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Monday, December 29, 2008

I have so much to say ...

yet I'm too nauseous to type it all out. But I will, I promise!

First, let's get the news out of the way. We had our ultrasound this morning. 3 sacs still there. 3 fetal poles. 3 beating hearts. I think the three adults in the rooms may have had our hearts stop for a second.

So. That's the deal. I'm pregnant with my sister's triplets. She's going to owe me so much. But right now I really just want her to take the Boots away and never give her back, as she is driving me up the wall. But that's a story for another day when I feel better (come back in 10 weeks, or so.)

I'm excited. I really am. I'm also scared. I'm also so anxious for this to go quickly so my sister can be done with her cancer treatment, and I can hand over her babies.

Thank you all for checking in on me. I will do my best to put up a real update this weekend ... with pics and everything!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

An unexpected result

3 sacs. 2 of them with fetal poles. Oh.My.Goodness.

Ya know, I was feeling pretty nauseous this weekend. Jake was getting over a stomach bug, so I thought maybe I caught it. Yeah, I didn't. It's called pregnancy. I had a feeling since the morning sickness started earlier than last time that it was at least twins. But trips? Woah.

One of the sacs was empty, so the doctor said that either that one stopped developing, or it was just a late implanter and we'll see if in there next week. I haven't yet decided how I feel about trips. I think my sister is extremely excited, and pretty damn overwhelmed. I know that's how I feel.

Next u/s: Dec 29th. We should see heartbeats at that point. I can't wait to see Ant and Chrissy's face when they see/hear them.

I'm so tired. I know this post sucks. But I gotta go to sleep!

I will write more later!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A lesson in commenting ...

I love my family-in-laws. Truly I do. They are great. And they really seems like an intelligent bunch. But ... They can't comment. They can't figure it out. They don't know how.

My mother-in-law has been trying to comment for like 2 months. I love you Robin, but seriously, what's going on? Carol, you always send me the sweetest emails, why can't you figure out how to comment??

I just have to laugh every time I get an email from one of them saying "I tried to comment on the blog, but I couldn't figure it out ... "

So, here is a lesson in commenting. It's so ridiculously easy, that you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Underneath each post, you will see this:

Start by clicking on the comments link. This will take you to the page where you can leave a comment.

Write whatever you would like in the big box under "Leave Your Comment". Simple so far right?

I think the confusion lies in the "Choose an identity" portion of the comment leaving. But its really easy. The option you want to choose is Name/Url.

All you need to do is enter your name in the name field. The URL field is optional and doesn't need to be filled in. And then click the "Publish Your Comment" button. That's IT! Really! That's all you need to do! So please please please leave a comment now!

I hope this service announcement has helped you all. And if you still can't figure it out, you are useless. I give up! 8-)

On the "How am I feeling" news, I'm feeling fine. I had a 2 minute wave of nausea in the supermarket the other day, but it passed pretty quickly. With the twins, I didn't get sick this early either, so next week will be a lot more telling.

This week could possibly go down as one of the slowest in history. I am DYING for the ultrasound on Monday. I want to see how many are in there. I want them to do my bloodwork and see that all my levels are still where they should be.

Little Boots is cute beyond words though. I told her that Chrissy's baby is in my belly, so she rubs my belly and says "Chrissy Baby". It's the cutest thing ever!

So, to recap, leave a comment, it's easy. This week is slow and I'm annoyed. And Boots is smarter than anything and as adorable as ever.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the results are in ...

I'm pregnant. Or really, WE are pregnant I suppose is the right way to word it.

Wow, right? It's some wonderfully amazing news. Let me give you the run down of the last few days.

Thursday morning (9dp3dt) I decided to pee on a stick (going forward to be known as POAS). I just couldn't wait anymore. I needed to know what was going on in my body! I got a positive result pretty quickly. The plus sign showed up on the ept. Woo hoo! I took the test at 6am in the morning and had no one to celebrate with! I woke up DH and told him, and he was very sleepy and happy and congratulated me and promptly went back to sleep. I, on the other hand, could not sleep.

The problem was, the test was expired. It was from way back when I was trying to get pregnant before the twins. So I didn't know if an expired test was ok. I did a bit of googling, and sure enough, they say you can get a false positive on an expired test. So Thursday at lunch I went and bought more tests.

*****Warning! Possible TMI to follow.*****
So that afternoon at work I went to the bathroom, and had some reddish/brownish discharge. I immediately freaked. Even though I had been through this before. Even though this EXACT same thing had happened during my cycle with the twins. It's called implantation bleeding, and the doctor said it's completely normal, and that brownish blood is fine. It means it's old blood. It's the red blood that you must be nervous about. But still, no one wants to see any kind of bloody discharge, old or not. It totally messes with your head!

So, that night I POAS again. But this time, it was the new test. Again, I got a positive. I was feeling much more optimistic.

Friday morning I woke up and took the ept Certainty test. It's a digital one. It doesn't have a plus sign, it either prints out the word "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". We got a pregnant!

So, what to do? I went to work, and called my sister. We chit chatted, and she was pretty much completely convinced that the cycle was a bust. She didn't have any faith and I just couldn't listen to her sound so dejected, so I told her about what I thought was implantation bleeding. It definitely perked her up. And then she said "Ok, I can't wait, let's do a pregnancy test tonight!". After going back and forth for a few minutes, I told her I already had done 3, and they were all positive.

