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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The weekend comes to a close ...

I'm so tired. It was a long week this week ... Moop was home sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Luckily my mom was able to watch him on Mon and Wed, and I work from home on Tues, so neither DH or I had to take any days off of work. Everyone is finally healthy. Let's hope it last for at least a week!

I need to catch up on pictures, so that I can actually start writing about some interesting stuff. Here are all the pics from Christmas.

I am fairly please with this picture from Christmas. Boots doesn't look super happy, but hey, it's pretty close!
Family Picture



FET Accompli said...

Hi Caba,

Great picture!!

My hubbie and I caught your television debut - what a beautiful episode. I was flipping channels and pretty much right away knew it was about you - especially when I saw your kids - I was like - that's Caba! Those are Mr. Silly and Little Miss Trouble!!

It was so beautiful - I had tears streaming. And I can't believe how happy you looked during the c-section - smiling away!! What a great way to remember the experience by having it filmed - it was just so touching to watch.

Anonymous said...

Erica, I'm so sorry about what happened on TS!! :( I miss you already. It doesn't make any sense.

Hope you don't mind if I visit your blog to "keep in touch"?

Take care and know that you are SOOOOO missed over there.


Stephanie Phillips said...

I stumbled onto your blog, through TS, and WOW. I stayed up until 2am last night reading and bawled like a baby! I delivered my twin girls two weeks ago, on Dec 29, and have been living away from home in order to be near them. After reading about your INCREDIBLE journey with your sister, I felt silly for all my gripes and complaints lately. What a strong and truly inspiring family you have! I'll be following you all!