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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catch up

So, I haven't posted in a while. It seems like it has been a busy week. Let's go in order.

So, the Saturday before Father's Day, we took the kids back to the doctor, because the Boot had a high fever and had had one the day before at daycare. Since they were about a week off their ear infection meds, I was worried that it was back. Mr Moop seemed fine though, he was his normal jovial self, but I figured I would just take them both, to make sure that everyone was ok. Nothing stinks more than taking one to the doctor, only to have to take the other one like 2 days later.

Anyway, low and behold, Boots still had a double ear infection, and Moop still had a single ear infection, but the other ear was on it's way! So the dr said that she didn't think that it cleared up and came back, she thought that they didn't respond to their meds, so we put them on a different one. Aww, my poor babies with these ear infections!!

So that was our Saturday. Father's Day was busy, but nice. I got my DH a Play Station 3 and Grand Theft Auto. That was his birthday AND Father's Day gift. Then we went out to lunch with DH's whole family ... unfortunately Boots was still not herself, and didn't eat a thing. She started to warm up too, so we had to get her home. Note to self: No more taking the kids out smack dab in the middle of nap time when they aren't feeling well. We had hoped they would sleep in the car, but since they weren't feeling well, they didn't. Ugh. After we got home, we put Moop down for a nap, and he did fine. He went right to sleep. Boots on the other hand was just so overtired, and could not settle down. DH ended up rocking her to sleep and falling asleep with her in his arms. Which was beyond adorable.

Then my family came over for a BBQ. It's great to have them over, because DH and I can do everyone else, but we don't have to worry about the kids. My brother in law cooked, my sister and mom took care of the kids, and I just kinda did nothing! My parents gave DH a gift card to the movies, so we already told them to plan on babysitting soon so we can take advantage of it!

Once the kids got up from their naps, they were definitely in better spirits. Boots didn't want to be put down, so she was passed between the many people there. God it's nice to have extra sets of hands around!!

Being that Boots wasn't at her best, my mom took off work on Monday and stayed home with her. Moop still went into daycare, because he didn't have any kind of fever and was doing fine. Luckily the meds kicked in, so she was pretty much back to normal on Tuesday, and they've both been great ever since.

So, besides that, pretty uneventful week. I want to leave you with two funny pics.

We call Mr Moop the 5th Beatle. Can you guess why??
The 5th Beatle

and DH entitled this picture "our Long Island Hairdresser".
Long Island Hair Dresser

I did inform Boots that as cute as this outfit looks on her ... it's only appropriate now ... and spandex leggings are NEVER appropriate as she gets older ... haha. I've also taught her that I do not approve of open-toed sandals without painted toe-nails, but I will let her get away with it for a little while longer ...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Adventure

Sometimes you just need a break, right? DH and I got one last week ... Last Thursday we both took the day off of work for a little adult only time. So what does a couple do when they still send the kids to daycare and want some adult time? They go to Great Adventure of course!!

My brother works at the amusement park as a security guard, and being that it was midweek, and school isn't out yet, it was a perfect day to go. Also, it was BEAUTIFUL out! It was like 85 degrees, but not super humid. Oh, it was just perfect.

I love roller coasters so our top priority was to run through the park and go on all of those first. We went on the Superman ride. This one is cool, cause once you get strapped into the car, it flips forward, so it's like you ride the ride flying ... it's really cool!

Then we went on El Toro. This was far and away our favorite! It's a new wooden roller coaster, and it's like psycho fast and super fun. There are all of these hills, and you are going so fast so when you come to the top of the hill, you fully rise out of your seat. DH loved the ride, but complained because he drank too much water before the ride, and then the attendant pushed the lap bar too tight ... he wasn't happy about that!

My brother was a security guard for the day at Kingda Ka. That is the fastest and tallest roller coaster on EARTH! Yes, on EARTH! The whole ride lasts something like 16 seconds. It propels you forward at 128 miles per hour, 456 feet (45 stories) straight up! Then you crest over the top, and go 456 straight down! We were really nervous, but we didn't even have time to have second thoughts. My brother literally just walked us through the exit and put us on the ride in front of all the people waiting. We didn't even have time to say "I'm not so sure about this!" ... haha .. It wasn't as scary as I thought, because it was over so quickly.

