoring my kids a lot on this blog lately, I will offer up some pictures! All pics are links to shutterfly with more pics ...

Here are some pics from when my sister took the twins to a
local zoo near our house.
Twins at the Zoo

Here is Mr Moop playing in the kiddie pool at my mom's house.
Moop in the pool

And Boots wearing a fancy hat!
Moop in the pool

Here are Boots and the Moop at the beach ... We took a trip July 4th weekend and they LOVED playing in the sand!
Bathing BeautyMoop in the pool

Here are some pictures from a visit with my husband's family. We went down to visit his sister, and Moops and Boots cousin's Brandon and Allie. His parents came by too, so Grammy and Grandpa were there, as well as DH's cousin's wife, and her daughter Gracyn. All the kids had a blast playing in the kiddie pool!
Cousins playing in the pool

Having fun

Splashing around

My fabulous sister and her husband bought bikes for the twins. They are the cutest things ever. Moops is a CARS bike, and Boots is a Princess one. They even having matching helmets and knee pads! Look how cute!
Boots and Uncle Ant

Moop and Aunt Chrissy

And lastly a few pics I snapped randomly when the kids were laying around watching Dora.
Pretty Boot

Pretty Boot


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I suck

I know ... it's been a month. That's a long time. The good news is, no babies yet! So I'm doing good, going to be 35 weeks this weekend, and everything is looking good with us! We have a scheduled c-section date of Tues Aug 11th. I will be 38w3d then. Pretty exciting! We were hoping to schedule it for Aug 10th (which is my DH's birthday) but the Dr we wanted wasn't on that day. And the one that was on refused to be on camera. So we pushed it a day.

I can't remember if I talked about it on here or not, but they are doing an episode of "A Baby Story" on us. We actually taped all the pre-birth stuff last Friday. It was fun, and kinda awkward and weird ... but I can't wait to see it!! Unfortunately Boots and the Moop were both sick ... so they weren't in the best of moods for their tv debut! I will definitely keep everyone posted about when it will be on tv.

My last day of work was June 26th, so I've been enjoying my maternity leave. Trying to relax as much as I can. But the kids have been sick a lot, so they've been home more than I would have liked. But luckily my sister is around, so she would come over and hang with the sick kid so I could still relax.

Luckily, everyone is healthy now, and back at daycare, and I'm enjoying just laying around and reading/watching tv/surfing the net.

I got nothing else for ya. I'm too lazy to put any pics up right now. I do have some cute ones of the kids, so next time I will. And I won't wait until the birth of these kids to post again!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer fun

These pics are about a month old ... but I figure its time to get them up! It's completely misleading, giving that right now in NJ it's miserable, non-stop rainy, and cold! Well, about 65 degrees, which I think is freakin' cold for June!!

But we did have a few really nice days ... and the kids enjoyed playing outside in their sprinkler and pool. As you can see in the background of the pics, all the adults enjoyed a nice beer sitting outside in the nice weather, except me. Who was pounding my water like I know I need to do. But god, water kinda sucks after a while. I would give anything for a nice ice cold beer and some sushi!!!

Here is Boots having a blast in the pool. She would not take off her sunglasses!
Boots in Glasses

Here is Mr Moop smiling up a storm. He wouldn't take off his shirt for some reason!
Moop in the water

And here are a few "having fun in the pool" shots! I love the last one where they were like hugging!
Playing in the water

Playing in the water

Playing in the water

We also just got their school pictures back that we ordered. A little back story ... daycare sent home a reminder on Friday that picture day was Monday. My sister had picked up the kids from daycare on Friday, and forgot to grab their daily sheets ... so we didn't know it was picture day. We sent them into school in messy clothes and looking disheveled!

My angel of a husband went home and got them outfits and brought them back to school so that they wouldn't be the sloppiest kids in the class for their pictures! But the daycare teachers didn't do the best job with their hair! Moops is supposed to be combed to the side (and this was before his 2nd haircut, so his hair was still kinda long!) ... We asked the teacher to put Boots hair in pig tails, but they didn't do as good a job as I do!! Anyway, for your enjoyment!

Sweet Lady Boots
Sweet Lady Boots

Cute Mr Moop
Cute Mr Moop

My two Angels together


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shower

So, I'm a bit late with this post. I've been lazy this week, and I've meant to post, and I just never get around to it. I know, I stink.

We had my sister's baby shower this past weekend. It was SO nice. It wasn't a surprise or anything, she knew about it. But it was such a wonderful celebration. All our friends and family there to support her and her husband and these new babies. In a way, it felt like a celebration of everything she has gone through in the past year ... the cancer diagnosis, the surgery, the treatment, the surrogacy cycle, everything. And here we are, almost a year exactly from when you got her diagnosis ... and she went from finding out she had cancer and that she would never be able to carry a baby, to being cancer free, treatment free, and expecting twins in about 2 months!!

Here is me and my beautiful sister!
me and Chrissy

And with both the parents, my sister and Brother In Law!
Ant, me and Chrissy

And all the loot she got!

For lots more pics, click on any of the ones above to go check out tons others on Shutterfly.

The shower was so wonderful, and very emotional ... my sister got up and spoke and pretty much made the entire room cry! It was a beautiful shower and a wonderful experience and I'm so glad it went off so well ... my mom and I put a lot of thought into it, and I think it came across!

Now we just need these babes to get here so that they can enjoy all the stuff they got! But not for another 7 weeks or so please!