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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So much ...

There is so much to talk about. I could split it up into like 7 different posts. But I won't, because that is way too much work. I don't even know where to begin.

The twins are doing amazing. Today they are 10 months! 10 freaking months! How are my kids so old?? Hailey is crawling around all over, and pulling up on EVERYTHING! Yesterday I stupidly left the room, and Eric came down the stairs to find her already up two steps! Oh my! I will be making a run to Babies R Us for some gates tomorrow! Jake wasn't crawling, he was more scooting and flipping around. But as of this past weekend, he is offically on the move. He's starting to try to pull up too, and actually did it for the first time tonight! He was all smiles and very proud of himself.

What else? The kids attended their cousin Gracyn's first birthday party. They were ok. A bit crabby since they both needed a nap. Jen (Gray's mom) and I were pregnant at the same time, so it's unbelievable to me that we are already celebrating year 1! How the hell did that happen and where the hell did the time go? Here's a pic of the birthday girl. Click on the pic for more pics from the party.
Birthday Girl

Oh, did I mention that THE GIANTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! We are big Giants fans in this house. We had my sister and her husband over, as well as our friends Jan, Joan, Karen and Eric. The kids were dressed in full Giants gear. We even had their play area set up with a Giants motif.
Giants Playarea


Jake and Dad

My sister made her infamous superbowl cake, and it was very yummy!
Superbowl Cake

Jake has started doing this weird thing. Both my kids used to get very worried looks when the camera came out. Jake has now decided to make this face every single time mommy points the camera in his direction.
Now seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter than that?? Maybe he is just trying to show off all his teeth (he has 7!). So he does that face all the time now! Here with Grandma ...
Here with Uncle Anthony...
And here with Uncle Jan...

Oh yeah, and the kids started daycare Monday. I didn't cry. I thought I would cry, I came pretty close to crying, but I didn't cry. I think I'm sad not because I don't think they will be taken care of, but because it marks the end of this era for me in a way. Now I'm back to work fulltime, in the office. No more time at home with my kids, except for weekends. And since I don't forsee us having any more kids, I'm kinda mourning the end of this maternity leave/time off with my babies thing. But we can watch them online at the daycare, so that's fun. Eric will send me emails just saying "Hailey is in the exersaucer" or "Jake is under the table". Yeah, I'm think productivity at both our companies may see a bit of a decline. hehe.

The final thing I want to talk about seems inappropriate within the tone of this post. Very light and all about my kids. But in some ways it belongs here. I look at my kids every single day, and I am so thankful for them. I read a ton of blogs, and my heart absolutely broke this past week for Mary Ellen and Steve. I'm already one who has a million questions about faith and God, but something like this, well, it makes you ask just another question. Why? Why does such a horrible thing happen to two people who so desperately want to have a child? But you never get an answer. Poor Mary Ellen has been through so much, and her journey has just begun. It just makes me angry. Angry and upset and so mad at the injustice of it. And it makes me appreciate my children, because one thing that is super obvious is that the sheer desire and passion to have a child just isn't enough. Because if it was, all my fellow bloggers would have children. Sometimes it's just dumb dumb luck. And I guess I have to realize that on some level I just got lucky. Because I don't deserve it more than anyone else. I didn't do something special that allowed me to carry them to full term. It's just dumb luck. And I'm so angry that luck isn't just knocking on everyone's door. Mary Ellen, my thoughts and with you and Steve.



E said...

Ok, I don't want to freak you out, but we had a superbowl party and made a cake that is FREAKISHLY similar to the one you made. Instead of your cute little players, we put a football in the middle, but the rest is pretty much the same. I'll have to send you a picture tomorrow. Bizarro.

Sorry I'm copying your life, but it looks like such a great one that I just can't help myself! :)

June Bug Momma said...

10 months already!! I know...hard to believe they were super tiny not too long ago!! Oh my, look at Jakie & his teeth!! Hannah just has 2 bottom teeth and a week shy of 9 months. He is a real cutie, esp. when the cam comes out!! Hysterical!! hee hee

I just adore their Giants outfits!! Go Giants! I was rooting for the underdogs plus I like the Giants!

I'm glad to her the daycare transition went smoothly! I am so envious for the fact you get to watch the kids on-line!! I guess it is probably for the best that I can't, I would accomplish nil and probably get my butt fired! LOL

Bless Mary Ellen & Steve's heart. I am so sorry to hear they lost thier little angels. My heart goes out to them.

MoMo said...

Wow 10 months!!! Congratulations..that is just amazing isn't it. They grow up so fast. I miss the days when I can just sit with B and cuddle him--all he wants to do know is crawl..crawl..crawl!!

Glad the daycare transition went well. It is never easy-but it makes a huge difference if you find a daycare you like!!

Oh and ME and Steve-I have no words. I keep thinking about them and wondering--how do you heal from this?

Gemini Girl said...

Erica- you just gave me chills. Here I sit complaining about lack of sleep, while others are suffering so much. It hurts. I hurt for them.

Your children are adorable- and that face that your son makes to the camera is hysterical. He knows on some level what you are doing. I know this because I remember my mom taking pictures of me when I was that young and being aware of it- so I would intentionally close one eye. That was my look. How weird is it that they can comprehend what you are doing when they are so young!

BTW- Thank you always for your advice.

Helen said...

I love the photos of your little ones!

Add me to the list of people absolutely haunted by Mary Ellen and Steve's loss. It still hits me, and I can't believe how much I hurt for a family I don't even know.

Jen said...

They are sooo adorable. And thank you so much for your thoughts and support.

Delenn said...

Love the photos (even of the super bowl cake--grumble grumble--NE Pat fan here). The time certainly does fly, doesn't it?

Its nice you were able to have 10 months of time with them before daycare. And, as time goes on, you do come to realize that you have more time with them than you think you have (not just the weekends).

Watson said...

hi there,

Goodness your babies are CUTE!!!

If you and your family make a trip out west be sure to e-mail and we'll get together with the other local Twin Moms for an impromtu Twins-extravaganza!!

lady in waiting said...

Your babies are beautiful! 10 months, wow. I am so happy for you.

I am sorry about your friends, I have been reading their story and it is absolutely devastating, and so unfair. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I would love to ask you twin pregnancy questions sometime if you don't mind! Thanks!