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Saturday, March 29, 2008

March of Dimes, March for Babies

I know that I got lucky with my twins. They were born at 36w3d, no NICU time. I fully expected them to have to spend time in the NICU, but they didn't. And for that I am eternally grateful.

But a lot of moms are not so lucky. A lot of moms have to deal with their new babies spending days, weeks, months in the NICU. And it's not just the loss of that "perfect experience" of giving birth, spending time with the babies and all coming home together 2-4 days later. It's the scares that go along with the NICU. The highs and lows. The one step forward, two steps back that they deal with daily.

For this reason I want to ask you , beg you all, to go support the March for Babies. Melissa is the HBIC (Head Blogger in Charge) if you will, of this crazy online infertile community. She has created this amazing supportive community. In the past few weeks, there have been some horrible losses in our community, and Melissa is walking in honor of not only her twins (who spent 3 weeks in the NICU), but in honor of Zoe and Lennox, who are no longer with us.

I can't imagine the heartbreak of losing a child, but I know that I want to support anything that helps children fight to stay alive. So I'm donating to Melissa's team for the March of Dimes. You should too. Look at your kids, see how beautiful and lucky you are, and then click below and give a few dollars. It can be $1, $5 or $1 million dollars. It doesn't matter how much. Just support. I feel lucky that my kids never had to see the NICU for more than a few minutes, but I sure as shit want to support all the amazing good the NICU does, and all that babies that have had to spend time there, especially in honor of the babies that are no longer with us.

Team On the Road

Why You Should Donate to Team On the Road (and join the team yourself)



Aimee & Hannah said... heart goes out for Melissa! ;o( I read her blog and I cried while reading it. :o( I cannot imagine the thought of losing my baby either! I donated to the March of Dimes trough KinderCare (Hannah's daycare)and we raised a lot of money. I'm going to keep Zoe & Lennox in my thoughts & prayers, bless the little angels.

Gemini Girl said...

i wrote about this last week- I am doing the walk on april 27th in staten island- Im doing it with my co workers, but my husband and girls are coming. Why dont you bring out the kids and walk with us?

Bake Me A Cake! said...

We're doing the March Of Dimes Walk as well. Best Wishes To You!!