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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Have I lost my mind?

Wanna hear something crazy I said the other day? I was talking to a friend who asked if I was considering ever having any more kids. And ya know what I said?? I said I would LOVE more kids ... but more specifically, I would LOVE another set of twins. Am I nuts? I just might be... Now, this was all prefaced by saying that I would need to suddenly be a millionaire. Because I can't afford to have another set of twins. Daycare would KILL us! And since I couldn't afford to stay at home with them, there really would be no way. But let's PRETEND that we did hit the lottery ...

I wouldn't want just 1 more. I love the connection that I see growing between Jake and Hailey. The way I find them giggling and holding hands over their cribs in the morning. That's just the coolest thing. And I would hate to have one more, that maybe felt a little bit left out, because their older siblings are twins. That's why I think it would be so awesome to have another set! I know we could handle it, we definitely have the room for it. But we just don't have the finances for it. And that kinda stinks. I hate the thought of my family size being dictated by the amount of money I have. So blech to that!

How is the family, you ask? Healthy. Woo hoo! Love healthy kids! They've been in spectacular spirits, and that makes for a good time for all. And they are crazy walkers now. Hailey prefers to walk, she rarely crawls anymore at all. And Jake is right behind her ... he is walking so much better these days! I love it. It's amazing how they went from teeny tiny babies, to these little people!

I'm tired, and I don't have a lot to say. I think I might try doing one of those "100 interesting facts about me" group of posts. We'll see if I get my sh*t together and do it.

Anyway, my sister told me that she dislikes when I put up posts without baby pictures, so because we NEVER want to annoy Aunt Chrissy, here ya go!

I am obsessed with baby feet. Whenever Jake eats in his high chair, he crosses his feet really cute. So here's a pic of that!
Jakes Feet

Jake has the cutest curls! I had them as a baby, so did my brother. We don't still have curly hair, just for a little bit as babies, and then it never grew back after our first hair cut. So although tons of people think I should cut Jake's hair, I just can't do it! I'm afraid that once I do, he'll look like a little boy. And I'm just not ready for that! Look at these cute curls!
Jakes Curls

Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike gave the twins an adorable table and chair set for their birtheday. They look so cute at it! We always sit them there for snack time and they eat their milk and crackers. Here is a pick of them playing at their table.
Twins at the Table

The kids love Italian food, which my mom loves (being that she is Italian). But Hailey has started doing this thing where she eats her food, but then rubs her hands all over her face and hair while eating Italian food. This is the end result. It's not pretty! Suffice it to say, we only serve Italian food on bath night!
Dirty Hailey

And last, but not least, I bought Hailey a tutu. It's the cutest thing. She is going to be a prima ballerina one day!! She loves to dance when the music is on. Can't wait till I can get her into dance class!



Karen said...

I've been swearing up and down that I'm going to get my singleton someday...

and then in this tiny little voice I say to my husband "(but you know, twins would be neat too!)"

Talk about losing your mind!

Gemini Girl said...

i agree- no posts without pics! I mean, after all- whats the point of having twins if you dont take MASSIVE amounts of pics and share with everyone until they want to scream "Enough!"

When I have ivf again- which I know I will (I am SUPER DEUPER lucky enough to have my company financie 3 ivf cycles!) I will only have one inserted.
I already know that my body cannot handle twins- which is why the girls were born at 30 weeks. I would def not want to go through that again, or put new babies through that as well.

I want to know what its like to have a full term pregnancy (hopefully I will be able to).

It def sucks when your family size is limited by finances.So why not try for just one more down the line when the kids are in the 1st grade?

Gemini Girl said...

*many spelling errors- I never look at what I type*

MoMo said...

I agree with you...if money was no object I would love to have more kids!!! And I think if I were in you shoes and I had twins, I would like another set of twins too!!

Great pics!! Love those curls!

Aimee & Hannah said...

Oh I can really relate about having more kids and the financial situation!! I would have a lot more than 1, that's for sure. Being a SMC makes it really difficult and challenging though. Where's my Mr. Rich Hottie? :o)

Jake has cute feets, that's for sure!!! So stubby with cute little toesies. Soon he'll be chasing after Hailey on them. :o)

I LMAO when you said you give the twins Italian only on bath nights. hehehe I just love that pic of Hailey's saucy face. AND even more the tutu pic! Adorable! She looks like she's a real mover & shaker!!

Topcat said...

Oh my goodness ... the sauce face!!



Tracy said...

Thanks for popping by my blog!!! I haven't bought those onesies...I'm trying to refrain until we see what we get from other people at our shower. We'll see...

Your twins are adorable!!! And I'm heartened to hear you would do it all again. :)

xavier2001 said...

So cute!! I love those baby curls too, and the tutu is adorable!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the same way about having another set of twins, I guess we had both better start playing the lottery.

Thanks for tagging me, I really am going to get around to it one of these days.

Mony said...

Best pictures! So funny!