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Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Babies

Dear Jake and Hailey,

Today you are 6 months old. I can't believe it's been that long already. One year ago I was pregnant with you, and anxiously waiting for the first trimester to end. I would dream about being able to meet you and see you and hold you.

And now you've been with us for 6 months. The first few months were a blur, at best. I was overtired, overwhelmed and scared that I wasn't going to be a good mom. But you taught me how to understand you, how to feed you, burp you, love you.

I must admit at the beginning to wishing the time away. I wanted to see your next stages. All you did was sleep and eat. I wanted to fast forward to when I could really play with you. And then some time went by, and you both were smiling and showing your little personalities. Jake, you are such a happy baby, the littlest things bring the brightest smile to you face. Hailey, you are a little tougher. I really need to work to get you to smile. If you could talk, I think you would say something along the lines of "All those stupid sounds and faces you make might work in making Jake laugh, but you are going to have to work harder for me."

But you both are amazingly good babies. You sleep good, and you eat good and you don't cause too much trouble. And as the time passes on, me and Daddy see more of ourselves in you. Jake, you seem to have Daddy's easy going personality. Hailey, I think you are going to be really independent like I am.

I always knew how much I would love you when you arrived, but I don't think I was prepared for how much you would impacted my life. Everyday, you make everything I do worthwhile. I watch you, and realize that the time is going to fly. Before I know it, it will be your first birthday, then you'll be starting school, etc. I want to try and cherish every single moment of your lives. I don't want to wish it away. I want to cherish the moments I can rock you in my arms, because soon enough you won't sit still for me to do that.

6 months is a short time in the whole scheme of all the time we will have together, but this last 6 months of my life have been the best I've ever experienced. I am thankful every day that I have you in my life, and I love you so very much. You are the angels of my life. If this first 6 months is any indication, it's just going to get more and more fun.

Jake, you are happy and cheerful all the time. You do like to have attention, and make little noises like a vulture if we don't pay enough attention to you. But you are easy going, and can usually be calmed quickly. You loved to be tickled and you love to look at your momma when someone else is holding you. Melts my heart everytime. You are my little man and I love to grab and kiss your chubby legs and feet. You have a adorable hearty belly laugh, and it makes me laugh every time you do. And for some reason you can't tear your eyes away from the tv when the Mets are on.

Hailey, you are definitely my little diva. Although at first it was tough to get you to smile, you now smile all the time when you see me or Daddy. You love when people stick their tongue out at you, or blow raspberries. Do that, and you'll laugh every time. You are independent and will do whatever you want. No matter how many times mommy tries to roll you onto your back, you roll right back over onto your stomach, and then cry until I flip you back over, to start the cycle again. You are beautiful and perfect and I could stare into those gorgeous big eyes for hours.

Happy 6 month birthday! I love you both more than it's possible to put into words. I can't wait to watch you grow up into the beautiful, amazing and talented young man and woman that I know you will become. But I plan to take it one day at a time, and enjoy every minute of it.



MoMo said...

Oh, I love this letter! I agree, they grow up so fast, I wish I could slow down the time!

Erin said...

Oh this letter is so sweet! I hope you really do give it to them sometime. I love all the cute outfits you've got in the pictures, especially the "Don't ya" butt one. If you're serious about the Wonder Twins onesies, I would LOVE them! I need to do some serious research on your blog now! Thanks for all your support.

Helen said...

That was so sweet. I can only imagine the ride you've had so far, and I imagine you're looking forward to the next bit!

June Bug Momma said...

Happy half year to your sweetie pies!! They are jsut too precious! I would be happy to hook Hannah up with Jake! ;-)

Suzy said...

That is so sweet! I hope I can be in your shoes someday. ( :

Bea said...

I'm so glad it's all you had hoped for.


Kathy V said...

I came vie the creme. That is such a nice post telling about your babies. I think we all have this desire to keep the little ones little forever yet have hopes and dreams for them to grow into. Thanks for this post.