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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am so sick of being sick ...

Ugh. I think I have been sick for like a month. It started with a cold. I took 2 days off of work, and stayed home and slept while the babies went to daycare. I'm going to go on record and say that those two days may well have been the most relaxing days I have had since the babies were born. Yes, it's true. I was sick, I vegged, I took Nyquil, I slept, I loved it.

But then I felt better and I went back to work. And the kids were sick. Colds. Coughs. Slight fevers. Nothing too bad. And we got lucky that it happened on a Friday. So I had to pick them up early from daycare by a few hours, but then we had the weekend to recoup.

All was going well, but then I woke up this Tuesday, and I was sick. Again. My whole head was beyond congested. My nose was so stuffed. My head felt like a brick. I went to work. I wanted to cry. And then wednesday. oh, Wednesday. I woke up feeling just as bad. I had to go into NY. UGH! Can I tell you how much I didn't want to take the train to Newark, then NYC, then the subway, then walk 5 blocks to the office? But I did it. I couldn't breath. But I perservered. I made it through my two meetings, and left at 2pm to start the 2 hour journey home. I got home at 4pm, picked up the kids, fed them, waited for Eric to get home. Felt like DEATH. Had to give the kids baths. Which kinda sucks. My mom and bro came over and helped Eric feed them so I could change our sheets and start the laundry. Did I mention that it was my birthday??? Yes, that is how I spent my birthday. Happy
34th to me! I went to bed at like 9pm and the day was over. Not my most memorable of birthdays. Luckily my mom is coming to babysit tomorrow night so Eric and I can go out to dinner. Then today, I get the call at 230pm from daycare. Jake threw up and had a 101.8 fever. You know what that means?? It means Jake can't go to daycare on Friday. And as crappy as I feel, I have a 4 hour meeting tomorrow. So Eric is staying home with Jake, and Hailey is still going off to daycare. Will this nightmare ever end? Will this cycle of sickness come to a close? Ugh.

We did have a nice dinner on Sunday at my parents for my birthday. My mom cooked a yummy meal and I invited my friends Michele and Tom and their son Michael and my friends Jan and Joan. Good times. Got two really cute pics of Opa (Grandpa in German) and the kids. Check 'em out.
Opa and Jake
Hailey and Opa

The kids are so super cute. Seriously. As crappy as I feel, their little smiles totally keep me going. They have a new favorite thing. We have a rocking chair in the nursery. They love when I sit them in the chair like a big kid and rock them back and forth. They totally crack up. I got the CUTEST pic of them together in the chair. I love the way he is kinda holding her. My little mushes.

I guess that's enough for now. It's time for me to take my Nyquil and drop into a sleepy coma. I have a fun four hour meeting to sit through tomorrow while Eric stays at home with Jake. Just for a bit, I want to be in that movie Click (ya know, with Adam Sandler?) I want to hit the pause button. I don't want to miss a thing, I just want to get some sleep. So I would pause life for like a day just so I could sleep non stop. Then I'll start it all up again. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know. Until then, I will heart my Nyquil.

Until next time,


edie & ella said...

Hi -- I am fairly new to the blogging world and came across your blog recently. I love, love, love the pictures you posted today. Those teeth are too cute!!! Thanks for the update hope you feel better soon. Samantha

Aimee said...

Sorry you got the bug for your birthday! :o( Happy belated birthday!! Make sure you celebrate it when you are feeling fantastic!

Glad you got some help with J & H. Everytime I see a picture of them, they get cuter and cuter!! I love the pictue of J kind of caressing his sis. :o) Melts my heart!

Hope you and your cuties are feeling much better now! Enjoy your weekend together!

MoMo said...

Oh Erica..I am so sorry you are sick. It sucks being a mommy and being sick. Their should be a rule that mommys don't get sick--b/c we all know we have to keep going! And have fun at your b-day dinner with Eric!!

Melissa said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! I totally agree with being sick of being sick! You comment on my blog made me's nice to know someone else is as miserable as we are!

I had to laugh because I also just had my 34th birthday, and spent it cleaning and disinfecting from tons of coughs, colds, and snot! Fun, fun, fun!

Well, Happy Belated Birthday and here's to a healthy March!