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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not feeling well

I know. I kind of suck. I feel like crap and I'm not updating you all. But really, there isn't much to say. Still pregnant, still vomiting on occasion, but now with added sinus infection fun! Yes, I got a cold that decided to turn into a super painful sinus infection. So I started my antibiotics today, and I hope to feel like something of a normal person in a day or two.

Otherwise, things are ok. My husband is amazing and wonderful and running the household like a champ. My parents are TOTALLY helping out like crazy ... this past weekend they picked the kids up at 930am on Sat morning to take them to music class, and then out to lunch so DH and I could get a break. They then took them out to lunch, and didn't bring them home until nap time. So that was nice. But Sunday I work up feeling crappier than before, so DH drove the kids to my parents and dropped them off at 9am, and my parents didn't bring them home until 7pm that night. It was so nice to be able to sleep and stay in bed all day when I felt so bad.

My sis is doing ok ... She had her second round of chemo, so now she feels like crap. And on top of that, she also got a cold, which turned into bronchitis, so she is also on antibiotics. We can't cut a break, can we?? But, 2 rounds of chemo down, and 2 more to go ... I'm so anxious for this to be over for her.

It's weird to be pregnant. I talk to the babies a lot and tell them about how lucky they are, and what wonderful parents they have.

Oh, I have a question for any other IPs out there ... when did it feel real to you? My sister and I were talking the other day about how it just doesn't seem real to her and her husband. They are living their lives, dealing with her chemo, and neither have fully wrapped their brains around the fact that I'm pregnant with THEIR babies. Now, I am full aware of it ... because it's happening to my body. But I don't know it will seem more real to them. I was just wonderful how other intended parents felt about this ...



Intending To Be Parents said...

As an IM I think it was the moment I found out the sex of the babies that things truly felt "real" to me. It's hard to not slightly feel like this isn't really happening sometimes because I can't feel the kicks and growth. But I really think things changed big time once we found out the genders.
I'm so sorry that you are feeling so crappy these days - I hope the awful sinus junk clears itself up soon!

Aimee said...

I hope you and your sis start to feel better soon. Sinus infections suck! I hope you can get something from the Dr. to clear it up soon.

My pregnancy pretty much felt real to me from the get go because of the OHSS I developed, which made me look 20 weeks prego when I was only 5 weeks!


Elizabeth said...

I agree with Intending to Be Parents' comment. I noticed that my husband and I had a shift in thinking around the holidays and that we were thinking more "when" not "if," but it really became real in the last few weeks when we found out our quad screen results were normal, our GC told us that she is feeling so much movement, we hit 20 weeks AND we found out the sex of the baby during a wonderful 3D u/s. Seriously, all this happened within the last 2-3 weeks. I've even "come out" to work which sort of freaks me out, but at the same time, I need to make plans.