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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are you freaking kidding me??


Seriously. It is enough already. I'm snowed out at this point. We are supposed to be up to 2 feet tomorrow. Do you realize how annoying that is??

I am looking forward to just hunkering down, watching movies with the kids, making popcorn,etc. But really, it's just too much at this point. Where the hell is spring??

And now, the ABCs of me.

  • A is for Atheist. I'm an atheist. Yup. That's the truth.

  • B is for Bitch. I'm also a bitch. And I'm very proud of it.

  • C is for Chrissy. That's my sister. She's my best friend and my favorite person.

  • D is for Days of our Lives. I've been watching this show since I was like 12. I still record it

  • E is for Eggplant. This is one of my favorite veggies, and I make a mean Eggplant Parm.

  • F is for Freethinkers. It's my forum that I run with some friends, and it's an awesome group of people that talk about everything. F is also for my friends, who rock.

  • G is for German. I'm half German. My Dad moved to the US from Germany when he was like 19. My husband and I went to Germany with my Dad a few years ago, and it was just an awesome trip.

  • H is for Hawaii. I went here with my DH on our honeymoon, and it was just one of the most beautiful places in the world. We definitely want to go back one day together, hopefully with the kids too.

  • I is for Ice Cream. My favorite flavor is probably Mint Chocolate Chip. But I do also enjoy some soft serve vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. And no, I'm not 5 years old.

  • J is for jewelry. I do enjoy it. I work for an awesome jewelry company, not that I can afford to buy most of their stuff. But I do enjoy pretty stuff. I just tend to buy cheapy costume stuff. I have a lot of it.

  • K is for kittens. I don't like them. Or cats. I'm not a cat person.

  • L is for Lake George, NY. Love it there. We go there every summer with DH's family and that's where DH proposed to me. Once of my favorite places.

  • M is for money. I wish I had more. I need more. I hate not having enough of the stuff.

  • N is for Naughty Monkey. It's a brand of shoes that my friend Keri introduced me to. I order them from and LOOOVE them. Cute and trendy and fun. I usually wait till they are on sale and can get a good deal.

  • O is for Orange Soda. Diet Sunkist to be precise. It's like my crack. I'm thoroughly addicted to it. Anytime I'm drinking something my kids now ask "Is that orange soda, Mommy?". Yes. Yes it is. Now stay away from it!

  • P is for Percocet. I love it. I got it after my C-section and held onto it like it was gold. DH found a few pills in his drawer the other day that he had from something, and I grabbed it like it was worth a million dollars. It almost is.

  • Q is for quiet. I don't get enough of it anymore. But I really enjoy it.

  • R is for rice. Ya know, I used to not really like rice. I mean, I didn't hate it, but I would never opt for it. I would rather have any other card side dish than rice. But lately, I've been really enjoying it. We switched from white to brown, and it's yummy.

  • S is for Stern. Howard Stern. I love him. I'm a total groupie. I listen every day on the way to work, I listen online all day at work. Seriously. I will cry huge crocodile tears if he leaves Sirius at the end of his contract.

  • T is for tolerance. I pride myself on it. And I wish that more people had it.

  • U is for underwear. Yup, the bane of my existence. My kids don't want to wear it. I asked Moop the other day if he wanted to try underwear like a big kid, and he told me "No Mommy, I like my diaper." GREEEAAAAT.

  • V is for vegetables. Another problem. Moop won't eat 'em. We joined a CSA for the summer, and I'm hoping we get a lot of cool new veggies to introduce the kids to.

  • W is for Wet Hot American Summer. Super funny movie. If you haven't seen it, Netflix it.

  • X is for X-Ray Vision. No, I don't have it. But I would like to.

  • Y is for Yankees. I HATE the Yankees. Yes, I live in the NY area, and I hate them. I am a fan of the Mets and Red Sox. And I repeat, I HATE the Yankees.

  • Z is for Zoe. That's my pug that lives at my parents house. I love the name Zoe, and I always wanted to name my daughter Zoe. Unfortunately, the pug came along first, and we named her that, and it kinda ruined the name for my kid.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi ICLWers!

It's been a while since I particpated in ICLW. From Mel's blog:

"Welcome back to IComLeavWe. It stands for International Comment Leaving Week, but if you say it aloud, doesn’t it sounds like “I come; [but] leave [as a] we”? And that’s sort of the point. Blogging is a conversation and comments should be honoured and encouraged. I like to say that comments are the new hug–a way of saying hello, giving comfort, leaving congratulations."

