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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I'm going to have so many christmas related posts, because of just love this time of year. Even two years ago, when I knew that IVF was right around the corner, and we couldn't afford it, and I was dealing with the emotions of that, I still loved this time of year. For me, it represents hope, a time when ANYTHING is possible. I don't know what it is either. I'm so not religious. I don't take any of the religious aspects of Christmas into play. For me it's about family, buying gifts and bringing a smile to someone's face. It's about appreciating all the good in the past year, as the year comes to an end. It's about eating and socializing, and just waking up and smiling a little more, cause it's just that time of the year. Eric and I have always been christmas lunatics. Even in college.

I remember our first Christmas together. Well, not together as in dating, together as in knowing each other. We were 18 and 19, and it was freshman year, 1992, Trenton State College. Me and my roomate Aimee decorated our room like crazy people with Christmas lights everywhere and snowflakes hanging from our ceiling and Christmas music playing 24X7. And we all went to the movies to see A Muppet Christmas Carol. And me and Aimee dressed in red and white and attached bells to our shoes. No, that's not a joke. We really did that. And we sang Christmas carols in Eric and Chris's dorm room. And it was so fun. Everything about it. I still remember what I got Eric, James Taylor's Greatest Hits CD. He loved it. Still does.

Every year since 1992 we have celebrated Christmas in some way together. In the beginning it was always with all of our friends. Sometimes with the people we were dating at the time. We started a tradition our junior year in college of baking Christmas cookies together. I lived off campus in an apartment with Eric and his roomate when he was on campus, Chris. These two guys were my best friends all through college. Still are. 8-). And that first year, Chris's girlfriend Megan and Bill and Eric, our other friends cooked with us too. Senior year, I missed the cookie baking. But once we left college, the tradition continued. After a while it was just me and Eric and Chris, and whoever we were with at the time. Megan was always there, because she and Chris stayed together and are currently married. So she's been a fixture. Eric brought his girlfriend, I brought my boyfriend, every once in a while Bill and Eric were there. But always me and Chris and Eric and Megan. And that's how it continues. For a while it was just the four of us. Then 5, once Chris and Megan had our beautiful god daughter Ali. This year it's been crazy, and we go from 5 to 8! We had Jake and Hailey, and they had a little boy Kai born a few weeks after the twins. It's a tradition I love so much. We play Christmas music too loud, sing along, and bake WAY too many cookies. Sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we don't. We just celebrate the season together, and reminisce about the past 15 years that we've kept this tradition alive.

Our friendship with Chris and Megan is so special. Eric and Chris randomly were paired together as roomates in college, and it was SO perfect, and they ended up being just the best of friends. We met Megan freshman year as well, as she was Chris's high school sweetheart. And although she didn't go to college with us, sometimes I forget that and think she did. Because she was always there. 8-). We have all been through so much together. Eric and I were both in their wedding. I was a groomswoman. That was very cool. Chris and Megan were the first people I told when I realized that I had fallen in love with Eric. They were our biggest supporters in us finding our way back to each other. We went on vacation with them to Ireland, and it was just the funnest trip EVER. The four of us traveling through Ireland was just crazy and nutty and truly a trip I will NEVER forget. Chris was our best man when we got married, and Megan was one of our bridesmaids. Eric and I are Ali's godparents. And although due to location, we don't see each other nearly as much as we should, this time of year makes me think about them so much. Cookie Day is Dec 22nd. I can't wait. I know you guys read this, and I just wanted to let you know how super important you are to me and Eric. We love you. Can't wait for Cookie Day!

Ok, enough of the sap. Eric is off this month, taking advantage of the Family Leave Act to chill with the kids. I'm still on my part time schedule, so Wednesday we were both home together. We took the kids to the mall to see Santa. They did very well. They didn't smile for the pics, but no crying, so that's something right?? So I will leave with you some pictures. Happy Holidays everyone!
Santa and the Twins





June Bug Momma said...

Great Xmas photos of you cuties! ;o) They are way too cute!!

Wow, you had a college roomie named Aimee! Sounds like the two of you had a blast together, being your silly selves! LOL

Happy Holidays to you & your family!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Love the pics!

Megan said...

Oh, we can't wait either! I was just remembering all the insane cookies we've made over the years. Remember Chris's "voted best cookie in the world" cookies that were really bars? How lucky are our kids that they were born into this tradition!

We miss you guys and can't wait to see you all!

MoMo said...

Great photos! And that is so awesome that you have such great friends-the cookie tradition sounds like a lot of fun!