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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I got more pics for you ...

I've been slacking on updating, and I've been getting complaints. So, without further ado, more pics!

Sept 23rd was my sister's birthday, and Sept 24th was my Dad's. We had a little b-day celebration at my parents house ... and of course the kids were loved on like crazy. Here is Boots with her favorite Aunt Chrissy!
Boots and Aunt Chrissy

We keep getting notes coming home from daycare saying that we need to send in a family picture. And I keep forgetting! So we finally got a semi-nice shot. Damn Boots for not just looking at the camera!!!
My Fam

Did I tell you all about my vampire child?? I can't remember ... I don't think I put it here. I went to daycare last week (or two weeks now) and when I was picking the kids up, there were accident reports for me to sign. I read Boots' first. It said "Boots was playing by the treehouse at 1045am with a friend when she leaned over and bit her friend. We taught her to use nice touches." Um, crap. Then I read Moops' report. "Moop was playing by the treehouse at 1045am with a friend when the friend leaned over and bit him. We taught his friend to use nice touches."

Ok, great. So Boots bit Moop! LOVELY! And the teacher wouldn't tell me! She just smiled and said they aren't allowed to tell who did what to whom. Well, it wasn't their teacher actually who said that, it was the director of the place. The teacher later told me that obviously it was Boots that bit Moop. I wasn't too stressed about it, as they are known to fight with each other. But then a few days later I got a report that she bit 3 (YES THREE!) kids at daycare. So then I was stressed!! I don't want to have that damn kid at daycare that is biting people! I talked with her teacher, and she said she is shadowing her, just watching really closely, to make sure she doesn't continue the behaviour. But she said she noticed a lot of drooling, and that Boots has new teeth coming in. So maybe she is having oral issues.

Thankfully, since the 3-bite day, she hasn't done it anymore. So now when I go to pick her up, I ask the teacher "How was my little vampire today?" They laugh at me. Thankfully, she seems to be over her short biting phase. Ugh.

On a happy note, they now say CHEESE! for the camera! Here is Boots and Moop yesterday practicing their new skills!



And just to show you that they have aced it, here's some from this morning!



And I had to include this picture, because it just made me laugh. Moop looks like he is auditioning to play Frankenstein, and Boots is auditioning for a vampire. These kids are nuts!
Crazy Kids

And lastly, I've been reading Twilight, and really enjoy it. Who doesn't love a good Vampire romance? Like mother, like daughter. Maybe she was looking for some good vampire tips? I hope it's not because of this book that she started biting at daycare!
Vampire Girl



Aimee said...

Biting is pretty common with toddlers and unfortunately, it happens quite often in daycare. Hannah has gotten bit once and I had to sign an incident report, which I'm pretty sure was a repeat offender. I sure hope Hannah doesn't pick up on this and become a biter. Adorable pictures of your cuties! WOW...they are getting so big! Your sis looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics, it has been awhile!!

I don't want to even think about the biting phase, Drew does it now and he's not even old enough to correct. Ugh.

MoMo said...

Your sister and baby O have the same birhtday!!!
Sorry to hear about the biting--B did a little of that too. Great pictures as always!