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Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Years Old!

Yes, you read it right ... my crazies are TWO! Yesterday was their second birthday, and we had there party as well. I must say, it was quite a hit! What started out as having immediate family only over for cake somehow morphed in renting a hall, having performers there, and like 30 adults and 16 kids! I don't know exactly how it happened!

It really was a good time, if not completely crazy! My wonderful amazing sister got these guys to come and perform. They were awesome! It was two guys, and for the first hour they played all kinds of songs, did Simon Says, pulled out a parachute, played with balloons, and then had this crazy gun like contraption that shot toilet paper all over the place ... it was crazy cool. Then one of the guys changed into an Elmo costume, and came out to do some dances with the kids, and take pictures with all of them. Then he changed back out of Elmo, and they made balloon animals and did face painting. It was SO great.

All the kids seemed to really enjoy it .. and no meltdowns! No one being scared of Elmo, no crying! It was amazing! The twins were really excited about Elmo, and Jake ran up and gave him a big hug!

Here are some pics ... there are a million more! If you click on any of the pics it will take you to Shutterfly to see them all.

Here is the hall we rented we some Elmo decorations

Here is me, DH and Boots. Mr Moop refused to be in the pic with us!
Mommy and Daddy and Boots

Here is Grandma and Boots. Boots was VERY excited to wear her tutu to her party. She was talking about it for a week beforehand.
Grandma and Boots

Mr Moop is on the move! He's having fun!
Moop on the move

Elmo with all the kids.
Elmo and the Kids

Elmo with the twins and Aunt Chrissy.
Elmo and the Kids

The AWESOME Elmo cake ...
Elmo Cake

It really was a great time! The kids enjoyed it SO much ... I'm pretty beat though. It takes a lot out of the parents to throw a party! But, in the end, it was SO worth it ...

I just can't believe I have two year olds ... it blows my mind every single day.



Stacie said...

Happy Birthday Moop and Boots!

The party sounds like a lot of fun. It is crazy how things can swiftly change from a few family members to a huge guest list, isn't it? We sort of had that happen for the boys' first birthday.

I love the cake, too. I am a big fan of Elmo. (my boys, though, are clearly NOT)


Gibson Twins said...

Happy Birthday x2!!

Beautiful party, awesome cake! Looks like they had a great time :)

Mine love "Melmo"! Great theme.

PS- did you find out whether your sisters twins are boys/girls or boy/girl?

Aimee said...

No that is one kickin' 2 year old party!!!! WOW... Hannah would have been in heaven!!!! Your cuties look like they really enjoyed themselves! ;o) Wow... time flew, their 2!

Intending To Be Parents said...

That looks like it was such a fun party!! Happy belated 2nd b-day to your little ones!