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Friday, August 29, 2008

Kids are hard, and cute pics!

This age is really tough. I love them to death, I truly do. But it's HARD right now. They are just NON-STOP. They climb on everything. They now climb on the recliner, and just up and down. Seriously. Why must they do this? They want to knock over the tv. They want to walk around with Pam. And by that, I mean the cooking spray. Yes, the Pam is located in a pantry that they can open. So I have two cans of it in there. And they each need to carry one around. It's comical, really.

And Boots. My beautiful little girl. She is really messing with my sleep. She has decided that 530am is now an appropriate wake up time. But then she'll mix it up a bit. The other day it was 510am. Seriously? I almost cried. The first morning it happened, I just assumed that she woke up and would go back to sleep. But she didn't. She would alternate between crying, then singing, then silence. And repeat. I'm such a light sleeper that it kept me up the whole time. So, not a happy mom.

This morning when she woke me up, I tried something different. I went right in, picked her up, and took her into the spare room. We climbed into bed and I thought maybe since it was still dark, and I was with her, she would fall back asleep. I thought wrong. She was so happy, jumping around the bed. She was sitting next to me and pointing to my features saying "Eye, Nose". Then she would pat me on the arm and say "Hi Mama". She's too cute for words. But all I wanted to do was sleep. I'm happy to note that tomorrow is my sleep in morning. So my wonderful husband can take care of her while I sleep.

So, you came here for some pictures?? Well, I got some of them. Poor Moop has had a eczema issue forever. Mostly on his body, but every now and then he gets it on his face. And he has it around his eye. I have cream for it, but it looks so red. I hate it. Poor bubba. Although it doesn't seem to bother him. He's so cute. Lately he's been saying "Uh oh!" a lot. Probably because I'm always saying it. But it's funny, because he says it very exaggeratedly, making a very dramatic "O" with his mouth. Ain't he cute??
Mr Moop saying UH OH

Here's a cute picture of Boots that I like. She was playing on our bed and being goofy and putting her feet in her mouth and trying to pull off her socks with her teeth. Lovely! I caught her in a goofy moment.
Silly Boot

Here's a picture of a happy dude!
Cute Moop

It's been so long since I've updated that I missed posting pics from my nephew John's first birthday. The kids had fun, and the food was super yummy! Here's a pic of Moop hanging with her Opa.
Moop and Opa

And I love this picture! This is the birthday boy pointing at Boots' nose. I'm not sure why he was, but they are both very serious about it!
John, Boots and Moop in the background

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing holiday weekend. We are hoping to have some fun, and then ship the kids off to my parents for the night on Sunday night so that we can play Rock Band all night long and then sleep late.



MoMo said...

I totally get what you mean about this age being hard. They just have so much energy and they really can't communicate what they want--fun times. Cute pictures.

E said...

They are so cute!! I'm jealous of your sleeping in and your Sunday night off, but I guess you've had more time in the trenches. I need to work a little harder to earn those.

Have a great weekend!

Aimee said...

Adorable pictures of your precious tots! I hear ya, Ms. Hannah climbs anything she sees! It can be exhausting for me, esp. mentally! I never used to take naps and now I do! I also have an early riser who gets up at 5am every morning, but I'm an early rise anyway so it's OK with me. I hope you get some good snoozin' in time tomorrow morning! :-) Hope you and your fam have a wonderful Lbor Day weekend!

Stacie said...

The kids are so cute! Please don't tell me I am in for an early riser at some point. That will most surely do me in for good. I do not do mornings very well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Pam is so they can "slip away" if they get in trouble. I know that I am in so much trouble when my little monsters start climbing.

Topcat said...

Oh my goodness!! Your babies are gettin BII-IIG!!!! And even more beautiful!!

That is so, so bloody hilarious about the cans of Pam.


Gemini Girl said...

Those kids are getting so big!

Neve is the one who likes to wake up at 3am, cry, then talk before going back to sleep. She then awakes at 6am and repeats. My husband and I always joke, that one day Soleil will get so mad that she will jump from her crib into neve's crib- ninja style- and kick neve's ass for waking her up.

Gemini Girl said...

Hey- you want to meet me in NYC on wed the 17th for martha stewart's blogging show?
let me know: