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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Adventure

Sometimes you just need a break, right? DH and I got one last week ... Last Thursday we both took the day off of work for a little adult only time. So what does a couple do when they still send the kids to daycare and want some adult time? They go to Great Adventure of course!!

My brother works at the amusement park as a security guard, and being that it was midweek, and school isn't out yet, it was a perfect day to go. Also, it was BEAUTIFUL out! It was like 85 degrees, but not super humid. Oh, it was just perfect.

I love roller coasters so our top priority was to run through the park and go on all of those first. We went on the Superman ride. This one is cool, cause once you get strapped into the car, it flips forward, so it's like you ride the ride flying ... it's really cool!

Then we went on El Toro. This was far and away our favorite! It's a new wooden roller coaster, and it's like psycho fast and super fun. There are all of these hills, and you are going so fast so when you come to the top of the hill, you fully rise out of your seat. DH loved the ride, but complained because he drank too much water before the ride, and then the attendant pushed the lap bar too tight ... he wasn't happy about that!

My brother was a security guard for the day at Kingda Ka. That is the fastest and tallest roller coaster on EARTH! Yes, on EARTH! The whole ride lasts something like 16 seconds. It propels you forward at 128 miles per hour, 456 feet (45 stories) straight up! Then you crest over the top, and go 456 straight down! We were really nervous, but we didn't even have time to have second thoughts. My brother literally just walked us through the exit and put us on the ride in front of all the people waiting. We didn't even have time to say "I'm not so sure about this!" ... haha .. It wasn't as scary as I thought, because it was over so quickly.

We went on a bunch of other roller coasters (Nitro, Medusa) and just kinda wandered around and ate a ton of yummy amusement park food. It was so nice. My wonderful sister was on baby duty, so she picked up the kids from daycare, brought them home, gave them dinner, bathed them, and got them off to bed. She really is the best Aunt EVER! She's a wonderful second mom to them!!

DH and I took our time coming home, we grabbed dinner, and we got home to a quiet house with sleeping twins. It was such a nice day for us. Ah, I need more days off like that in the future.

Although DH and I did laugh a bit while waiting on line saying "Ya know, we are PARENTS now ... should we really be going on roller coasters?" Haha ... the thoughts that go through a parents head, right?



Rachel said...

Rollercoasters scare me but it sounds like you had fun.

E said...

wow - you guys are so fun!!! glad you had a good time!

edie & ella said...

that made my stomach ache just reading it.. I am way to chicken to get on a roller coaster. yes even the kiddie ones. poor edie and ella if they like crazy excitement -- my husband likes them though.

MoMo said...

Oh..that sounds like such a perfect day--just to have some adult time. Rollercoasters scare me but I know a lot of people love it!!

SAHW said...

Sounds like a perfect date with your husband! How awesome that your sister will take care of the kids so you can do something like this from time to time.


Kim said...

I love roller coasters and also have thought about the going on them as parents thing too! nclm

Aimee & Hannah said...

Oh my!!! I'm so totally jealous!!! I'm a bign time adrenaline junkie!!! I can't wait for the day that Hannah & I can ride a rollercoaster together!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a great outing! Lucky you, for having your sister there to get the kiddos all settled in for the night. You truly did have a whole day off!