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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer fun

These pics are about a month old ... but I figure its time to get them up! It's completely misleading, giving that right now in NJ it's miserable, non-stop rainy, and cold! Well, about 65 degrees, which I think is freakin' cold for June!!

But we did have a few really nice days ... and the kids enjoyed playing outside in their sprinkler and pool. As you can see in the background of the pics, all the adults enjoyed a nice beer sitting outside in the nice weather, except me. Who was pounding my water like I know I need to do. But god, water kinda sucks after a while. I would give anything for a nice ice cold beer and some sushi!!!

Here is Boots having a blast in the pool. She would not take off her sunglasses!
Boots in Glasses

Here is Mr Moop smiling up a storm. He wouldn't take off his shirt for some reason!
Moop in the water

And here are a few "having fun in the pool" shots! I love the last one where they were like hugging!
Playing in the water

Playing in the water

Playing in the water

We also just got their school pictures back that we ordered. A little back story ... daycare sent home a reminder on Friday that picture day was Monday. My sister had picked up the kids from daycare on Friday, and forgot to grab their daily sheets ... so we didn't know it was picture day. We sent them into school in messy clothes and looking disheveled!

My angel of a husband went home and got them outfits and brought them back to school so that they wouldn't be the sloppiest kids in the class for their pictures! But the daycare teachers didn't do the best job with their hair! Moops is supposed to be combed to the side (and this was before his 2nd haircut, so his hair was still kinda long!) ... We asked the teacher to put Boots hair in pig tails, but they didn't do as good a job as I do!! Anyway, for your enjoyment!

Sweet Lady Boots
Sweet Lady Boots

Cute Mr Moop
Cute Mr Moop

My two Angels together


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shower

So, I'm a bit late with this post. I've been lazy this week, and I've meant to post, and I just never get around to it. I know, I stink.

We had my sister's baby shower this past weekend. It was SO nice. It wasn't a surprise or anything, she knew about it. But it was such a wonderful celebration. All our friends and family there to support her and her husband and these new babies. In a way, it felt like a celebration of everything she has gone through in the past year ... the cancer diagnosis, the surgery, the treatment, the surrogacy cycle, everything. And here we are, almost a year exactly from when you got her diagnosis ... and she went from finding out she had cancer and that she would never be able to carry a baby, to being cancer free, treatment free, and expecting twins in about 2 months!!

Here is me and my beautiful sister!
me and Chrissy

And with both the parents, my sister and Brother In Law!
Ant, me and Chrissy

And all the loot she got!

For lots more pics, click on any of the ones above to go check out tons others on Shutterfly.

The shower was so wonderful, and very emotional ... my sister got up and spoke and pretty much made the entire room cry! It was a beautiful shower and a wonderful experience and I'm so glad it went off so well ... my mom and I put a lot of thought into it, and I think it came across!

Now we just need these babes to get here so that they can enjoy all the stuff they got! But not for another 7 weeks or so please!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Cuteness and my first L&D visit

I'll start with the L&D visit. Last Thursday I was working from home and wasn't feeling great. I was very crampy and achy in my lower abdomen. So remembering my other twin pregnancy, I dutifully layed down on my left side, and started downing my water. Unfortunately, about an hour went by, and I didn't feel much better. So I continued to lay, and I continued to drink. Another hour goes by, nothing's changed. So I decided to call my OB's office. I talked with a nurse there, and she consulted with one of the docs, and they agreed that I should take a trip to Labor and Delivery to get checked out.

Luckily my sister was on her way over to help with the twins that night, so she picked me up and off to the hospital we went. We basically just spent a bunch of time in the PET unti (pre-natal evaluation and testing). They checked on the babes, who were very active and the heartbeats were perfect. They then put a contraction monitor on me and told me they would monitor for contractions for a half hour. One half hour later, the doc came in. Not a single contraction. Cervix long and closed. Bottom line, the doc thinks the pain was round ligament pain. I'll take it! We would LOVE for these little bubs to spend another 10 weeks in my belly!

What else? My sister's shower is this weekend ... it's not a surprise (obviously, since I'm mentioning it here, and she reads this!) But I'm very excited and can't wait for it! She deserves her very special day in the spotlight!

And now I just want to share some super cute pics of the kids that I have taken over the last few weeks. These first few pics were from this play zone area by our house. DH and I took the kids there one weekend morning ... it was really fun! Lots of different play areas with slides and climby things ... and then different rooms to pretend-play different stuff, like a Vets office, a dress up area, a supermarket, a post office, etc. Then we had lunch there... the kids LOVED it!

Here is Boots going down the slide
Boots on the slide

And Moop going down the slide
Moop on the slide

Boots in the "supermarket"
Shopping Boots

Moop doing his shopping
Shopping Moop

Moop laughing at his sister

Boots being goofy

Moop chillin' and Boots wearing Daddy's shoes



And lastly, a picture I like to call "My Little Diva". Yes, she is wearing her sunglasses inside, while relaxing in her chair, getting a pedicure from Mommy. She loves her "painted pink toes" as she calls them.
Diva Boots