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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When do they sleep through the night??

Hi everyone. I guess it's time for a baby update. Things are going well. Babies are as cute as ever, and getting SO BIG! We go for our 2 month doctor's appt on June 4th, and I can't wait to see how much they weigh! My mom thinks Jake is easily over 11 lbs. He certainly is large, so we'll see!

They are doing pretty good with sleeping. We have good nights and bad nights ... but recently it's been them eating around 10pm, going to sleep, eating again around 3am, going back to sleep and waking around 7am. So not so bad.

Eric and I did get a break on Friday night when my mom took Jake for the night and my sister took Hailey. And surprise surprise! they both went to bed around 1030pm and didn't wake up until 5am! Figures right!

You know what one of my favorite things to do with these kids is? Dress them up! Aunt Chrissy buys them so many cute things, and I love trying them on them. I'm sure the babies would just rather sit around in onesies all day, but oh well!

So, of course, here are more pictures. Even though most twin moms say that the babies don't really "notice" each other until about 4 months, I am always trying to force them to see each other, To no avail. But here are pics from a mommy photo shoot where I tried to force them to hang out!


And here are cute little pjs given to the twins by Aunt Christina! I just love the feet on them!



And Aunt Jen gave them these adorable summer outfits!



And look at their cute running suits!



And here are just two of the billion outfits Aunt Chrissy bought! And their first sunglasses! How cute are they??



And last, but certainly not least, Jake has been a bit constipated! So this onesie, from Crazy Aunt Chrissy, says it all! Look at the size of his thighs!


Erica and Eric

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

It's my first Mother's Day. I spent a lot of time thinking about what exactly Mother's Day means to me. Even as the day progressed yesterday, I had to stop and remind myself that it was my day too now. I guess its still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I'm somebody's mom. 2 somebody's!

One year ago, I didn't even know if I would ever be a mom. We knew at that point that for us, IVF would be our only good chance at having kids. And that was a very daunting thought for us.

I don't want to take away from any other moms in the world, but there is something so special about Mother's Day for someone who battled infertility. I think it's because you are faced with the realization that you might NOT be able to have kids, and that makes you realize how truly truly much you want to be a parent. Most people just have a fun night at home, and boom! They are expecting. It's easy and seamless. They don't have to pay anyone, don't have to go through shots and surgery and all kinds of medical intervention. It's just all very normal and natural and every woman's god given right.

Not true for someone battling infertility. We had to go through such a long and hard process to get to the point where we were pregnant, that I feel like it means so much more to me. All the shots, the surgery, the retrieval, the transfer, the fears, the cost, the wait. It makes you really think about what it means to you to be a parent. Nothing makes you realize how much you want something like the thought of not being able to have that something.

And now I look and see two of the most perfect beautiful babies in the world. And I am so thankful for the amazing doctors at RMA who helped make me and Eric's dream come true. I'm so thankful to my parents who basically paid for us to go through the process. I'm so thankful that my body was able to carry those fatties to 36w3d.

Mother's Day is probably the hardest day in the world for those who battle infertility. Everywhere you look, people are celebrating something that seems like a God given right, and yet you aren't able to get there easily. And it sucks. So my Mother's Day wish is that all the women in the world who really want a baby are able to have one.

I know how lucky Eric and I are. As overwhelming as IVF was, it worked for us the first time we tried. 2 embryos in, 2 babies out! Can't ask for better than that! And I'm thankful every day for all our friends, all our support, our amazing families that saw us through that difficult and emotional time.

So I guess Mother's Day to me is so much more than just a day to celebrate my mother, or have my kids celebrate me. It's more than a day where I expect to be pampered and get flowers or breakfast in bed. It's a day for me to celebrate my kids, and how lucky and happy I am to have them; a day to celebrate modern medicine, that made it possible for me to have my babies; a day to celebrate my parents, who helped make my wish of having kids possible. So Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there. Really take the time to appreciate what a blessing having children is, because although it seems like everyone is having babies all the time and it is the easiest thing in the world to have a child, it's not that easy for everyone.

And of course, I can't finish any post without pictures of the kids! Here are pictures from celebrating Mother's Day at Grandma's house!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The babies are fat!

Well, We had our 1 month doctor's appointment yesterday, and boy have they grown! Jake went from 6lbs 2oz to a whopping 8lbs 10oz! and Hailey went from 5lbs 10oz to 7lbs 8oz ... We love these little chunks!

Otherwise, doctor's appointment went fine. Everyone is on schedule. Jake is eating like no one's business! He's downing like 6oz a feeding! Hailey is trying to watch her figure, so she's eating closer to around 4.5oz ... Remember, she is concerned about the size of her butt!

Next doctor's appt is at 2 months, and then they get some shots. That is not going to be fun!

Besides that, they are doing well at night. Still waking every four hours, but I'm getting about 6-7 hours of sleep a night, in 2.5 hr stretches. It's not too bad.

So no post would be complete without new pictures!

Here are Hailey and Jake when we took them to the park. Love the clothes!



Hailey and Jake's Great Grandma came to visit, and that was fun!

Here's a picture of the little buddies holding hands!
Holding Hands

And Mommy and Daddy posing with their little miracles!
Daddy and Kids
Mommy and Kids


Erica and Eric

Friday, May 4, 2007

Still alive ...

Hi everyone! Eric and I are still hanging in there! It's been a bit crazy, as expected, but a lot of fun as well. The babies are thriving and growing, and really getting fat! There next doctor's appt is Monday the 7th, so we are excited to see how much weight they gained! I can't believe tomorrow is their 1 month birthday! time sure is flying!

Eric is back at work, and Grandma Kanzler came for a week to help out. Plus Aunt Michele, Aunt Nicole and Aunt Christina all came to visit! Boy do those twins love being held!

Needless to say, Mom is very nervous about next week when she is on her own! But it will be fine!

Anyway, lots of new pics for you! It's amazing how much these babies seem to change on a daily basis! Click on any of the pics below to see all their new pictures. They all link to the same place ...

We have some pics of the #1 Mets Fan! Check out the awesome bat that Jake was given by his Uncle Anthony!

Recent Pics

And some pics from their first baths in their tubs! No more sponge baths for them!
Recent Pics

And here is Hailey in her "Does this diaper make my butt look big" onesie!
Recent Pics


Erica and Eric