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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you a Republican?

If so, you might not like my link I am about to post.

Have you read their blog? Margaret and Helen It is fantastic.

And this post, well damn, it's a good one. So I figured I would share it will you all.


On the home front, things are status quo. My sister's twins were christening a few weeks ago, but we forgot the camera in the church, so I have no good pictures. And you will be happy to know that neither me or my husband burst into flames when we walked into the church.

I did laugh to myself when I promised (as Godmother) to help raise the kids in the Catholic faith. If it's up to me, those kids will be questioning everything in Sunday school. I'll be all "Ask the teacher why incest was ok after Adam and Eve had kids, but why it's not allowed anymore. Ask the teacher if he *really* believes there was a talking snake. Ask the teacher if he believes in evolution. Ask the teacher if you get pregnant in high school, do you think you could use the *immaculate conception* excuse, and might your parents believe you."

hehe ... Yup, I'm going to be an AWESOME Godmother.

We did get some snow today ... nothing insane ... like 5-6 inches. The kids are napping, I'm blogging, and then it's playdoh time after they wake up.

I took some cute pics of them this morning, playing in their tent and tunnel thingy they got from Santa. I will post soon.


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