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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm losing my mind ...

As I type this, Jake is screaming his head off in the nursery. He is just refusing to nap and I'm losing it. They are so fighting taking naps, and it's the most annoying thing, because it is making them crabby, cranky babies when they are awake. Hailey is actually fast asleep. And as of this moment, there is blissful silence. So Jake finally dozed off, which means Hailey should start screaming any minute!

We had a nice weekend here in the Dunn house. Saturday we went to visit our friend's Bill and Jen who had their first child, Bridget, in May. She's so cute, it was fun to introduce her to the twins.

Then on Sunday we just had a family day when we all hung out. The kids were VERY excited for the Giants and wore all of their Giant's paraphenalia to cheer them on. And although they were already in bed and asleep by the time the game started, their luck did not hold up. boo hoo, Giants lost, but aren't my kids cute? Hailey always makes a fist and looks like she is going to punch someone out!


Didn't I tell you all just a few lines ago? Hailey is starting to cry and whimper ... Just as one falls asleep, the other is up to torment me!

Did I mention that I'm going back to work next Monday?? Did I mention how much I can't wait???

Ah, I make it sound so bad. It is. Nah, just kidding. Actually on Sunday I cried when I was rocking Jake because I just love them so much. It's such an amazing thing. Sometimes I just look at their bald little heads, and I'm just so overwhelmed by love that all I can do is cry. The other day I was watching A Baby Story on TLC, and they showed a water birth (ewww!) but when the mom and dad held the baby for the first time, I just started crying so hard. And Hailey was looking at me giving me these huge smiles, and it just made me cry harder. Those damn TLC shows!

Eric and I took some naked pics of the kids, because I am truly obsessed with their butts and feet! Does that make me weird?? whatever ... Jakey's got a big ole butt, oh yeah!

And Hailey is a bit more on the petite side ... She's watching her weight, as she is on the road to being America's Next Top Model...

Erica and Eric

1 comment:

June Bug Momma said...

Thanx for your compliments on my lil buglet! I checked out your blog and I just have to tell ya, Hailey & Jakey are down right adorable!! ;o) Jake looks so cute in the BUMBO! ha! Going back to work will be hard at first but the routine will get easier. When it is quitten time, I make a mad dash for the door to go pick up Hannah! LOL! Wishing you the very best. You two are so blessed to have such cuties in your lives!