We went on a bunch of other roller coasters (Nitro, Medusa) and just kinda wandered around and ate a ton of yummy amusement park food. It was so nice. My wonderful sister was on baby duty, so she picked up the kids from daycare, brought them home, gave them dinner, bathed them, and got them off to bed. She really is the best Aunt EVER! She's a wonderful second mom to them!!

DH and I took our time coming home, we grabbed dinner, and we got home to a quiet house with sleeping twins. It was such a nice day for us. Ah, I need more days off like that in the future.

Although DH and I did laugh a bit while waiting on line saying "Ya know, we are PARENTS now ... should we really be going on roller coasters?" Haha ... the thoughts that go through a parents head, right?


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Time to return the favor, so to speak. My wonderful, amazing, and perfect DH wrote me a lovely post on Mother's Day. And I would like to say a few words about how great he is now.

My DH is the love of my life, my best friend, my biggest supporter and my shoulder to lean on. He is AMAZING, and that word isn't nearly as strong as I want it to be. From the moment we met, sixteen years ago, there was a connection. We met in Calculus class. Yeah, we are dorks. There was just a connection there right away. And we became the absolute best of friends. Although we did try and date for about a month, it just wasn't the right time, so although the romance ended, the friendship remained. He was my sounding board through all my crazy college years. He knows every single horrible mistake I've made, all the crappy guys I dated, all the stupid things I did. He knows it all. Every last stupid decision. And he was just such a great supportive friend and always knew what to say to make me feel better about whatever mess I had recently created for myself.

And this relationship continues to this day. Yes, we obviously got back on track, and realized that we were each other's soulmates. But the friendship part, that's still so strong too. No one makes me laugh like he does. We have known each other 16 years, and we'll still lay in bed and laugh till we cry about the stupidest things. I still get excited to come home from work and see him ... and I always look forward to just being together. Yes, we fell in love, but we are still each others best friends. We talk about the silliest stuff every day, and joke around non-stop. We email each other all day long and talk about how much we miss each other (yes, we are so corny and sappy!)

It is such an amazing new side of him I get to see as a Dad. He's so great at it ... he's so natural and good with the kids. And they just adore him! I love seeing him cuddle with Boots, how much they look alike, and how she is just totally a daddy's girl. And it cracks me up to see him with the Moop, because I think they look NOTHING alike, but they are a match personality-wise. Both so sweet, easy going, always smiling and just even-keeled.

Once we fell in love, I always knew that it was forever. I knew that I was going to have the most amazing life with this man. It wasn't a question, it wasn't a maybe, it wasn't a "I hope it last forever". It was just a fact. One I knew then, and I know even more now.

Going through IVF for the twins was tough, but he was so wonderful by my side, and such a great support for me (as I hope I was for him) that it did bring us closer together, and make our relationship that much stronger. But having these kids, well, they made me love him even more. Watching him learn and grow into being a Dad. Watching him wake up after sleeping for no time at all to give ME a break! when he had to go to work the next day! Watching him pick up all the slack when I was thisclose to a nervous breakdown from lack of sleep. There are so many little things he does on a daily basis for me and the kids, they are too numerous to write.

So, I'm going to end this now saying Happy Father's Day babe. You are and always will be the love of my life. You are an amazing husband and father, and I truly know that I am the luckiest woman in the world. You make all of our lives amazing, and we are truly blessed to have you.

I love you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few questions answered ...

Well, I didn't get a lot of questions ... but I will answer what I did get asked.

1. How did you really get your 4 months old children to sleep 12 hours? Was there any method that you used? Or sheer luck?
I did read that book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. And I spend A LOT of time on Those ladies at TwinStuff know their stuff!! I got tons of good sleep advice there. But the most commonly heard thing was get them to bed EARLY! Do not keep them up thinking that they will be SO tired they sleep through. Everyone said between 630pm and 730pm is a good bedtime. So once they were down to 1 middle of the night wake up, we tried putting them down at 7pm. It was wonderful, because it gave me and DH our evenings back to ourselves. And shortly there after, no more middle of the night wake up calls!! And with the exception of a hand full of nights, they have not deviated from that schedule. So some method, but I also think my kids are just good sleepers, and I don't know if I can take credit for it completely.

