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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And away we go!!!! -- UPDATED

The day is here. Transfer today at 2pm. Holy Crap. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and more than anything else in the world, I want this to work.

I'll update after transfer to let you know how many we put in, and when the pregnancy test will be!

Wow. I'm about to go get pregnant!

Ok, I'm home now. Laying in my bed relaxing and the DH is off getting me some dinner. Love him. Transfer was fine. Although seriously, I hate the whole full bladder thing. I HATE IT! This time I was smarter than at my transfer and paced myself a little better. I was still REALLY needing to pee when we went in for the transfer. My sister was with me, and we were giggling as I told her I was going to pee on the table when the ultrasound tech pushed on my belly. Ugh.

They transferred 4 embryos. 2 8 cell, 1 6 cell and 1 4 cell that was a bit of a slacker, but the embryologist said looked so good they still wanted to transfer it.

Can you all keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me and my sister? Thank you all. She deserves some good news. So does her husband. And I really hope I can be the person that gives it to them.

And thus begins the 2 week wait. Beta #1: Monday Dec 15th.

It can't get here quick enough!



Intending To Be Parents said...

So excited for you and your sister!!! Sending you "sticky" thoughts!!

edie & ella said...

Have fun getting knocked up today.....wishing you sticky uterus vibes......good luck!!! SAM

Aimee said...

OMG!!! Wow...stick embies stick!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your sis!!! Good Luck to the both of you!!! :o)

Stacie said...

Yea for a good transfer! Keeping everything crossed!

Joann said...

Good Luck!! SO excited for you both!!!

twondra said...

I found you through L&F at Stirrups. I'm thinking of you. Good luck!! (((HUGS)))


Anonymous said...

thinking sticky thoughts for you and your sister. What an amazing gift.......sending big hugs your way!

anna said...

yey! So exciting. Sending you prayers and good thoughts for those embies to be nestling in for a long and healthy ride with their auntie!