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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the MOVE!

First, I have to say, I got the best husband around. Thanks babe. Love you!

So, we were watching American Idol the other night, and the final three contestants were singing that song "Ain't no stoppin' us now, we're on the move!" and I just looked at Eric and said "I think this is Jake and Hailey's theme song!". hehe. These kids are running us ragged!

Let's catch up. Last weekend was busy. Saturday my friend Michele's little boy Michael turned 1! Michele and I have navigated this whole new motherhood thing together, so it was really nice to celebrate with them! And I think Michael and Hailey were flirting! I told Michele she needs to keep her son in line, he tried to grab Hailey's hand! He's a bit forward!

Here's a pic of the adorable birthday boy eating his cake!

The twins looked super cute dressed for Michael's party. They look just so GROWN UP to me ... Don't you agree?


Then Sunday was Mother's Day. We had such a lovely Mother's Day! Eric bought me a gift certificate for a massage to the spa I go to. And the kids bought me an FM Transmittor so I can listen to my IPod in my car. How did they know I wanted that?? Smart, aren't they? After getting my gifts, my wonderful husband showed me my last Mother's Day gift, the beautiful post he wrote! Boy did that make me cry! Then the four of us went to the diner for breakfast. It was really nice to get out just with my family. After breakfast we put the twins down for their nap while I relaxed, and then we all went to my mom's house for dinner. My mom made yummy meatballs and sausage and pasta and we ate like kings. And really, can we have an italian meal without me including pictures? Certainly not!

Messy Jake

Messy Hailey

Grandma also got a very cool horsey that the kids LOVE for a steal at a garage sale! Let's just say, it's a big hit!



So what else? Oh yeah, I had surgery on Monday. Nothing too serious ... just a diagnostic laparoscopy for my surgeon to go in and look around and make sure nothing was going on in there. I've been having some bizarre stomach pains, even all through my pregnancy, and since we did a million tests to rule out everything else, the surgeon wanted to go in and see what was up. Being that I had gastric bypass, they worry about hernias, as well as these pockets that can form that your intestines can get twisted in. Crazy stuff. Either way, he did find some tiny pockets and closed them up, but otherwise all looked good! So yeah for that!

I have been enjoying my percocet, but it's been a tough week. I've been in a decent amount of pain, and I haven't been allowed to pick up the kids, so my wonderful husband has really really picked up the slack around the house. Well, picked up the slack doesn't make sense, he's pretty much done EVERYTHING! I am so thankful for him! I've been home from work all week just lounging around and resting, so that's been fun, but it's also why I have been a bit of a slacker posting and commenting. I do want to say Happy Belated Birthday to Kai, the son of our best friends Chris and Megan, who turned 1 on May 14th. Also Happy Birthday to Hannah, my blogger friend Aimee's daugther, who also turned 1 the same day!

I guess that's it for now!


edie & ella said...

GET WELL SOON !!! Love the pictures -- your children are adorable!!! The best is the pasta faces -- too cute

xavier2001 said...

Such cute pics and I can't believe how grown up your twinnies look!

Hope you recover quickly from your surgery, lap's are NO fun at all.

And I didn't forget about being tagged, it's on my list of things to accomplish soon!

MoMo said...

I hope you feel better soon and you do have an awesome husband!!!! And they grow up so fast...we only have 1 and we feel so run down..I can't imagine 2!

Aimee & Hannah said...

I'm so sorry you were feeling lousy and hope you're feeling much better now!

I can imagine now that Jake & Hailey are walking that the both of you are exhausted! hehehe Just think of it as good exercise. LOL

Yes, they are looking much older to me, esp. the picture of them both dressed up for Michael's party. WOW...

I love that horsie their Grams bought for them! Hannah wants one too!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Your husband is so good to you, you really are a lucky gal!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes to Hannah! :o) My friend just had a baby on Hannah's birthday too, a special day indeed.

Very cute pictures of J & H, they're sooooo adorable!

Chris said...

You don't have babies anymore, you have kids! And they look wonderful! So glad that your surgery went well. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

What adorable kids you have! Hope you get well soon!

ms.bri said...

Beck loves that same horse at the playspace we visit!

Heather.PNR said...

Those are two cute kids you have there! Hope you're feeling better.

(Here for NaComLeavMo...)

sara said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Your pictures are absolutely adorable! I'm glad your surgery went well. Hey a quick question, do you have a favorite online spot to buy shoes? I secretly have a shoe obsession and are always looking for new ways to get my "fix" as my husband puts it, hehe. I bought the cutest pair of sandals at Nordstroms this weekend and they were on sale!

Kymberli said...

I'm here through NaComLeavMo! Your twins are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the post your husband made on Mother's Day! My DH is a SAHD and he loves it for all the reasons your husband enjoyed spending that time home with the twins. I hope that you're feeling better soon!

electriclady said...

So cute! Those bibs are the best, aren't they?

Erin said...

Here from NaComLeavMo. Your kids are beautiful and adorable, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Kim said...

Great pictures - gotta love the ones of kiddos covered in food! Here from NCLM!

Duck said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Lindsi said...

Hope you are recovered (or recovering). Percocet was my friend for a while after my surgery too. Thank goodness for it! Love the new photos!

tryingin2007 said...

yes! enjoy the percocet ;)

(and feel better soon.)

the twins are gorgeous. Gorgeous!

alicia said...

Awe they are soo cute!! They do look so grown up for only being one!! I hope you heal soon.

Here from NaComLeavMo