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Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life!

Sometimes I just stare at you. It's amazing. I think I have memorized every single inch of you. I love to look at your toes. I am obsessed with them. I love the soft way your hands feel in mine. I love kissing every last finger and toe. I love the way you search the room for me. The way that no matter who is holding you, you look around for your mommy. I love how you recognize things. Like me, and Daddy. Like your favorite toys. Like your blue monkey. I love playing with your perfect soft hair. I love the way you giggle when I tickle you. I love the way you giggle now, even before I tickle you, but just when I raise my hands like I am about to tickle you. I love the way you smile, and I see so many teeth. You are growing so quickly right before my eyes that is scares me. I could spend hours looking at you. I examine every inch of you. I am so in love with you. I never thought I would love any man as much as I love your daddy. I was wrong. Jake, you have fully stolen my heart. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a little boy. I figured it out within one minute of your entrance to the world. I love you. That's all you need, and lucky for you, I have an abundance of love to give you. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by my love for you, I feel like I can't breathe. I had no idea, I really didn't. But since you have come into my life, I'm experienced a love that's impossible to put into words.

And you, little girl. You are a spitfire. Have been since the moment you came on the scene. You were the answer to my prayers. A little girl to love. How I dreamed of you for so long. You are beautiful beyond words. Those eyes of yours! They are huge and deep and intelligent. I love to watch you squirm around like a firecracker. Even though I'm dying to just take you in my arms and cuddle you, I love the fact that you won't let me. You can't be held down. You are always on the move, trying to discover everything within (and out of) your reach. You are going to challenge us, and test us, and I think you have so much of me inside of you that sometimes I get scared. But I'm excited. I'm so excited to see this wonderful, intelligent, independent, crazy girl that you will grow into. I am in awe of the strength you show all the time. You hurl yourself around the house, banging into things, and you never cry. You just try to find another way to get to wherever you are trying to go. And you love to dance! At least Daddy and I call it dancing. We hold you up, and you move those feet at top speed in time to whatever Daddy or I sing to you. You love to jump and bounce around. You make me tired just watching you move to much!

Sometimes I just have to stop and write down how I feel about you. Because as time goes on, and you get older, I want to remember how it felt. How every day I woke up and thanked my lucky stars for you both. How no matter how tired I was, or how crappy I felt, I couldn't wait to run into your room, and see your smiling faces so ready to get out of those cribs.

I want you to be the best of friends. Daddy and I put you down for a nap today and within 15 minutes, we heard you giggling. You had never done this before when you were supposed to be napping, so Daddy snuck in to see what was going on. You had both moved to the ends of the crib facing each other. And you were both popping your heads up over the crib bumper and laughing at each other. I almost cried because it made me realize how close I really want you two to be. You guys are so different, and yet I think you will compliment each other in a million ways.

You are the light of my life, the loves of my life and the cutest twins that have ever existed. I don't think I truly realized how much I was meant to be a mom, until you showed up. I don't think I truly realized how much I could love another person until you two showed up. I never ever want to forget how special this time is. Because it is going way too fast. I almost feel like you guys are toddlers, not babies. And I've been HORRIBLE at updating your baby books. So maybe this blog is your new baby book. Because one day I intend to let you read this. And you will know that every second that you existed, from the second you were created, you were loved and wanted.

On a side note, here are some milestones!
Hailey finally broke some teeth. A couple days ago those bottom 2 both broke through together. So current count, Jake: 6 - Hailey: 2 (well, the start of 2, anyway)!

Hailey is going to be moving way too soon! She is starting to push up on all fours and rock back and forth. I really think she is going to be jetting across the floor any day now.

The kids are eating 2 solid meals a day, Stage 2 fruits and veggies and meats. We finally gave them some puffs. Very disturbing. They cough and look like they are going to choke. They do eat them though. And are actually starting to chew them. But they look really disturbed by the whole process. Is it wrong that it makes us laugh?

On a non-baby note, we went out Saturday night to see It's a Wonderful Life, the musical at a local theater. It kinda sucked. I had high hopes. Probably shouldn't have. But it was fun just to get out with my friend Michele and her husband and my sis and bro-in-law.

