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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'll be back, I promise!

But seriously, it's SOOOO addicting! We bought Rock Star for Playstation this weekend. It's all I think about. I've sung Say it Ain't so by Weezer and In Bloom by Nirvana like 17,000 times. DH plays the guitar or drums, and I sing, well, because I like to sing. Although I did try the drums and it was super cool.

Playing catch up ... my sister had her surgery, and it went well and we are very happy. Thank you for all of your positive thoughts and vibes.

Our friends came over last night ... and once we put the kids down at 7pm, Rock Star came out ... and we played non-stop until like 1030pm when they left. It's some seriously addictive shit. I'm already ready to download like a million songs. Although they don't have a lot of chick rock songs. Although right before we turned it off last night we unlocked a few songs, one of them being Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, and I'm excited to rock that later tonight.

Seriously, this is going to be an issue for me. The kids will get ignored, I'll start leaving work early, coming home, not answering my phone, not showering... it could get ugly.

Oh well, but I'll be such a rock star it won't matter.

Ok, so maybe I'm just trying to live out a fantasy. Mom of twins is a far cry from a rock star.



E said...

dude, i think mom of twins is right up there with rock star, but man that sounds fun. i want video of you doing sabotage!!

MoMo said...

That sounds like a lot of fun..I will probably just as hook if we had one of those.

Aimee said...

YOU GUYS ROCK THE CASBA! I demand a utube clip of your rock star selves! ;o)

anna said...

Really, mom of twins isn't a rock star? How delusional I've been then!!! Rock on, sister friend!