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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy ZJD!

There will be no pictures in this post, because I am too tired. But basically, an update is due. We had the week from hell. Monday, my DH calls me at work at like 330pm and says that daycare called him in the morning and said Boots scratched near her eye, and she was fine, but they just wanted to let her know. But then they called him after her nap and said it had gotten really red, was running a lot, and she was whining and saying "boo boo eye". So I left work to go check her out, and decided to bring her to the doctor. Unfortunately, it was like 4pm, and my doc couldn't see us till 815pm! And she was really crying and obviously in pain. So I was able to get her into a different office, immediately, but I had to go right over. And I was by myself, with both kids. So I rushed over to the doctor, and DH left work to meet me. In my rush there, I got pulled over. I immediately started crying because I was just SO stressed. The cop looked scared of me when he saw I was crying. He totally let me go, just told me to calm down and get to where I was going safely. Sure enough, she had a scratch on her eye. I needed to put drops in, and try and keep in covered. That eye patch lasted all of 10 minutes. And another excited turn of events was that she had an ear infection. Great. So, home we got.

Tuesday, DH woke up sick ... totally stomach bug, vomiting and all that fun stuff. GREEEAAAATTT! We were supposed to bring the kids to their 2 year drs appt that day. And being pregnant, I couldn't do it alone. So I called my sister and her husband went will me. He was home for the day because we had the big 20 week u/s that afternoon. So he came with me, and the kids did great. Everyone is getting big, Boots is pretty much in 50% for everything, and Moop was like 95%. They got one shot, and then we dropped them off at daycare. DH was feeling better, but pretty much sequestered himself in the spare room all day. The 20 week u/s went well, and then my sister stayed with me to help get the kids ready for bed and all that before leaving.

Wednesday - the calm before the storm.

Thursday, 6am. Boots wakes up, as happy as can be. We are hanging in my room, when she starts to gag, and I run her to the bathroom. She throws up bile. Wonderful. She caught what Daddy had. So I stay home from work with her. She threw up one more time during the day. Luckily, she rebounded pretty quickly. By that evening, she was fine.

Friday, 4am. Wake to hear Boots crying and Moop throwing up. His turn. He seemed to have it worse. He threw up multiple times during the day. We actually didn't let him have anything for the whole day except water.

Saturday. No vomit episodes over night. YEAH! Everything looked good all day. We colored eggs in the morning, and they loved it. Had a blast. Then, we had tickets to go see Elmo Live! that night. We were super excited to take them. They got up from their naps, we got them ready to go, and my parents came by. We were giving them an early dinner (around 4pm) because the show was from 530pm-7pm. As they were sitting in their high chairs, Moop throws up everywhere. I wanted to cry. He had just drank a TON of water, so everyone convinced me that he probably just drank too quickly, and his belly would still not right. DH gave him the quickest bath ever, while I packed up all our stuff, with plastic bags for vomiting and changes of clothes for Moop. I felt like a bad mom still taking him, but I would have hated for him to have missed it. I'm VERY happy to say that he was fine, and he LOVED the show. They both did ... We suck because we forgot the camera though ... So all the memories are in our heads only. But they did great, they had a blast and so did we.

Sunday. No more vomit. My parents and my in-laws came over for Easter (aka Zombie Jesus Day. Come on, don't be offended. It's FUNNY). We kept Moops meals pretty bland ... but everyone had much fun and lots of food and I'm so freaking tired. We do have pics from today, so I will post them at a later day.

I wonder how it is that in a house of sickies, the pregnant woman is the ONLY one to have not gotten sick. Watch me vomit tonight. I will be SO pissed.

Happy ZJD!


E said...

OMG - LOVE ZJD. Sorry about your craptastic week, though! Hopefully it's all behind you and you won't get sick.

Megan said...

ZJD! :)

Here's to a much, much easier week for you all.

caryanne said...

Hi. Just dropping in to say I love your blog and that ZJD is the funniest thing ever!

Also love you on TS. Always enjoy reading your posts.

Hope you don't get sick and have a great week.

FET Accompli said...

What a week! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am looking forward to following your journey!

Intending To Be Parents said...

Wow that is a LOT of vomit. Oh man :( I am so glad you were able to avoid that (and hope you still have managed to avoid it). I bet they really had an awesome time at Elmo Live!