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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I know ... I stink.

I've been really bad with updating lately. I'm not even sure why. Things have been hectic with work, with home, and I've been SO sucky at taking pictures. Which makes me feel awful! We took a million pictures earlier on, and I feel like such a slacker.

So what have we been up to, you ask? Lots of fun stuff. We had a nice Labor Day weekend last week. My parents took the kids overnight from Sunday to Monday. So DH and I had a nice night together, we went to the movies to see Tropic Thunder (so freakin' funny) and just slept late and reminisced about the days before kids when we could sleep if we want to.

This weekend was a good time too. Saturday we had the remnants of Hanna, so it just rained ALL DAY LONG! But earlier in the day before it started, we ran to the mall with Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Ant ... and got a few things, and all went out to lunch. Then we came home and the whole family napped, because it just got so dark out, and it was so cozy in bed. hehe.

We took a couple of really cute pics of Mr Moop playing in our bedroom. There new obsession (or maybe not that new) is the laundry basket. They climb in, they climb out. They fall all over the place and bonk heads and the Moop cries. It's a good time had by all!
Look how cute my man is...
Happy MoopMr Cute

Sunday was gorgeous! It was perfect weather, so we spent the majority of the day outside. The kids played in the yard while DH and I cleaned our cars, and turned their car seats around. Then after their nap, we went to the park with Aunt Chrissy. And this brings us to the cute pictures of our day at the park! We got some cute pics of the kids on the swings. It's hard for me to believe that last summer we took the swing picture with both of them in one swing. Now they are WAY too big!
Lady Boots
Mr Moop

After swinging, the kids played running around the play ground. Boots hung out with Aunt Chrissy and Mommy on the blanket and enjoyed her bubble machine. Mr Moop walked around pushing a pink stroller. Yes, it's Boots' stroller. Yes, he has a lawn mower to push. Yes, there are MANY fights over the pink stroller. And finally, yes, Mom and Dad did go back to Toys R Us and buy a SECOND pink stroller so that everybody could have one. Here Moop is enjoying his stroller. He's one serious dude.
Mr Moop

Lady Boots on the other hand, didn't feel like pushing her pink stroller around, she was too busy running around and just being too adorable for words. Here she is in her short shorts making a somewhat disgusted face. She is probably sick of her mom chasing her with the stupid camera.
Mr Moop

I had a funny conversation at the park with a little girl. We had our bubble machine with us, so this little boy and little girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) came over to see the bubbles. And they were talking to us and the girl said to me "You have two babies?" and I said "Yes, they are twins. I have a girl (pointing the Boots, who was sitting with us) and a boy (pointing to Moop who Dad was off chasing)". And she said "Yeah, she is a girl because she is wearing girl shorts. He is wearing boy shorts". That made me laugh. With Mr Moops crazy hairdo, his shorts are the only thing that make people realize that he is a boy. Well guess what! I don't care! I'm not cutting his hair yet!

On a completely unrelated to my kids note, I belong to a website community for twins and twin parents. I spend entirely too much of my day there, seriously. Anyway, a woman with 8 month old twin boys lost her husband this weekend. He was 42 years old, and had a heart attack. It was awful. But here's the amazing thing. One of my friends on the site said she should send something like flowers ... and I offered to be the point person. So people could email me how much they wanted to contribute, and once we saw how much money we had, we would get something. These woman pledged $1400 + dollars! Can you believe that?? For someone they don't even know ... I am so proud of the community. It's such a small thing to do for someone else ... but for so many of us, it's our worst nightmare, losing our partner. I just can't even imagine. So it's been keeping me busy! I've been responding to emails, getting checks, accepting PayPal account transfers. It's amazing the anonymous generousity that has been shown. Anyway, I'm just proud ... so I thought I would share.



E said...

I read about that poor woman losing her husband. You are awesome for being the point person and I can't believe what a great response you're getting! Email me, or I can go into that thread to figure out how it works. I'd love to do something for her. Do you know if anyone has put her in touch with Snickollet?

Such cute pictures!! I've got mine of the babies in one swing together. I'll have to post them soon...

Anonymous said...

Would love to have the web address of the site that you frequent.

So sorry to hear about the loss of the woman's husband.

I keep telling hubby that it's almost time to cut Daniel's hair and he laughs at me. Daniel has his mommy's curly hair and on humid days, he gets his little fro action going's too cute.

Aimee said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the woman who lost her dear husband. :(

OMG...adorable pix of your cutie pies! They look a lot like you!

LMAO on the conversation with the kids in the park. Too funny!

MoMo said...

That is the sadest thing I've heard--and it is so awesome that so many people are so giving.

As always, the kids are adorable.

Melissa said...

What's the website of the twin community? It sounds like a wonderful group of people! Maybe I should get to know them....Not like I have any extra time between the Twincredible Twosome, work, and life, but, heh.....
Love the pictures from the park!!