So, I welcome you new readers to my blog!! I'm Caba. I have almost 3 year old twins (Moop and Boots) after conceiving via IVF/ICSI. I also gave birth to my niece and nephew in Aug 2009 for my sister and her husband. It was both an honor and a priviledge to be a gestational carrier for my sister and her husband ... and she is currently in the chaotic bliss of 6 month old twinfants.

Thanks to my sister, I got my 15 minutes of fame. A Baby Story chronicled our journey, and you can see it if you'd like! We put it up on youtube. Here is a link to the blog post where I put the clips. Enjoy. I apologize in advance for making anyone cry.

So yeah, now this blog is in a kinda weird place. I still talk about the kids, but that's not all. I don't really talk about infertility, since my journey is over and our family is complete. I am outspoken, brash, and very stubborn. I like to talk about being a liberal, atheist, kick ass kinda girl. And I certainly don't apologize for it.

Hope you come back to visit again soon!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can you kiss my nose?

So, I was sitting here contemplating a blog post, and listening to screaming/laughing/yelling/etc through the monitor. Boots is yelling for her monkey, Moop is singing "Bippity Boppity Boo". You know, just a normal night in the nuthouse. I try not to go in there that often once we say goodnight. I don't want to become a slave to their every whim. So I'm watching Chopped, DH is cleaning out his dresser, and we are ignoring the kids.

But then Boots switches to a non-stop mantra of "Mommymommymommmymommmymommmymommmy". One long extremely grating word. It never ends. It could on on forever. And in the background you hear "Mommy, Boots needs you!". Yeah, thanks Moop. I *never* would have figured that out on my own.

Here is the exchange when I enter their room.

Boots: "Mommy. Where is my tiger?"
Me: "I don't know, Boots. It was in your crib before. Maybe it's hidden amongst all the crap in your crib."
Boots: "I can't find it".

Mommy turns on the light, blinding her children and herself. Finds tiger hidden amongst 10 books, 1 enormous monkey dressed in a tutu, 3 princess dolls, Dora, Bert, and Prairie Dawn. Hands Tiger to Boots.

Boots: "Oh, THERE is it. Thanks Mommy."
Me: "Ok, everyone go to bed now. If I have to come in here again, I am talking away your books."
Me: "Moop, go to bed now. I love you both. Good night"

Silence from Boots.

Moop: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes, Moop?"
Moop: "Can you kiss my toes?"

Really? Really? This is what my life has become.

Me: "Ok Moop, stick your feet out."
I lean over and kiss both feet through the slats of the crib.
Moop: "Can you kiss my nose now?"
Me (laughing): "Ok, let me see that nose."
Kiss his nose through the crib slats.
Moop: "Can you kiss my cheek Mommy?"
Me: "I sure can."
Kiss his fat little cheek through the crib slats.
Moop (turning his other cheek) "And this one too Mommy?"
Me: "Yup".
Kisses his other fat cheek. "Ok, bub, go to bed now".
Moop: "I love you Mommy."
Me: "I love you too."

Boots (quietly from the other side of the room) "I love you too Mommy".

And then I realize, I'm ok with what my life has become.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five: Warmth

I stole this from Delenn

It's Friday and time for Friday Five!
Want to play along? You can either leave your answers in the comments or leave a comment that you've posted it onto your own blog.

Today's topic is things that keep you warm. So, here goes!

What is your favorite blanket like?
DH got me a pink snuggie from Brookstone. It is so warm and cozy and I just LOVE it. ummm, snuggie.

What was the last thing you baked?
Last night I baked Brownies to bring into daycare for the kids Valentine's Day Party.

What television personality gets you most hot and bothered?
Hmmm. Don't make fun ok? I've had a crush forever on Freddie Prinze Jr. Also LOOOOVVVVE Bradley Cooper! He's super hot ... and I do consider him tv as I first noticed him on Alias.

When did you last burn yourself?
Wednesday morning morning while making chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes. I put a little bit of chocolate chip in my mouth straight from the griddle and it was freaking HOT!

What are your feelings about hot sauce?
I have a serious problem when it comes to hot sauce. I've been putting it on EVERYTHING at work. Like, seriously, everything. From eggs to my chicken wrap to dipping french fries in it. I have no idea why. It's a disgusting hot mystery.


We ordered big beds for the kids! Nothing exciting ... just two twin beds. The plan is to set up their rooms, split them up and move them into big kid beds for their 3rd birthday in April. I'm very excited, and sad a the same time. My bubs are growing up!

