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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Drugs, the Mets, and Water Time!

You all didn't ask me enough questions. I got one! ONE! About the election, that I do intend to answer ... but this is going to be one of those "What we did this weekend" posts ... tomorrow you will get the *election* post. So Mike, you'll have to wait!

Fun weekend here. First of all, I would like to say that me and DH are very proud of how wonderful our twins sleep. From 4.5 months on, they have slept from 7pm to 630/7am. It's great. But, do you want to know our secret?? We try not to share it with too many people ... but I'll share it with you all. Look how happy Hailey is to share our secret! Drugs, drugs, and more drugs!

Boots with drugs

Moop with drugs

Yes, Hailey is holding a bottle of Tylenol PM. Ok, you caught us. We don't REALLY give that to our kids. They love to shake bottles of pills. So yes, our children walk around shaking bottles of Tylenol PM, Men and Women's One-A-Day multivitamins, and Calcium. Good times in our house, people!

Saturday we went with Uncle Ant and Aunt Chrissy to the local IHOP (International House of Pancake). It was the grand opening weekend. It was PACKED! I personally am a bigger fan of just the local diner, but Ant and Chris are all about IHOP, so we all went. It was actually REALLY good. But we were waiting outside for our table, and there were people everywhere. And this car pulled up and asked this couple "Are you waiting to get in?" ... and after they drove away, Anthony said "I wish they had asked me, because I would have said 'Waiting to get in where?'" ... How stupid of a question right? I mean, no, we aren't waiting to get in, we just hang out in IHOP parking lots cause hey, it's fun! Stupid people ...

We dressed the kids in Mets gear for the IHOP trip because the Mets needed some luck this weekend. If these two can't bring it to them, nothing can!! I love this outfit that Boots is wearing. I was a cheerleader in school, and I hope that she follows in my footsteps.

Cute Boots Cheerleader

Mr Goof

So today (Sunday) was another disgustingly hot day in NJ. It was something like 95 degrees ... ugh. First DH and I went on a little date. We went out to lunch, to the library to get some books, and to Border to buy some stuff. I will tell you all about my books as I read them. We'll get to that later. I had a gift card to Borders from my birthday, so we bought Cloverfield and Jesus Christ Superstar. God, I love musicals. Anyway, we came home right as nap time was ending, and we decided to bring the kids outside and let them play with all their water toys. They got a bunch for their birthday and we wanted to see how they would do. They were SOOOO cute. It was way too much fun to watch them ... and boy did they look adorable in their swimsuits. Here, check it out for yourself. You really can't deny their overall adorableness. There were too many cute pics for me to choose from to actually put on the blog. You really need to click on the pics and look at them all. Because OH MY GOD, are my kids cute.

Twins having fun in the water

Daddy and Boots

On that note, its time for me to relax a little bit. I am going to discuss my take on the election in the next day or two, but I want more questions!!



edie & ella said...

They are cute, cute, cute !!! Nothing like a baby in a bathing suit. First off the suits are so adorable then their thighs are all roly poly. Love it.
I can't for the life of me think of any questions -- I will though and get back to you with one or more. Do you have a preferred category ie... politics, you, twins, etc..... sam

Lisa said...

Great pictures! We had the same pool last summer. Looks like yours had the same problem ours did. Did you spend the entire day holding up the canopy? We tried everything to prop it up and it just became the comic relief of the summer.

I hear today is going to be even warmer than it was yesterday. Ugh, heat index of 110! At least work has air conditioning.

If I think of a question or two, I'll be back. It's early and my brain isn't working yet!

Have a great day!

E_Sharp said...

They are cute; love your daughter's bathing suit!
Sooo, as for questions.
How did you really get your 4 month old children to sleep 12 hours? Was there any "method" that you used, or just sheer luck?

Deb said...

I cannot believe as many times as I have been up and down the NCLM list that I have missed you - I think it's the longest title - how did I miss it(might be i had too much tylenol pm - oh yeah! you dont have the market on that)
I can identify with the heat issues. Ugh!! I am so over summer and it hasn't even started yet. Always good to have water toys for the kids though. Way to beat the heat.

Gemini Girl said...

love the pics! where did you get her bathing suit from?

this heat is insane!

great thing you left me a link to your blog!

Gemini Girl said...
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Aimee & Hannah said...

Check out their cuteness!!! So freaking adorable! Hannah likes to shake my meds too, just had to laugh! I'm really diggin' Jake's & Hailey's swimsuits, you sure have some stylin' babes! I wanna get Hannah a CUBS outfit like the one Hailey is wearing. :o) Despite all this heat we're having, sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend!

MoMo said...

I am just finally catch up with all the blogs while I was out. Sounds like you had a great weekend. And very adorable Mets outfits. B had a cubs outfit last summer...I think I will need to purchase one again!

C said...

Via NaComLeavMo. Your kids are CUTIE PATOOTIES! And I am beyond jealous that they sleep so well. We don't have a very good sleeper, although he's only 3 months old, so I guess there's time...

Anonymous said...

Your kiddos are absolutely adorable. My daughter is 14 months tomorrow and she has a little pool that she loves to splash around in, too.

Queenie. . . said...

You must have the patience of a saint, to take two little kids to the opening of an IHOP!!! It sounds like pandamonium!

sara said...

Great pictures of the kids! You should tell the people outside of the restaurant. "What restaurant, you mean that there is a restaurant here?" Anyways, glad you guys had a great weekend! (NCLM)

Katie said...

Via NaComLeavMo...
Your kids are really cute. It's not been very warm today in the UK, but yesterday I would have welcomed chance to be in a paddling pool!

Topcat said...

Caba! Here you are ... LOVING the new digs.

Thank you so, so much for your recent support, I have really needed it.

Look at your babies!! They are just gorgeous. And HAPPY! That's a great sign of great parenting ... happy kids. Good on you.


Katt said...

Darn...maybe my problem with my 7 month old not sleeping through the night is I'm not giving him enough drugs! lol

Your kids are adorable!