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Monday, January 4, 2010

Moop is sick.

He got whatever his sister had. Luckily my wonderful mom came over to hang with him today. He has a fever, thrown up a few times, overall phlegmy and coughing a lot. I feel bad for the poor Bubba.

So has anyone else out there looked for FeverAll lately? If you don't know what it is, its acetomenephen (tylenol) but it's a suppository. I give it to the kids when they have stomach issues, so that they don't have to take their meds by mouth. With Moop throwing up, I wanted to give him the FeverAll for his fever. We only had 2 left, so I went out at lunch to the local CVS by my work. They didn't have any. Ok, no problem, I'd never bought it there before, only in the CVS by my house. So, I stopped there on the way home. They were out, and it was backordered for MONTHS. What the hell?? And they didn't have any other equivalent. What a pain in the ass. So I came home, and my mom said he hadn't throw up all day, so I gave him a little tylenol by mouth. Bad idea. About 15 minutes later, he throws up all over the couch. LOVELY.

So, I went on a mad internet hunt, and find Acephen (same thing, different maker) and found a Rite Aid that had some close by. So DH ran out to get it. Ugh. What an ordeal. But I hate seeing my little man suffer with a fever, and not be able to help him.

So, luckily I telecommute on Tuesdays, so I'll be home with him tomorrow. If he's still feverish in the morning, I may run him into the doc just to make sure it's nothing else. But Boots had the same thing over the holiday, and it was just viral, so I don't really think he has anything else.

So, I need to put all my pics up here for my family who want to order them ... so bear with the old pics for a while.

Here are pics from Thanksgiving. We hosted DH's family, plus my parents and brother. It was like 15 adults and 5 kids. It really was a lot of fun!

Here are pics encompassing A LOT of stuff. We took the kids to pick out our Christmas tree, my sister and her husband took us to the Big Apple Circus, and the Christmas card photo shoot.

Here are the kids in their new Rudolph and Clarice sweatshirts going to get our Christmas tree!

And here they are looking cute as can be getting ready to leave for the Circus!

And here is one of the pics that made the Christmas Card this year. Mr Moop looks so grown up to me!


1 comment:

anna said...

Feel better, Moop! Your munchkins are so cute. I'm so jealous that they actually stand and pose for a picture as opposed to my crazy toddler twins scampering all over the place all the time. Can't wait for the day....