So, I called our clinic and I asked if I could come in for an early beta. Oh, and here is where I admit our little lie. My beta was originally scheduled for Sat Dec 13th, not Monday the 15th. We didn't want to announce anything until we not only got a positive beta, but we had a properly doubling beta. So we decided to say we would find out Monday, knowing that actually the 2nd beta would be that day.

Our clinic told me to come in. This was 10am Friday morning. I left work and ran over there and did my bloodwork. Two hours later the call came in. Positive beta, with a great number, 210!!! That's a great number for 13dpo (days post ovulation) or 10dp3dt. I had my beta with the twins a day later (at 14dpo) and it was 389. So I'm hoping beyond hope for twins!!

So, if you are following along, you will realize that our second beta was actually Sunday. It's always two days after the initial beta. So, that happened yesterday. And our second beta was 462. So we doubled! Woo hoo! We are cautiously optimistic! It's hard to be an infertile, both for me and Chrissy, and feel like pregnancy test = take home baby/babies in 9 months. Infertility kinda takes that away from you. It's a constant worry. A constant waiting for the next step.

But for now, for today, I'm happy. Our first ultrasound is Monday Dec 22nd. We are all excited to see what's going on in there!

So, I'm physically pregnant, but Chrissy is the real one who is expecting a child. There is a shirt that I think I want to buy and wear around. It says "Her bun, my oven". Chrissy, I want to promise you that I will do everything in my power to protect your bun/buns and keep them safe for the next 8 months! I love you and I'm so excited to be on this journey together!

And thanks to you all for your support guys! I'll be updating with more info as I get it!


Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, that stands for 5 days post a day 3 transfer. Not much to report. My boobs are sore. I'm crampy. I'm tired. All pregnancy symptoms? Sure. But also results of the Progesterone I'm taking. It's too early to know anyway. Gosh, why is time going so absolutely slowly??

My sister is doing ok. She was out of work all week because she was so uncomfortable after her retrieval. It was like her ovaries were the size of melons, and she felt like she was full from eating a big meal non-stop. It sucks! I wish she would feel better soon. The poor girl has had such a long road. Luckily she didn't get OHSS as bad as she has in the past, but it's there a little bit, and it's still really uncomfortable. It's never easy, is it??

I, on the other hand, am currently enjoying a VERY quiet house! Friday was me and DH's 5 year anniversary! I love him SO much. We got married 5 years ago in the middle of a freaking blizzard. And no, I'm not kidding. There was like 2 feet of snow. In New Jersey. on Dec 5th. It never snows that early. But OF COURSE it did. We watched our wedding video on Friday night, and it is still one of the best days of my life.

So my parents took the twins for us for the weekend. They picked them up Saturday morning around 10am, and we will be going to get them on Monday night. Woo hoo! Yesterday we had a totally lazy day of watching Christmas movies, and taking naps. Then we went out for a nice dinner last night. Today we are planning on going to the movies (Twilight, I'm excited!) and then going out to lunch. Just like the pre-kid days. Although, I'll be honest, I've already called my parents like 12 times. hehe.

Ya know, 20 months is not a good age to try and do a Christmas photo shoot. UGH! We tried yesterday morning before they went with my parents, and they really don't want to sit on a chair together. They also don't want to smile, don't want to hold hands, don't want to stand anywhere near each other, and generally seem to not like each other or us. Fun.

So, here were the BEST pics we got from our first photo shoot, about a week ago. Not so bad from Moop.
The Moop

But we got this from Miss Boots. Not a smile in sight.
Miss Boot

And when we tried for a picture of both of them, we got this.
Double Trouble

So, at this point, Mommy threw in the towel and said "Screw it, we'll try another day." So yesterday was that day. We got this adorable picture of Miss Boots. Please try and ignore her less than ladylike sitting position.
Unladylike Boot

And we got many cute ones of our man, who was being very cooperative. But I guess he liked the way his sister was sitting.
Unladylike Boot

And then we kinda got one of them together. We realized that they were unwilling to share a chair, so they each needed their own chair. Problem was, one pic she was smiling and he wasn't. The next, he was, but not her. So Mommy used Photo.Shot, and came out with this. Yes, they are smiling at Elmo on the tv and not us, but really, whatever.
Unladylike Boot

And then just a few of my favorite pics taken over the last few days. Here are the twins with Daddy getting ready to watch Rudolph. They LOVE Rudolph and Santa and run around the house saying their names.

Here is one of Moop just being a super goof.

And this one makes me laugh because it looks straight out of a rap video. She looks like she is throwing gang signs or something!
Rap Stars

Thanks for stopping by. Monday the 15th can't get here quick enough!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And away we go!!!! -- UPDATED

The day is here. Transfer today at 2pm. Holy Crap. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and more than anything else in the world, I want this to work.

I'll update after transfer to let you know how many we put in, and when the pregnancy test will be!

Wow. I'm about to go get pregnant!

Ok, I'm home now. Laying in my bed relaxing and the DH is off getting me some dinner. Love him. Transfer was fine. Although seriously, I hate the whole full bladder thing. I HATE IT! This time I was smarter than at my transfer and paced myself a little better. I was still REALLY needing to pee when we went in for the transfer. My sister was with me, and we were giggling as I told her I was going to pee on the table when the ultrasound tech pushed on my belly. Ugh.

They transferred 4 embryos. 2 8 cell, 1 6 cell and 1 4 cell that was a bit of a slacker, but the embryologist said looked so good they still wanted to transfer it.

Can you all keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me and my sister? Thank you all. She deserves some good news. So does her husband. And I really hope I can be the person that gives it to them.

And thus begins the 2 week wait. Beta #1: Monday Dec 15th.

It can't get here quick enough!