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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quiet weekend...

It's nice and quiet here this morning. This means: no kids! My sister was going to take the kids last night, and my parents tonight, but we have a snow storm coming, so my mom just took them for both nights so no one would have to drive today. It probably worked out for the best, as my sis has had a bad last couple of days. Her hair is gone. It was falling out a lot, so she had her husband shave it off. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been.

I saw her yesterday, and I thought her wig looked cute, but that doesn't really take away from the fact of how had it must be to know your hair is gone. I mean, none of us are stupid, we know it's going to grow back, it's only hair, etc. But my heart hurts for her. I hope the little bubs in my belly give her somethings to smile about when she doesn't feel like smiling.

On the "me" front, I'm sick. Still. No big surprise here. This past week was my first week back at work with the full on all-day sickness (no morning here!). It was ok. I had 2 throw-up episodes in the morning ... but mostly just nausea. The Zofran is helping a little, but not as much as I would have liked. I'm tired, a lot. And it's pretty hard adjusting to being pregnant, sick and tired, as well as having 21 month old twins that really don't understand why you won't pick them up, carry them around, or why you just want to lay on the couch in peace.

So it's tough. There are no two ways about that. But my few months of discomfort are MORE than worth the lifetime of happiness my sister and her husband are going to get from these bubs. So, I deal with it.

Gemini Girl asked about my maternity leave. It's pretty straight forward. As far as insurance goes, my personal medical insurance will cover all my maternity needs, my docs, the vists, delivery, etc. When I talked to my insurance company their take on it was "We don't care how you get pregnant, or what you are going to do with the baby (ies) after you give birth to them, while you are pregnant, it is your body and you are covered."

As far as leave off work goes, it's short term disability. So whenever my doc puts me out, I go on short term disability. Assuming I have a c-section, I will get 8 weeks after the birth of the babies. Then my leave is over. I do not get to use FMLA, since that is reserved for the birth or adoption of a child (baby bonding time) and I won't have any babies to bond with. Plus, that is unpaid, so I wouldn't be taking that time off anyway.

My sister on the other hand will be able to utilize her FMLA, because it is baby bonding time for her. She won't get the short-term disability, obviously, because that is medically to recover from the birth, and she isn't giving birth.

I do need to take this time to thank my amazing husband as well. He rocks beyond belief. He is really running the house right now. He's getting the kids ready in the morning, taking them to daycare, picking them up if I don't feel up to it, making dinner, letting me sleep in on the weekends, taking care of baths, and basically being a super amazing Mr Mom, while I sit on the couch and want to vomit. He is amazing and perfect and I am insanely lucky to have him! Thanks babe! I love you!


Jennifer said...

It's great that you get short-term disability. My company doens't offer it, so I took out my own policy thru Statefarm, just in case I need it someday. Your husband is wonderful! Sorry you're not feeling great.

Arjun and Indira said...

That is such a wonderful thing you are doing for your sister and that line about knowing the lifetime of happiness these babies will bring her...I just teared up. I am sure that was super hard for her hair to be shaved, it is a part of who we are in more ways than one. You are super lucky to have such a support system
from TS

Intending To Be Parents said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are so sick :( And I'm so sorry about your sister - yes, I know it's "just" hair - but it's so much bigger than that and it has to be so tough - you're amazing to be helping her this way - I'm sure having all of this to look forward to is really getting her through. And your husband sounds like he does rock!!

Gibson Twins said...

I just found your blog through another blog (can't remember which one though!). You are an awesome sister, what a wonderful thing to do for her! Your twins are adorable too! I have boy/girl twins that are 26 months old. Let's hope it gets easier...

Aimee said...

Holy moly! I have to read your blog more often! It's amazing what you are doing for your sister. Give her my best and the best to you! Miss you! -aimee