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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

5 Months old!

Can you believe it! 5 months old! And driving me up the wall. The kids have decided they don't want to nap anymore. Yeah, that's REALLY fun for me. It's to the point where I'm driving around during the day just to get them to sleep. Yeah, it kinda sucks. I'm hoping that this is just some sort of phase that ends really really quickly. Like tomorrow.

Things have been fun over at the Dunn house. We had a nice, busy Labor Day weekend. Saturday we took the kids to New Hope, PA for the day and had lunch outside and just wandered around and went into some shops. It's not a super child-friendly town, only because the sidewalks were narrow so it was hard to maneuver around with the stroller. Also a lot of the stores were a few steps up from the street, so we had to take turns going into places. But the weather was SO beautiful that it was just nice to be outside. Also, we got two naps in! One driving there, one driving back! hehe.

Sunday our friends Ashley and Andrew came to visit with their son Alec who just turned 1. It was fun to see them and get the kids together. But REALLY SCARY! Alec is crawling all over, and just a minute away from walking, and I can see that if you take your eyes off a mobile baby for a second, they can move quickly! And all I kept thinking was "I'm scared of twins that can move!" ... ugh ... but let's not get ahead of ourselves yet ...

Then on Monday, we went to my friend Michele's and went to a local fair with her and her husband and son, my sis and her hubbie and my friend Jen. Yummy Yummy food, and we just kinda wandered around and ate. Makes for a good night! The twins were good and just hung out in the stroller. Eric commented that twins are a "chick magnet". He was hanging out in one area of the fair while I was in the "drinking section" finishing my beer (yeah, I know, I'm a good mom). And he said like a bunch of women came up to him gushing over the babies. I asked him if he tried the line "Yeah, it's hard to take care of my kids now that my wife is dead." Ha ha ... Thankfully he did not.

What else ... we gave the twins prunes. Everyone said I was horrible for making that their first baby food, but Jake has bad constipation, so you gotta do what you gotta do. We have some funny pics from that.

So OF COURSE, no post is complete without pics! First of all, how cute are the shirts that Aunt Lori got the twins ... LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Click on the pic to see lots more!

Erica and Eric

1 comment:

topcat said...

Those T-shirts are HILARIOUS!! I love them! Thanks for the visit ... and go the prunes.