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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

So, I guess this blog will now turn back into a blog about my twins. I really need to update more often, I know! Don't yell at me!

Ok ... so, what's been going on, you ask? Well, a whole lot of nothing, I suppose. I'm still enjoying my maternity leave. It all comes to an end on Oct 6th. That is my first day back at work. No, I'm certainly not looking forward to it! I didn't realize how much I would love this SAHW (stay at home wife) thing. I'm not a stay at home mom, being that my kids are in daycare all day. But man, this is the life!! Being home all day, no one else is here, I'm still getting paid, I need to find a way to keep this up! haha ...

I've been doing a lot better physically now. I've had a lot of issues since the birth. I explained all about the HELLP and complications from that. But then I finally started feeling better, and got this horrible shoulder/chest/stomach pain that lasted almost a week! I was really scared that I had another perforated ulcer. I had that 4 years ago, and needed emergency surgery to repair it. And it kinda felt the same! Luckily I was able to get into see my gastroenterologist and get an endoscopy done. My stomach looked good, and no ulcers! Woo hoo! I also had another chest x-ray done, since I was having chest pain, but lungs and chest were clear. The doc thinks it was more of a muscle pull type thing. Thankfully it's all gone, and I feel somewhat like a normal person again. Yeah!

My sister's twins are doing good. Getting big and thriving. My sister, on the other hand, is having a hard time of it. The kids are not good sleepers, and they have their days and nights confused, so they tend to be at their worst in the middle of the night. I feel bad, and wish there was more I could do. Having infants is so draining on the parents. No one can prepare you for the lack of sleep and how that affects everything. Then multiply it by two!! Ugh! But it will pass ... I think they are considering getting a night nurse to help out a little bit.

My two are doing great. They are just getting so darn big! They talk NON STOP! I can't believe I was ever worried about speech with them! My DH spoke late, so I was worried about them speaking. But seriously, they won't shut up. The questions are non-stop, and the sentences are now like full adult sentences that I would say. I'm so impressed by their vocabulary.

We haven't started potty training. They do it at daycare, put them on the potty every time there is a diaper change, but I just couldn't see dealing with that while pregnant, and recovering from the c-section. So now I am going to start actively working at the potty training thing. Wish me luck, and any advice is appreciated!

Lastly, we went away this past weekend to Hershey Park with the kids. I wanted to do some sort of mini family vacay while the weather was still nice. We left on Saturday morning and it was about a 2 hour drive. They were TERRORS when we first arrived there. It was raining, so we went to Choclate World to pass the time until we could check into the hotel. Moop was great, he held my hand the whole time and was very well behaved. Boots was totally out of control. She didn't want to hold hands, didn't want to be in the stroller, didn't want to be held, didn't really want to hang out with us! She just wanted to run around like a banshee. Finally, we decided to leave, and I took Boots to buckle her in the stroller as she was screaming. My little angel Moop decided to turn into a devil, and just took off in the parking lot. DH was chasing him, and he almost got hit by a tram car. Seriously.

We got them in the car, and DH and I were honestly considering driving all the way back to NJ. I just couldn't imagine a whole weekend with them like that. The cheap part of us won out (because we would have had to pay for the hotel no matter what) so we went to the hotel. It was really nice. We got a 2 bedroom suite so that the kids could have their own room, we could have our own room, and then there was a living room and full kitchen. We were smart to bring our DVD player from home ... so we watched a lot of Cars, Peter Pan and Dora/Diego.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous out, so we went to Hershey Park for the whole day. The kids were SO much better behaved. They loved the rides, loved the park, loved everything! Although both of them got stung by bees. Yup, you read that right. BOTH. It was SO bizarre. First of all, the park was overrun with bees. I don't know why. We were on this train ride, and Mr Moop suddenly started to cry and rub is arm. Just as the ride started to move, I realized he got stung. I was scared to death because he had never been stung, so I had no idea if he would have a reaction. We took him off the ride, and went to the First Aid. The people there were awesome. They put some stuff on it to numb the area, made sure the stinger was out, and gave him a little bag of ice. He was fine within 30 minutes and his arm was fine. So I'm glad he's not allergic.

Boots is a much more adventurous ride girl! She would go on anything, regardless of whether she had to go on by herself or not! She went on a balloon ride alone, the swings alone, and loved sitting on the horse on the carousel. Moop sits on the bench! haha. They both LOVED the mini log flume too.

Then like 4 hours later as we were leaving the park for naps, Boots says "I have a boo boo arm too Mommy." ... I thought she was just imitating Moop, but I played along and said "Let me see your boo boo". And no shit, she had been stung! She didn't cry at all though! She's much tougher. So we were right at the exit, and the First Aid was all the way on the other side of the park. So we told the security guard, and he called the EMTs over to the exit. They came and took care of Boots and she was fine. She was even dancing in the stroller as we were waiting for the EMTs. That kid is a trooper!

Unfortunately, they both fell asleep for the 10 minute ride to the hotel, and then woke up, and that was it for naps! So we went back to the park for dinner and more rides until it closed at 8pm. They were really very good that day.

On Monday we took them to the zoo, and back to Chocolate World for lunch. I think maybe it was that Chocolate World place, because as soon as we got back in there, they started acting like psychos again! So, we bought lots of chocolate (Hershey is my fave!) and got in the car to drive home.

And now, if you've made it this far, pictures!!!

Here are some silly pics we took of the kids one night before bed.

Here's Boots in her favorite ballerina pjs. I need to sign her up for dance class soon! And Mr Moop doing his super cute smile!

Ballerina BootsSilly Moop

This is one of my favorite pictures. Boots was practicing her "sad face". This is the face that is going to cost us millionaires of dollars through the teenage years. Because if she pulls out this face, there is NO WAY we will be able to say no to anything she asks!
Precious Boots

And a cute pic of Daddy and Moop.
Dad and Moop

And some pics from Hershey! Here are Boots and Moop on the Dinosaur Ride having a blast!

And ironically, the kids LOVED the bee ride!
Bee Ride

Mr Moop having fun on the car ride.
Moop in the car

Boots on her motorcycle
Boots on the motorcycle

And a picture of Daddy and Boots.
Daddy & Boots



FET Accompli said...

Can't believe they both got stung! I am glad they are okay. I was sorry to hear that you've been having a bit of a bumpy recovery, and relieved that you're doing well. Love the pics of the twins- so cute!

Has your sister (or you) read Contended House with Twins? I ordered it on the recommendation of a blogger - it puts newborn twins on a strict schedule, feeding them 5 times a day and only once at night. Could that really work...?

Arjun and Indira said...

OMG what an adventure and a half (and 2 bee stings...what are the chances??) overall sounds like fun. We used to go there when we lived in NY and it was one of my favorite places! They are so cute btw!!!!

FET Accompli said...

Thanks for referring me to twinstuff! Looks like an amazing resource and support network.