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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can you kiss my nose?

So, I was sitting here contemplating a blog post, and listening to screaming/laughing/yelling/etc through the monitor. Boots is yelling for her monkey, Moop is singing "Bippity Boppity Boo". You know, just a normal night in the nuthouse. I try not to go in there that often once we say goodnight. I don't want to become a slave to their every whim. So I'm watching Chopped, DH is cleaning out his dresser, and we are ignoring the kids.

But then Boots switches to a non-stop mantra of "Mommymommymommmymommmymommmymommmy". One long extremely grating word. It never ends. It could on on forever. And in the background you hear "Mommy, Boots needs you!". Yeah, thanks Moop. I *never* would have figured that out on my own.

Here is the exchange when I enter their room.

Boots: "Mommy. Where is my tiger?"
Me: "I don't know, Boots. It was in your crib before. Maybe it's hidden amongst all the crap in your crib."
Boots: "I can't find it".

Mommy turns on the light, blinding her children and herself. Finds tiger hidden amongst 10 books, 1 enormous monkey dressed in a tutu, 3 princess dolls, Dora, Bert, and Prairie Dawn. Hands Tiger to Boots.

Boots: "Oh, THERE is it. Thanks Mommy."
Me: "Ok, everyone go to bed now. If I have to come in here again, I am talking away your books."
Me: "Moop, go to bed now. I love you both. Good night"

Silence from Boots.

Moop: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes, Moop?"
Moop: "Can you kiss my toes?"

Really? Really? This is what my life has become.

Me: "Ok Moop, stick your feet out."
I lean over and kiss both feet through the slats of the crib.
Moop: "Can you kiss my nose now?"
Me (laughing): "Ok, let me see that nose."
Kiss his nose through the crib slats.
Moop: "Can you kiss my cheek Mommy?"
Me: "I sure can."
Kiss his fat little cheek through the crib slats.
Moop (turning his other cheek) "And this one too Mommy?"
Me: "Yup".
Kisses his other fat cheek. "Ok, bub, go to bed now".
Moop: "I love you Mommy."
Me: "I love you too."

Boots (quietly from the other side of the room) "I love you too Mommy".

And then I realize, I'm ok with what my life has become.



caryanne said...

Too cute! Love those moments in our house too.

Although today it wasn't near as sweet as that. They were playing in a box (one that's big enough for them, but not me). Daniel wanted me to join them. I said "No Mommy's too big". To which Daniel responds "Mommy's humongous." Nice.

anna said...

That made me tear up- what a beautiful exchange. Of course, a lot of things make a woman who's almost 39 weeks pregnant tear up, but hey, what can I say?! Your bubs are adorable. And I'm glad they're still in their cribs because it justifies my keeping our twins in their cribs quite a bit longer.

Rebecca said...

Love it! I love those moments when you're almost DONE and all of the sudden, you're brought back down with the simplest of gestures. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

Jaymee said...

too cute! it is those moments that make the rest of the day bearable!


Arjun and Indira said...

so incredibly sweet!