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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi guys ...

I'm still here! No babies yet! I'm 37w1d today, and still hanging in there! I had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and the babies are estimating in at 6.1 lbs and 6.8 lbs. Then I had an OB appt, and my cervix is completely closed. No dilation or anything! So that's a really good thing! My OB seems to think that I will make it to my scheduled c-section on Aug 11th. I actually think I might too!

Things have been getting a little tough over here. I'm really tired, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, and I just can't move well. If I stand or walk around for any extended period of time I just get EXHAUSTED. Thankfully, my sister is like an angel, and has been over all the time, helping to take care of the kids. And every single weekend they go to her house and my mom's house for a night. So this weekend my sister and her husband picked them up at like 10am Saturday morning, and brought them back around 5pm tonight. It's so nice for us, because it gives us one night/morning every week where we know we can relax and then sleep in. Plus, we've gone to the movie every single week. This week was Funny People. I liked it.

It's amazing that I've made it further in this pregnancy than I did with my twins. Boots and the Moop were born at 36w3d. And by 36w I was dilated 1-2 centimeters. So I'm excited about how well I am doing ... I can't believe it!

Since I feel like I've been ignoring my kids a lot on this blog lately, I will offer up some pictures! All pics are links to shutterfly with more pics ...

Here are some pics from when my sister took the twins to a
local zoo near our house.
Twins at the Zoo

Here is Mr Moop playing in the kiddie pool at my mom's house.
Moop in the pool

And Boots wearing a fancy hat!
Moop in the pool

Here are Boots and the Moop at the beach ... We took a trip July 4th weekend and they LOVED playing in the sand!
Bathing BeautyMoop in the pool

Here are some pictures from a visit with my husband's family. We went down to visit his sister, and Moops and Boots cousin's Brandon and Allie. His parents came by too, so Grammy and Grandpa were there, as well as DH's cousin's wife, and her daughter Gracyn. All the kids had a blast playing in the kiddie pool!
Cousins playing in the pool

Having fun

Splashing around

My fabulous sister and her husband bought bikes for the twins. They are the cutest things ever. Moops is a CARS bike, and Boots is a Princess one. They even having matching helmets and knee pads! Look how cute!
Boots and Uncle Ant

Moop and Aunt Chrissy

And lastly a few pics I snapped randomly when the kids were laying around watching Dora.
Pretty Boot

Pretty Boot



BB said...

Wishing you good luck for your scheduled C-section! Looks like you are definitely going to hold up well! {HUGS} :)

edie & ella said...

Girl...what a trooper!!! 37 weeks + ...that is amazing!!! You are just a baby carrying machine!!! You're amazing.
I've been checking several times/day to see if you had posted anything....wondering if you were still pregnant. I can't wait to see pictures of the cuties...hang in there!!! sam

eden said...

Oh, Caba!!! You are absolutely amazing, you know that!

The pics of your kids are beautiful ... and the best best of my good wishes to you, as you enter the home straight. XOXOX

caryanne said...

Woozers! 37 weeks is just amazing. You go girl!

Can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of these new little ones. Best of luck!


Aimee said...

OMG...3 more days until your C-Section!! YAY!! I bet you are counting down the hours now!! ;o)

I'm amazed that you were able to keep the babies in as long as you have!! I hope to be following in your foot steps and pray that I make it to my delivery date of Oct. 15th.

Cute pictures of your twinkies!! Love the pool pictures!! ;o)

Kari said...

thinking of you and that everything goes smoothly.