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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

4 month appt and stuff ...

Yesterday was the twins 4 month appt. Everything went really well. Jake is now 17lbs 15oz. Yup, 1 oz shy of 18lbs. He's my big man! He's in the 95% for weight and 90% for height. Hailey is 13lbs 2oz. She's in the 55% for height and 45% for weight. The doctor was really happy with how they are growing and doing. She was also really please with the fact that we have them sleeping through the nights in their cribs. She said that it's usually at the 4 month appt that she has to start yelling at parents to stop having their kids sleep in swings/bouncy seats/car seats/ etc and to get them into their cribs. So I'm proud of me and Eric and glad we are doing a good job.

They got their shots. Which makes me so sad cause boy do they scream! But I know they need them, and pretty much as soon as we get them back in there car seats and in the car, they fall asleep. There was some mild fussiness last night, but nothing too bad. They still went to sleep at 745pm and didn't wake me until 630am.

And the last fun piece of news from the appt is that we are starting solids! Starting with rice cereal, and then moving onto oatmeal. And after 3-4 weeks of cereal, we get to introduce the fruits and veggies. Should be exciting! I can't wait to start this next step with them. I'll make sure to post lots of pictures of them attempting to eat for the first time!

Besides that, things have been a bit crazy over here. Our AC broke for a week and a half, so we had to stay with my parents. That was a little nutty, but nice to have the extra help. We also got a nice night out at a hotel when our friends got married, and my parents babysat so that we could party and enjoy it!

I'm just getting over a cold, as is Eric. The kids did get it, but not too bad. Both of them were sniffly and coughing a bit, and Hailey had a slight temperature. But it didn't really change their demeanor too much, and they still both slept really well at night, so our first dealing with a family illness really didn't go that bad.

My last comment is that today is Aug 7th. Exactly 1 year ago, we had our egg retrieval. For those of you that aren't IVF savvy, it means that they knocked me out, and went and retrieved all the eggs that my body created from all the meds I was taking. I got 12 eggs. Of the 12 eggs, 8 of them were mature. The performed ICSI on the 8 mature eggs, to create 8 embryos. ICSI is basically taking one sperm and literally injecting it into the egg to cause fertilization. This all took place exactly one year ago today. Which means technically, today is the day that Jake and Hailey were created.

As I'm typing this, I'm watching them both in their swings side by side swaying and sleeping. They sure are beautiful. It's just the craziest thing ever! Modern medicine is so amazing. That is a real miracle.

Ok, so of course, pictures!
Erica and Eric

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