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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good times ...

Ok ... more catch up. I should probably try to update more frequently, huh? Our week was good. Friday night I hosted a jewelry party for Lia Sophia. My sister had one a few months ago, so I booked one. It was mellow, maybe there was 10 of us. I made a ridiculous amount of food for the number of people there, but that's just par for the course.

A few of the girls who came brought their husbands, and the guys all went out to a local bar while the girls chowed down and bought jewelry. Then the guys came back, the parents left, and we busted into playing Rock Band! I've mentioned my addiction, right?

Here are some fun pics of us rocking out ...
Rock Stars
Jan is a Rock Star

The kids started their music class Saturday morning. They seemed a bit hesitant when we first went in, but they LOVED playing with all the instruments. The teacher dumped a big bang of stuff on the floor. There were tambourines, drums, triangles, etc and Mr Moops eyes lit up and he took off like a bullet into the pile. It was really cute to watch them. We got some great cds and I think they are really going to enjoy the class.

Of course I have some adorable pics of them ... Here is a picture of the twins when Barney is on in our house. It's like they are hypnotized!
Barney hypnotizes the twins

Here's Miss Boots playing on her chair. She stands up, I say "Sit down please". She sits. She stands. Repeat. Fun stuff at our house.

And she's UP!And she's DOWN

And I have to show this picture, just because it so captures Boots' Little Miss Trouble personality!
Litte Miss Trouble

And just because he is cuter than words, here is Mr Moop, seriously holding onto Daddy's multivitamins.
My love

Oh and here is one of Mommy's least favorite new games. It's called "Let's dangle our legs through the rungs in the railing!" You know I'm so picturing the whole thing breaking and the twins falling down to the first floor. Ugh!
My sweet trouble

Momma had a fun night out last night. We just finished a huge project at work, so our bosses took me and the other guy who worked on the project out for Happy Hour in the city at the end of the day. We went to Tao for our first drink and a few apps. Then we walked down to Tiffany on 5th Ave (have I mentioned that's the company I work for?) My friend Tom that I was with had me try on a $50,000 engagement ring that looked like this. I was nervous with it on my finger (and it only fit on my pinky.) Wow. Just wow. They make some GORGEOUS pieces. Then we headed over to Divine Bar. We had some drinks and tapas and it was a good time. DH took care of the kids, with the help of my sister. I got slightly drunk and took the train home.

Now I don't feel good. Seriously, how is it that I have one fun night out, and then I catch a cold? I stink. Working from home tomorrow will be a good thing!



anna said...

You seriously work for Tiffany?! If you get a discount, that would be very dangerous for me. There's something therapeutic about that lovely little blue box!
Your munchkins are so adorable and so silly...thanks for sharing all the fun pix.

MoMo said...

That is a really beautiful ring!! wow!!

As always, the kids are adorable.

Aimee said...

I can't get over how big your cuties pies are getting! I just love their little chairs! I'm happy to hear they are enjoying their music class.