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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love the holidays. Christmas starts in our house the minute Thanksgiving ends. We always go down to a christmas tree farm and cut our tree down the day after Thanksgiving. Screw going shopping on Black Friday, that's tree trimming day in our house. And it's all done! It's so fun! We fully decorated, wreaths are on the doors, stockings are hanging on the mantle, Eric has constructed his wonderful Christmas Village that is growing bigger every year. We even did most of the lights outside the house. And we would have done them all, except that when we plugged them in to test them, half of all the strands were out. Really, how annoying are Christmas lights? I need to know what happens when we store them in the box from this Jan 2nd to day after Thanksgiving. Because they ALWAYS work when we put them away, and without fail, shits all screwed up the next year when we take them out. Ugh. But besides that, Christmas is full force on in our house, and I love it!

The kids love to stare at the Christmas tree. My parents babysat for the kids on Tuesday, because Eric and I both had to work, but my cousin and her whole family was sick so she couldn't take the kids. And my mom said that Hailey was like a rolling lunatic, and rolled under the tree, and then just layed there staring up at it. Makes me laugh. Oh, and Jake fell off the bed today! It happened so damn quick! He was in the middle of the bed, with a toy, so I thought he would be ok! And I just finished changing the sheets, so I was sitting on the floor at the end of the bed to tuck the sheets in under the mattress. I was tucking, and all of a sudden I looked up, and he was like a top rolling without a pause and off the bed he went! Thank goodness I was right there, so I was able to break his fall with my arms, but he started to cry because I think he got startled. Ugh. These kids are tough. Eric is going to have quite a fun time spending December home with them!

Thanksgiving was fun. We spent it with Eric's family. It was nice to be with all his family and eat like little piggies! I do love me some pumpkin pie!

The yuck news is that I got sick on Sunday night. Just a cold, but ugh, it's so hard to be sick and still be a mom. I wish there was a way to press the pause button for a few days when I get sick. I just so badly wanted to sleep late and overdose on Nyquil and just not have to worry about anything. I'm lucky to have a great hubby that really did take on a lot of the burden, but it's still hard. And I HAD to go to work. Monday I had a meeting all day long and Tuesday I had to go into NY for 2 meetings. Ugh, and I felt SO crappy Tuesday. And it took FOREVER to get there. I purposefully drove to a train station that went direct into NY, cause the closest one to my house you have to transfer in Newark. So that sucked, because there were all accidents, and it took me like 45 minutes just to DRIVE to the train station. So I take the train into NY. Then I decided to grab a cab because I felt so crappy and just didn't feel like taking the subway. It took so long to get to my work. Usually its like a 15 minutes cab ride. It was like 45 minutes that morning. I forgot that it's now the holiday season, so people are all in and shopping and siteseeing, and I'm like "Get outta my way! I have to work!". So I think door to door it took me 3 hours to get in. Then I decided to take the subway when I left work, because I figured it might be hard to get a cab on 5th Ave. The subway is so gross. Now the subway cars themselves, just getting down there. There's just this smell as soon as you go down into the subway stations that I just try not to breath and fly my way through. Ah, the fun of NYC during the holiday season. Hopefully I won't have to go in to many more times before Christmas.

Don't get me wrong! I love being close to the city and going in and taking advantage of all there is there. But not when it's for work. I like going in and walking around and taking my time. But when I need to go to work, I just want to get there, do what I gotta do, and get out.

Only 2 more weeks of this part time schedule, and then I'm full time back to work. Wow, how the time flies! Not that i'm not REALLY ready for that full pay check again.

What else? Me and Eric and going out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary. My parents are babysitting which is nice. Our actual anniversary is Dec 5th. We will be married for 4 years! In some ways it seems like years ago, and in some ways like a lifetime! I'm sure I'll write a special anniversary post on that day.

And of course, pictures! Here are some from Thanksgiving weekend.

Hailey and Mommy
Jake and Daddy



Anonymous said...

Christmas is soooo fun with kids in the house! You're going to have an amazing holiday season!

MoMo said...

I am so jelous you are all done with Christmas decoration!! I have yet to start.
Oh the fun of travelling to NYC!! That 3 hour commute sounds horrible!

jenna said...

There is just something about those baby bib puns that get me everytime!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Lord I haven't even started decorating yet. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!