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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What would you relive?

Ok, so one of my favorite bloggers Helen (of the famous Helen and the Lemonheads! You've heard of them, right??) talked about this movie that she had seen years ago, and the concept of the movie was that when we die, we get to relive one day, again and again.

So of course it got me thinking, which would I choose?

Would it be my wedding day, where I "officially" started my life with the most amazing man out there? On one hand I thought, what a great day to pick! Every single person in the world that are near and dear to us were a part of that day. (Alright, maybe a few missed it due to being stuck in 2 feet of snow!) But let's be honest, would I really want to relive a day forever without Jake and Hailey in it?

Of course not, so let's move on. That leaves me approximately 9 months of days to choose from.

As amazing as their birth day was, I wouldn't pick that one, because for 12 hours of it, I wasn't allowed to see them. I'm not wasting 12 hours out of the 24 I get to relive sitting in a hospital room watching Maury Povich say "You are NOT the father of her baby!"

So, I almost in full want to eliminate the first 3 months. As special as some of those moments were, I was sleep deprived. And I don't want to spend my eternity in a sleep deprived state, because well, that would just suck. I could barely handle it for 3 months!

So that leaves about 5-6 months of days to choose from. So which one do I choose? I decided to think about what would be my perfect day with them. It would obviously be a weekend, so that both me and Eric would be home with the kids. It would be my morning to sleep in, because again, I'm not so good with the sleep deprivation thing. So I sleep in, and wake up around 9am to find the kids in great spirits, hanging out with Daddy. Then about a half hour after lots of hugs and kisses and tickles from mommy, the kids would go down for a decent nap. Because good naps = happy babies = happy parents!

The rest of the day would be a lot of playing with kids, lots of kisses, lots of giggles, lots of good times. Nothing extravagent, no journeys outside the house, no people visiting. Just me and my family. It would not be a bath night, cause sometimes baths are a pain in the ass. But I would get to feed Hailey, who would slowly eat her bottle until she fell asleep in my arms. And for a few minutes, I would get to cuddle with her. It's something I fully can not do with her when she is awake, because the girl is a sparkplug and is always on the move. The last thing she wants to do during her waking hours is cuddle with me.

So after she finishes her bottle, I lay her on my chest and snuggle with her as she sleeps. She always turns her face towards me when she sleeps on me, so I kiss her lips endlessly. I kiss her soft hair, and her chubby cheeks and her slightly parted lips. I would then bring her upstairs, place her in her crib, and put on her lullaby music. Downstairs, Daddy would be finished feeding Jake, and he would be asleep in Daddy's arms. I would take him from Daddy (hey, it's my day to relive!) and spend some quality cuddle time with my man. I would kiss and squeeze him, rubbing his buddha belly and breathing in his perfect scent (formula and all!) Then I would bring my baby boy up to bed, and place him sleeping in the crib next to his sister. And we wouldn't hear a peep until morning.

And Eric and I would get some much needed alone time, with our two perfect babies asleep in the room down the hall.

Now ya know what the best part about it is? This isn't really a fantasy day. This is a day I have lived many many times in the last 6 months. I didn't realize it as anything super special at the time. It was just another day in our life with twins. But it's beyond special! And I am glad I wrote this post, because it is helping me to see how these typical days in our life become absolutely perfect relivable days when faced with not having them anymore.

So that's my day. A very typical, very normal day in my life with my husband and my twins is the day that I would want to experience for all eternity.

What's your day?



June Bug Momma said...

I just loved your post! I will admit that I read your post with envy. I really wish I met Mr. Amazing but unfortunately it never happened. So....I would definitely relive giving birth again. What a miracullous moment! I never knew I could love someone so damn much! My lil gal is the best thing that ever happened to me. :o)

You really are a blessed & lucky gal! You have everything most gals would dream of!

Hoping the Dunn Family has a wonderful New Year!! :o)


xavier2001 said...

That post gave me chills. We have had glimpses of those days, but never all in one day, it's so nice to know that it's coming soon!! I am trying to get all the cuddling I can get now because I know once they are mobile, it's all over!!

Happy New Year!

MoMo said...

What a great post! It is so hard to pick just one day....I would have to sit down and really think about it.

Happy New Year!!

Cindy & Brian said...

I love that day! especially all the baby kisses - very sweet! :)