2.OK ... let's talk about the election. Carol and I really don't like Hillary and hope Obama doesn't pick her for a running mate. We will both vote for Obama although, in our neighborhood, we are lone liberals in a sea of conservatives.
How about you two?

Ah, politics. Can I say that I'm not happy with either candidate? Or that I'm not happy with either party? Here is my issue. When it comes to certain issues, I am a Democrat. I am all for gay marriage, I am pro-choice, I am for the separation of church and state. Being an atheist, I don't want ANY decisions made for our country based on someone else's faith. Nothing scares me more than the idea of a bunch of crazy fundamental Christians in positions to start forcing their dogma on the rest of us! The thought of another Republican president over the next 4 years just sits so wrong. GWB screwed things up so royally, I need to vote for a Democrat just for a change. And Obama has promised us change!!

BUT, economically, I'm about as Republican as they come. I make my money, I want to keep my money. I do not want Universal Healthcare. I would like privatized social security. See how I can sound like a Republican?

Basically I want the government out of my bedroom, out of my wallet, out of my life as much as possible. So someone explained to me that what I actually am is a Libertarian. So, I will either vote Obama, or a 3rd party candidate that is better inline with some of my ideas. Sometimes I feel that a 3rd party vote is a throw-away vote, but then I realize if we want a change to occur, we have to voice our unhappiness with our crappy 2 party system.

So that's where I stand ... What about you all?


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Drugs, the Mets, and Water Time!

You all didn't ask me enough questions. I got one! ONE! About the election, that I do intend to answer ... but this is going to be one of those "What we did this weekend" posts ... tomorrow you will get the *election* post. So Mike, you'll have to wait!

Fun weekend here. First of all, I would like to say that me and DH are very proud of how wonderful our twins sleep. From 4.5 months on, they have slept from 7pm to 630/7am. It's great. But, do you want to know our secret?? We try not to share it with too many people ... but I'll share it with you all. Look how happy Hailey is to share our secret! Drugs, drugs, and more drugs!

Boots with drugs

Moop with drugs

Yes, Hailey is holding a bottle of Tylenol PM. Ok, you caught us. We don't REALLY give that to our kids. They love to shake bottles of pills. So yes, our children walk around shaking bottles of Tylenol PM, Men and Women's One-A-Day multivitamins, and Calcium. Good times in our house, people!

Saturday we went with Uncle Ant and Aunt Chrissy to the local IHOP (International House of Pancake). It was the grand opening weekend. It was PACKED! I personally am a bigger fan of just the local diner, but Ant and Chris are all about IHOP, so we all went. It was actually REALLY good. But we were waiting outside for our table, and there were people everywhere. And this car pulled up and asked this couple "Are you waiting to get in?" ... and after they drove away, Anthony said "I wish they had asked me, because I would have said 'Waiting to get in where?'" ... How stupid of a question right? I mean, no, we aren't waiting to get in, we just hang out in IHOP parking lots cause hey, it's fun! Stupid people ...

We dressed the kids in Mets gear for the IHOP trip because the Mets needed some luck this weekend. If these two can't bring it to them, nothing can!! I love this outfit that Boots is wearing. I was a cheerleader in school, and I hope that she follows in my footsteps.

Cute Boots Cheerleader

Mr Goof

So today (Sunday) was another disgustingly hot day in NJ. It was something like 95 degrees ... ugh. First DH and I went on a little date. We went out to lunch, to the library to get some books, and to Border to buy some stuff. I will tell you all about my books as I read them. We'll get to that later. I had a gift card to Borders from my birthday, so we bought Cloverfield and Jesus Christ Superstar. God, I love musicals. Anyway, we came home right as nap time was ending, and we decided to bring the kids outside and let them play with all their water toys. They got a bunch for their birthday and we wanted to see how they would do. They were SOOOO cute. It was way too much fun to watch them ... and boy did they look adorable in their swimsuits. Here, check it out for yourself. You really can't deny their overall adorableness. There were too many cute pics for me to choose from to actually put on the blog. You really need to click on the pics and look at them all. Because OH MY GOD, are my kids cute.

