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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Big Update

So, I lied. I said I was going to do a big update this weekend with pictures, and I didn't.

But first and foremost, I'm going to give you a link to a blog you MUST read. It's my husbands. He's beyond funny. Seriously! Remember that crazy post he put up here about the kids? Well, he is sillier on his blog. It's not kidcentric, it's just a silly guy talking about silly stuff. And you'll like it. I promise! So go show a little love over at Millions of Atoms. Thank You!

Ok, now on the the baby stuff! Ultrasound number 3 today, and it's getting slightly anticlimatic. 3 sacs, 3 babies floating about, 3 beautifully beating hearts. Everyone is growing right on schedule. I am 7w2d today, and two of them were measuring 7w1d and the other is 7w3d, so right where they should be. Heartbeats were good and strong. And the doc said each baby was the size of a finger tip. So can someone please explain to me how three fingertips can make me vomit multiple times a day? Yes, I am still sick. THANKFULLY, my sister talked our nurse into getting me some Zofran to help with the morning sickness. I'm trying to only take 1 pill a day if I really need it. But it sucked get to work this morning and then immediately going to throw up and then have to go sit at my desk. Boy did I enjoy the last 2 weeks off!

So let's talk about that. Christmas was chaotic. The kids were very excited about all their gifts, but they REALLY loved their 50's style diner. Isn't this adorable?

Here is the Moop eating a Christmas morning cookie at the diner.

And here is the Boots making an absolutely pissed off face at me while coloring with her Dad.

We got them a bunch of other gifts too: and Elmo guitar, Little.People Farm, books, puzzles, etc. They loved everything! Chrissy and Ant came over to give the twins there gifts, and had breakfast with us which was fun.

We went down to DH's sister's house for Christmas, which was a lot of fun. Lots of people there, and the twins got TOTALLY overloaded with gifts which is always fun for them! Makes me think that maybe my house is just too small!!

Two days after Christmas we had a second Christmas with my family. So, MORE GIFTS! My parents bought the twins a boatload of stuff! So my house is PACKED. We certainly don't have enough room for all these toys!! My kids are spoiled rotten. They have a lot of people that really love them and like to spoil them! And really, isn't it the right of a Grandparent to do that?

Ok, so I'm ready to go relax now. I promised my sister I would put up pics, which I did. So good night!



Anonymous said...

I have some left over generic zo.fran if you want it....just let me know. It was the only thing that worked on me......

Anonymous said...

first of all, you are a rockstar.

Second- have pple at work started to notice your pg yet? If so- I wonder how the whole maternity leave/ surrogate thing works. Is it the same when you are a surrogate?

I am praying that those babies grow big and strong! You are the best aunt ever.

Kerry Lynn said...

I just found you on 2 moms and now I see my friend geminigirl is here too!

I'm adding you to my reader because this is such a crazy story.

I bow at your feet for being a surrogate. It's something I would love to do for someone.

I hope your nausea stops soon! That was the absolute worst! NOTHING worked for me.

Cindy (and Brian) said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I cannot even imagine doing my triplet pregnancy with little ones running around. YOU are amazing! I am SO ROOTING FOR YOU and hoping you have a healthy pregnancy and that the nausea stops now. Just THINKING about the nausea makes me burp funny. UGH.
I just told my sister about you and after a few tears we both agree that you are amazing. I am crying again as I type that.
Lots of prayers for you all!

Jo Austin said...

Hey Erica,

I see it is confirmed! Three little ones. I just watched 2 back-to-back episodes of Baby Story with triplets. Everyone seems to be doing great, so I'm claiming all that and more for you. I know you will probably get weary of people saying how amazing you are to be doing this, being the Mom of such young twins...but you really are amazing! You are living the definition of love. I tip my hat to Eric, too. He is a super partner for this journey. So...can I be one of the first in-laws that DOES know how to comment?! Will keep watching. Hugs to all of you.

Chrissy said...

I have to agree with everyone when you say that my sister is amazing because she truly is! The is the most selfless act one person can do for another so I better start saving my money so I can pay off her mortgage or sound her on a trip to Hawaii. Also Props to Eric who has to pick up all of the slack in the house while my sister is vomitting. He's an amazing husband, father and brother-in-law. We just love you guys more than we can put into words. Now remember, don't eat any chicken nuggets...I don't want my kids starting out this young with high cholesterol. Just kidding! Eat up!

MoMo said...

Glad to hear the babies are growing beautifully. And it sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!!