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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm a slacker ...

I know I haven't updated in a while. Yeah, it's a bit busy around here. It's good and bad. The good is that they are sleeping longer and longer at night. They usually go down around 830pm and wake up around 630am. Yeah for 8 straight hours of them asleep! The bad is that all that sleep at night is allowing them to stay up more during the day. It's tough, because that aren't really able to "play" yet, so it's a round robin of the swing, the bouncy seat, the play mat, and then we start all over again. Nothing holds their interest for all that long. So it's tiring on me. I used to be able to get a lot done during the day because they slept so much. Now it's these little half hour cat naps, and then are beckoning for attention again. I love them to death, but boy does it get to be a lot.

I actually am really looking forward to going back to work. I'm sure that isn't a very popular opinion among moms. After wanting to get pregnant so bad, you would think I would be dying to stay home with them. Not so much really! haha. They are great and fun and wonderful, but I miss being smart. I miss using my brain and going to meetings and being creative and actually doing web development. I NEVER thought I would miss work. But I do! I miss adults and adult talk, I miss lunch hours where I am allowed to eat. I miss showering and getting dressed every day. Its HARD to be a mom that stays home all day. I give SAHMs a lot of credit. I just don't think it was meant for me. And being in the computer industry, it's not like I can take a few years off and go back and suddenly just pick up where I left off. The technology changes so quickly. I would lose my position, my sslary, it wouldn't be easy to go back. I'm sure I am going to be so sad when I first drop them off at Christina's, but I know they will be treated wonderfully by her. So I have no worries about that. But I think I will be a better mom for making sure that I don't lose a part of myself that is pretty important to me. I actually like my career.

Ok, enough of that boring stuff! More pics!

The kids had a very busy 4th of July week. Monday we had a visit with my friend Aimee and her two kids, Alexis and Cooper, ages 5 and 3. Then Tuesday me and my mom took the kids down to my sisters shore house. They were so good, and we even brought them on the beach and set up there little tent and put their car seats in it, and they just happily hung out. Here's a cute pic of them on the beach.
Twins at the Beach

Then on the 4th we had a picnic at my parents house with Eric's parents and aunt and uncle. It was very funny and the twins wore cute 4th of July suits.

Then on Thursday Aunt Jen came to visit so the twins could meet their cousin Gracyn who is about 2.5 months older than them. It was very surreal for me and Jen to sit there and look at all the kids who we didn't have in our lives 1 year ago!

Then on Friday me and Eric got a nice break and went back to my sisters shore house, without the kids, who stayed with Grandma and Opa! It was very fun! We hung out on the beach, drank, went to dinner, drank, etc. It was nice to feel like we had a day that wasn't fully centered around diapers and bottles.

So that's the update from the twins front. I decided to do a nice little photo shoot today, so here are some cute pics. I can't get enough of these kids!


And just when you decided its all dress-up and no fun over at our house, here is a picture of Jake with his special binky Aunt Chrissy bought him!
Jake and his silly Binky

Erica and Eric

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