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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Picture Day

So we took the kids to get their pictures taken today. For my shower, we had gotten a gift certificate to Kiddie.Kandids. They are usually located in Babies.R.Us. We were going to wait and get their pictures done when they were a year old, but the gift certificate was actually going to expire. Weird, right? So we realized that it expired next Saturday! So off we all went today.

My kids are TERRIBLE picture takers. Literally you have to do a backflip with a monkey on your head singing about a cow named Wilbur to get these kids to crack half a smile when someone is pointing a camera at them. But put the camera away, and everyone is ALL smiles. It's beyond frustrating. So we didn't really know how the whole thing was going to go today. Actually, that's not true. I knew it wasn't going to go well. I knew they were going to be crab apples and not smile for the camera.

Plus, it was hard to figure out a time to go! They had appts from 1230pm-6pm. We went with 1230pm because they have an 11am bottle, won't have to eat again until 3pm, and hopefully we can get it over with quickly in time for them to come home and take a nap. How foolish of me to think that it would be that easy.

First of all, we get there at 12:20pm for a 12:30pm appt. They tell us that the 12pm appt hasn't even started yet. That's how behind they are. GREAT! So we hang out and around 1:25pm it was our turn. The kids were dressed super cute. This was the first picture. See how hard it is with these two?
Sad looking twins

The guy took a bunch of them together, and that was the best. Ugh. Then we took a few of them by themselves. Hailey first, cause Jake lost it and started bawling.

Hailey on the verge of losing it

Close on Hailey

Then Hailey started to cry, so we tried to get a picture of Jake by himself. This was the best result. (But how cute are his sneakers? He's like a little man!)

At this point everyone was crying, so we decided to do what any normal person would do when their children are screaming in public, COSTUME CHANGE! Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. Anyway, it did wonders! Jake was as happy as could be once I changed him. I think he wanted out of the whole outfit with pants and socks and sneakers and all that business. Put him in a onesie, and you got a happy camper on your hands! Hailey didn't seem to be as happy for being less dressed. Hey, can't please 'em all right?

So then we got a few really cute pics. Check these guys out! Yes, she is still on the verge of tears, but its just so damn cute.
Double Trouble

And this one makes me laugh cause somehow Jake ended up with CRAZY HAIR! haha. And Hailey is sticking her tongue out. Which she does a lot. That one is going to be a handful. It really shows how much bigger he is than her.
Crazy Hair Jake and Hailey with her tongue out

And we did get a couple cute ones of them by themselves. Jake was being a goof and we did him first. It was funny, because as soon as I picked him up he was smiling up a storm for the photographer. Only when he was seated in front of the camera did the smiles become few and far between. But here's a cute one. Look at those fat things! Love them! And we got Hailey to smile. But only by giving her her favorite bear. Which was supposed to be Jakes (see the football uniform?)



And after it was all over, when we were picking out what we wanted to get, Hailey would not stop laughing! She was just hanging out in her stroller laughing outloud, to no one! No one was even playing with her! She was just playing with her bear and smiling and laughing. The photographer got quite a kick out of how happy they both were once picture time was over!

So there you go. What a day! When all was said and done, we didn't get home until like 3pm, and the kids were about out of their minds. Fun times, I tell ya!

And last but certainly not least, we are very excited that our Giants beat Dallas last week and are still playing football. Needless to say, if anyone asked in Sept which Manning brother would be in the playoffs longer, I don't think anyone would have picked Eli! But Hailey is very excited about the game, and although she will be sleeping when it is on, she still has to show her support.



Gemini Girl said...

adorable pics!!!! love the onesies- where did you get them from?

MoMo said...

They are so adorble!! Glad you guys were able to get some really great pcitures!

xavier2001 said...

What cuties, even if they were being difficult!!! I love those outfits!

June Bug Momma said...

Oh my...precious pix of your cuties!! I just love their onesies!! LOL.. It will be sad when they grow out of them eh? You are so lucky to have these little cutie pies in your life!! ;-)