So, we forgot our camera at my sister's twins Christening a few weeks back. Which means we didn't get any cute pics of the twins in their fancy outfits. Little Anthony didn't even make it to the party afterwards, because he had RSV prior, so my sister didn't want him around all those people.

Here is a picture of me and Sami. Everyone says she looks like me!

Me and Sami

Here is a pic of me and my grown up little Miss Boots.
Me and Boots

And here are my three favorite people in the whole world!
Me and Boots


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hypocrisy of the Abortion Issue

This post has nothing to do with my children ... if you are only interested in kid related things ... you might want to skip this one!


I'm pro-choice. 100% unequivocally, regardless of reasoning behind it, pro-choice. I don't care if you are told from your doctor that you need to terminate a pregnancy even though you don't want to, or if you are a teenager that is on your 14th abortion, I am pro-choice. I do not want anyone telling me what I can or can not do with my body, therefore I will extend the same respect to others.

I don't *like* abortion. But really, does anyone? Does anyone honestly think there are people that have sex thinking "Oh gosh, I really hope I get pregnant tonight so I can abort it!"? That's ridiculous. Of course not.

Sometimes I think the anti-abortionists are just stupid. They always make it sounds like people make some quickie decision to run out and have an abortion after picking up some milk and bread. Ya know, like it's the "easy" choice. And yes, I will use the term anti-abortion, not pro-life. Everyone is pro-life. If we weren't, we would be running around killing ourselves. It's illogical. And how many of those anti-abortionists are pro-death penalty? Or pro-war? A whole ton of 'em. It's the whole conservative right wing Republican view point.

But my absolute favorite is that most Republicans are against welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc. All those programs that help people who can't afford things themselves. So, they want to FORCE all women who get pregnant to have the baby, but as SOON as that baby comes out, they refuse to take care of it. They don't want programs for single moms. We all know the tagline "Get off your lazy ass and get a job if you need money. Get a job if you need benefits." Because, ya know, that's easy. It's SOOOO easy to get a job with benefits ... that's why there is NO ONE is the USA without medical benefits, right? Yeah, exactly.

So I guess they have no problem making a woman have a child, even if that women is a child. Even if that women has no job, no benefits, no means of taking care of the child. But once that baby is here, that lazy ass women should get off welfare and stop having so many babies she can't afford. Is it just me, or is this a total "WTF!" moment?

Blech. All this BS surrounding the stupid Tim Tebow commercial is annoying. We were discussing it on a board I belong to, and someone commented that there should have been a counter ad with a mom saying "Here's my son. I should have aborted him" and it was Charles Manson. Not every baby grows up to be Tim Tebow. Not every mom survives. Yeah for her for ignoring her doctors and having everything come up roses in the end. How about an ad that show a 5 year old girl crying saying "I wish my mom had listened to her doctor" after she lost her mom during a subsequent pregnancy where the mother ignored her doctors, and DIDN'T make it. It's just not as black and white as people make it out to be. Which is why I am so very pro-choice. I think this tough of a decision needs to be between a woman and her family. And I am not the type of human being that wants to sit around and judge a women after making what is probably the toughest decision of her life. Abortions happen for all sorts of reasons. Some we consider "acceptable" (rape, the mother is going to die), some we consider unacceptable. I'm not willing to make the differentiation. I wish that more people would focus on THEIR family ... and not mine, or anyone elses.

Here is a fantastic blog post that everyone should read. Mrs Spit Still Spouting Off


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you a Republican?

If so, you might not like my link I am about to post.

Have you read their blog? Margaret and Helen It is fantastic.

And this post, well damn, it's a good one. So I figured I would share it will you all.


On the home front, things are status quo. My sister's twins were christening a few weeks ago, but we forgot the camera in the church, so I have no good pictures. And you will be happy to know that neither me or my husband burst into flames when we walked into the church.

I did laugh to myself when I promised (as Godmother) to help raise the kids in the Catholic faith. If it's up to me, those kids will be questioning everything in Sunday school. I'll be all "Ask the teacher why incest was ok after Adam and Eve had kids, but why it's not allowed anymore. Ask the teacher if he *really* believes there was a talking snake. Ask the teacher if he believes in evolution. Ask the teacher if you get pregnant in high school, do you think you could use the *immaculate conception* excuse, and might your parents believe you."

hehe ... Yup, I'm going to be an AWESOME Godmother.

We did get some snow today ... nothing insane ... like 5-6 inches. The kids are napping, I'm blogging, and then it's playdoh time after they wake up.

I took some cute pics of them this morning, playing in their tent and tunnel thingy they got from Santa. I will post soon.