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Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, that stands for 5 days post a day 3 transfer. Not much to report. My boobs are sore. I'm crampy. I'm tired. All pregnancy symptoms? Sure. But also results of the Progesterone I'm taking. It's too early to know anyway. Gosh, why is time going so absolutely slowly??

My sister is doing ok. She was out of work all week because she was so uncomfortable after her retrieval. It was like her ovaries were the size of melons, and she felt like she was full from eating a big meal non-stop. It sucks! I wish she would feel better soon. The poor girl has had such a long road. Luckily she didn't get OHSS as bad as she has in the past, but it's there a little bit, and it's still really uncomfortable. It's never easy, is it??

I, on the other hand, am currently enjoying a VERY quiet house! Friday was me and DH's 5 year anniversary! I love him SO much. We got married 5 years ago in the middle of a freaking blizzard. And no, I'm not kidding. There was like 2 feet of snow. In New Jersey. on Dec 5th. It never snows that early. But OF COURSE it did. We watched our wedding video on Friday night, and it is still one of the best days of my life.

So my parents took the twins for us for the weekend. They picked them up Saturday morning around 10am, and we will be going to get them on Monday night. Woo hoo! Yesterday we had a totally lazy day of watching Christmas movies, and taking naps. Then we went out for a nice dinner last night. Today we are planning on going to the movies (Twilight, I'm excited!) and then going out to lunch. Just like the pre-kid days. Although, I'll be honest, I've already called my parents like 12 times. hehe.

Ya know, 20 months is not a good age to try and do a Christmas photo shoot. UGH! We tried yesterday morning before they went with my parents, and they really don't want to sit on a chair together. They also don't want to smile, don't want to hold hands, don't want to stand anywhere near each other, and generally seem to not like each other or us. Fun.

So, here were the BEST pics we got from our first photo shoot, about a week ago. Not so bad from Moop.
The Moop

But we got this from Miss Boots. Not a smile in sight.
Miss Boot

And when we tried for a picture of both of them, we got this.
Double Trouble

So, at this point, Mommy threw in the towel and said "Screw it, we'll try another day." So yesterday was that day. We got this adorable picture of Miss Boots. Please try and ignore her less than ladylike sitting position.
Unladylike Boot

And we got many cute ones of our man, who was being very cooperative. But I guess he liked the way his sister was sitting.
Unladylike Boot

And then we kinda got one of them together. We realized that they were unwilling to share a chair, so they each needed their own chair. Problem was, one pic she was smiling and he wasn't. The next, he was, but not her. So Mommy used Photo.Shot, and came out with this. Yes, they are smiling at Elmo on the tv and not us, but really, whatever.
Unladylike Boot

And then just a few of my favorite pics taken over the last few days. Here are the twins with Daddy getting ready to watch Rudolph. They LOVE Rudolph and Santa and run around the house saying their names.

Here is one of Moop just being a super goof.

And this one makes me laugh because it looks straight out of a rap video. She looks like she is throwing gang signs or something!
Rap Stars

Thanks for stopping by. Monday the 15th can't get here quick enough!



Beth said...

Hey there--

Have to admit that I found your blog via facebook and am now a regular...Anyway, I am beyond hopeful that by this time next year, Moops and Boots will have a least one (if not two :) ) new little cousin to share Christmas with. What an amazing thing you are doing--best of luck!

The chronology of the twins' photo shoots is hysterical. I'd like to tell you it gets easier, but you'll see what I ended up using as our card this year and know that it does not!

BTW, I'm still upset that I missed your wedding--I heard the food was great.

I'll keep stalking....

Beth S.

Intending To Be Parents said...

I'm anxiously awaiting and sending you lots of sticky thoughts!! Ugh...the 2ww just stinks!!!

Those pics are seriously cute and you're right - the last one - definite rap video material - that one made me crack up :)

Aimee said...


Adorable pictures of your babes!

Stacie said...

I can't believe you haven't caved have nerves of steel I tell you! I am still keeping everything crossed for you guys.

Cute pictures! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Are they really 20 months old? Whoa.

Stacie said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Leslie said...

Those pictures are sooo cute and remind me I'm WAY behind, I don't even have an outfit for my little girl yet let alone attempted the first picture. AAhhhhhhh....

MoMo said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I know time seems to just be so slow...

Adorable pics. I had the same problem with taking pictures for our Christmas cards..very frustrating!

Topcat said...


Oh. My. Freaking. God.

Obviously, I haven't checked in for a while .. SO sorry. I looked at your title and thought, oh, she's making a funny pun about something ..... BUT YOU ARE NOT. You really did have a 3dt.

My goodness. Well done. Sending you love and light and EVERYTHING from down here, you lovely woman.

And it IS a big deal, what you are doing for your sister. It's huge, and indicative of your beautiful nature and heart.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Nobody gets that twins cannot take a good photo together. Either one is smiling and the either looks crossed eyed!
But you did a great job!!

I cant wait to hear what happens on MOnday- I just know it will be ok- you are doing something amazing- there is such a things as karma!!

We should def meet up one day- come into the city witht he kids and we'll all meet!

NikkiTA said...

The photos are adorable! Oh no do we have an aspiring rap star on our hands? Just what will you do mommy? Get ready for Silent Morning and Dream Boy/Dream Girl if you're lucky. However, Baby Got Back might be more her speed. HA HA HA HA HA!

Love the pic with Eric and the twins looking at the tv, priceless.