Twins having fun in the water

Daddy and Boots

On that note, its time for me to relax a little bit. I am going to discuss my take on the election in the next day or two, but I want more questions!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Q & A Time ...

So many others are doing this for National Comment Leaving Month, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Go ahead, ask me a question. It can be about the babies (of course) but don't limit it to that ... you can ask me about ... the meaning of life ... who's going to be the next president ... anything you want. And I will answer as honestly as I can. Unless you ask me for my social security number. Then I will lie.

Yeah, I guess I don't really have much else to say besides that today. It's been a long day. Hailey is teething (I'm guessing) because she is suddenly drooling like a faucet, and crying WAY too much. So because of all this, she was up a lot last night ... between 1145pm and 130am she woke me up like 4 times. I forgot how much the sleep deprivation SUCKS with a newborn. I've definitely forgotten or blocked out that time ... so the interruption in my sleep last night killed me! Then I had to get up extra early to get the kids to daycare as DH, stands for Dear Husband or D*ck Head if he is being a pain in the ass (just kidding, babe!), had to go get his car inspected. I had an appt with my surgeon this morning to follow up after my surgery, and everything looked good. But because of all these appts, I was up way too early. So I'm tired. Which means this post is over, and off to bed I go!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Weekend

Blog changes ahead ... click here for details. I need emails from anyone wishing to still read along ... (this will be at the top of all new posts until the change goes into effect)

First off, I would like to discuss new names for the twins. In an effort to be a bit less "out there" with all our info (names, address, social security #s) I am going to be using nicknames for the kids. Our little lady has been called Boots since she was born. I have NO IDEA why. I think my mom started it. But it has nothing to do with Dora the Explorer. But that being said, she is Boots, Bootsy, Lady Boots, etc. And from now on, she will be referenced as Boots on this site.

My man has a million nicknames. He is often called Bubba so I considered using that on this site. My sister called him Butterball when he was a baby, which morphed into Butters (um, South Park anyone??) and then turned into McButters since Chrissy is a Grey's Anatomy fan. She even bought him a onesie that says "Who needs McDreamy when you can have McButters?" ... but most recently hubbie and I have been calling him "the Moop". I'm not really sure why. He just looks like a Moop. He's chubby, and he walks around like a drunken sailor. So, he is the Moop. She is Boots. Going forward, they will be called these names only (or variations of these names, Mr Moop, Lady Boots, etc). Have I confused you yet??

We had a very nice weekend ... Friday night my sister had a jewelry party. There weren't a ton of people there, but we ate some yummy food and I ordered some pretty pieces. I offered to have a party in September, so I can save up some money to spend some more. hehe.

Saturday started out as it always does. Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Anthony arrived nice and early with Dunkin' Donuts in hand for the parents and the kiddies. They get so excited when see her with the DD bags ... and she always brings them munckins to eat. We spent some time on the Thomas the Train that Aunt Chrissy bought them for their birthday. Did I mention that my sister non-stop buys these kids things?? Here is a few pics of the train ... Did I mention I am running out of rooms in my house to put these kids toys? Here's a pic of the whole train with the track.
The Train
Here is the Moop riding his train ...
Moop riding the train
And the Boot giving what we refer to as the "Stink Eye"...
Moop riding the train

Saturday afternoon we went to our friends house. These are our best friends that we did our big cookie baking extravaganza with over Christmas. Their son Kai is like 6 weeks younger than the twins. They also have a beautiful daughter Ali (we are her GodParents) who will be 6 in July!! It was such a nice time catching up and getting all the kids together. We did attempt to get a group kid shot. It was ... um ... interesting. At one point Kai leaned over playing with his sister, and him and the Moop bonked heads. Well, Mr Moop LOST IT! He just wouldnt stop crying ... here is the evidence!
Boots, Moop, Ali and Kai

On Sunday me and the hubbie went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I really liked it. It was no Iron Man, which I LOVED, but it was still fun and a good time. I LOVE going to the movies. We don't get to go nearly as much as we did pre-twins. Ah, those were the days of sleeping late and doing what we wanted ... those days will be back... in 18 years.