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Thursday, October 9, 2008

18 months

So, I guess when I wasn't paying attention, my babies turned 18 months old! What the heck happened to those little tiny peanuts? Now they run around the house like crazy troublemakers!

18 month stats:

Mr Moop
Weight - 29lbs 15oz (91%)
Height - 35 inches (97%)
Head - 19 (65%)

Weight - 23lbs 5oz (35%)
Height - 33 1/2 inches (93%)
Head - 18 1/4 (45%)

We totally grow tall kids! I'm about 5'9'' and DH is 6'1'' so I guess it makes sense. Besides that, they got their flu shots, and DTAP shot, and are doing well. Lots of words, lots of understand. It's really cool to see how much they grow and change, and so quickly.

I am totally sick, and have been for a while now. I have this sucky cold that I just can not kick. Thankfully my family just ROCKS and my sister and her husband were over all day Sunday hanging out and then last night my mom, bro and sis took the kids out to dinner so DH and I could relax cause I just felt SO crappy after work. Ugh. I really need this to go away. We are supposed to be meeting up with some members off my twin site this weekend for a Philly Zoo day and I don't want to have to miss it.

So, without futher ado, PICTURES! Here is Ms Boots with Grandma
Boots and Grandma

and Mr Moop laughing at Uncle Ants goatee
Moop and Uncle Ant

Aunt Chrissy brought over some cupcakes from Costco ... holy crap were they good! They were freakin' enormous! So we split one between the kids, and needless to say, they really liked them!
Mr Moops big smile
Mr Moops big smile

And here's a picture I love of Mr Moop with his cool shades on.
Mr Moops big smile

And Boots trying to bust into my bedroom ...

As you can tell from my pictures, Moops hair is out of control. I love it. I honestly do not want to cut it yet. Obviously I will have to. Eventually. But not now. It is funny when we give them a bath though. He has SO much hair. For your viewing pleasure ... Moop, prior to having his hair wet ...

Here is Daddy after sculpting Moops hair into a shark fin.

And after rinsing his hair. Look how long it is, as it hangs over his shoulder.



edie & ella said...

Yeah they really are gettin so big.....I love his hair....i was thinking that in one of the first photos then you mentioned it in your look adorable. Besides every little guy needs a fin to scare his sister with. Right? SAM

Anne said...

18 months? They look much older :)
I love them... they are such precious looking kids. We really should start talks about the double wedding. ;)

Aimee said...

I just love Moop's beautiful mane of hair! :o) He's too cute! The picture of Boots with her grandma is precious! Love the bath shots! We have the same octopus drain cover, which Hannah like to pull off and play with too. I sure hope you're feeling much better and enjoy yuorself at the zoo! The weather looks like it will be gorgeous here in Northern VA!