Christmas shopping is done! Woo hoo! And I even finished with most of my wrapping. So that's a good thing! We went and bought the twins some stuff this weekend at Toys.R.Us. Nothing that exciting, just a few things to have under the tree. Not that they are going to have a clue what is going on on Christmas. But more so Eric and I can have fun stuff to video. We already got a preview of what Christmas morning is going to be like. I was wrapping gifts on the floor while the twins were playing, and Hailey was attacking the wrapping paper. She was eating it, ripping it, rolling around in it. We should have just bought them many rolls of wrapping paper for Christmas. Eric was wondering if it's awful that we were letter her bite it. She didn't swallow it, we took it away for her before that happened, but she was biting on it. That's probably no good, right?

Ok, this is getting way long. But here's the picture we used on their Christmas card. Don't you love it?? They looked so damn cute in their outfits! You can click on the picture for a link to TONS more pictures!
Christmas Twins

Here is a Christmas pic of the twins with Grandma and Opa ... love all these clothes!
Christmas Twins

Oh, and stop by and say Merry Christmas! There is a comments section below, and you can leave a comment even if you don't have an account. So say hi. I like to know if there is anyone out there.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story about your little ones! Blogs are wonderful for getting us to write out things we might not otherwise document, don't you think?

Gemini Girl said...

i can relate to no end. these children are miracles.

Hilary said...

I just wanted to say Hi! I randomly found your blog and have been happy I did. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family! Your kiddos are precious!!!!

MoMo said...

It is the most intense love affair I've ever experienced! What a fantastic post!! And cute photos!!! The twins are so adorable!

June Bug Momma said...

What a beautiful post!!! I admit I shead a tear or two over that read. Very touching...

You have two gorgeous babes, whom share a special bond for one another.

Precious pix!! I love their little outfits! I wanna get Hannah an outfit like Hailey's!! Very Scottish looking.

Congrats on Hailey getting her first 2 teeth!!

Happy Holidays to the Dunn Family & may the New Year bring you lots of joy!:o)

Aunt Chrissy said...

This is my first time leaving a message for you but I had to tell you how beautiful your messages were to Jake and Hailey and how you made me cry while I was reading it. It's amazing that I feel the same way you do for those chunks and I'm only their Aunt. I love you! Chrissy

Busted said...

Such a sweet post. I LOVE the pics of your little ones too. Keep them coming!

Helen said...

What a beautiful post. I've got something similar brewing - must be the season and the remarkable beauty that is babies. They're lucky to be loved by a mom like you!

serenity said...

I meant to comment on this post yesterday - it gave me goosebumps. I love it.

They're adorable, too. :)

Auntie Ar said...

Hi, Loved those outfits, they are unbelievable. Thank you for the card and photo. Hope you like their sweatshirts from us. Would love to see everyone during the Holidays. I'll call. Hugs and Happy Holidays, Auntie Ar

Keeping The Faith said...

What a touching post Erica. We both have so much to be thankful for on this Christmas. I love the Christmas outfits...I never even got around to doing Christmas cards this year. Yikes.... Maybe Valentine's cards will be sent out :-)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas that's full of warmth and cheer.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so happy for you ad your beautiful family.

The picture seems so complete.


Ann (Sunnie) said...

I just followed you over from Jenna's blog, where you commented about your pg and being skeptical that everything could actually go well. I'm 13w and am constantly worried about all the bad possibilities. People in my life think I'm just being negative, so thanks for making me feel understood! I thought I beat infertility, but still it manages to keep kicking me around, now just in a different way. Anyway, your babies are adorable!! Happy Holidays.

Beagle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your twins are adorable, love the outfits, my very favorite are the he did it / she did it tees!

Watson said...

Your post was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes -- and the photos are just adorable!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Pidge said...

Hi Eric and Erica,
I just sat with Nana day after Christmas and showed her the blog and pictures. We enjoyed them together. We all missed seeing you. We are both tired and are slow moving today..clean up and more cards to get out. Thanks for sharing your life,feelings and love with are loved and we are blessed to have you in our life. Will call you to catch up. Love Carol ( Nana too, P.S. She's asleep in the chair next to me..happens more and more now)
Best to All..kisses...and hugs!