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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shower

So, I'm a bit late with this post. I've been lazy this week, and I've meant to post, and I just never get around to it. I know, I stink.

We had my sister's baby shower this past weekend. It was SO nice. It wasn't a surprise or anything, she knew about it. But it was such a wonderful celebration. All our friends and family there to support her and her husband and these new babies. In a way, it felt like a celebration of everything she has gone through in the past year ... the cancer diagnosis, the surgery, the treatment, the surrogacy cycle, everything. And here we are, almost a year exactly from when you got her diagnosis ... and she went from finding out she had cancer and that she would never be able to carry a baby, to being cancer free, treatment free, and expecting twins in about 2 months!!

Here is me and my beautiful sister!
me and Chrissy

And with both the parents, my sister and Brother In Law!
Ant, me and Chrissy

And all the loot she got!

For lots more pics, click on any of the ones above to go check out tons others on Shutterfly.

The shower was so wonderful, and very emotional ... my sister got up and spoke and pretty much made the entire room cry! It was a beautiful shower and a wonderful experience and I'm so glad it went off so well ... my mom and I put a lot of thought into it, and I think it came across!

Now we just need these babes to get here so that they can enjoy all the stuff they got! But not for another 7 weeks or so please!



FET Accompli said...

You and your sister look gorgeous- looks like it was a truly beautiful shower.

zodwakumalo said...

Wow! That's some loot! How many people were invited? I guess if you're having twins, people have to buy two of everything.
A friend of mine had twins - one of the first to have a child in our circle of friends. I feel so bad now that it's my turn that I bought her baby grows - really beautiful baby grows but I bet they never got to wear them. It's just so tough to resist getting those small little newborn things and I just hope my friends are far more savvy with their gift giving at my shower than I was...

Lovely photos by the way!
Visit my blog at which is all about my pregnancy. Giving birth in 64 days! If all goes according to plan that is!

Aimee said...

WOW That was quite a baby shower! I'm sure your sis will not have to buy anything now eh? You & your sis look great! How do your feet feel in those pumps? Not swollen yet? Wow...You'll be 30 weeks tomorrow and you're doing great!! :o)

Beth said...

Seriously, you look AMAZING. How are you fitting two babies in there? And your sister is beautiful and absolutely glowing...I wish you a very non-eventful couple of weeks and can't wait to hear that your niece and nephew have arrived in this world!

Take care--

eden said...

Woot on the loot!!

You look FANTASTIC, wow-ee.

And that is awesome about your sis getting through the chemo. Totally awesome.