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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, I have a few friends that are very outdoorsy. Me? Not so much. I'm not big into the exercising, movement, nature, etc. You know what I mean? I like to lounge, drink, eat, lay in the sun, get pampered, and generally act like a sloth.

But now with the littles, I want to have a more active life. It's better for me, and it's better for them. I don't want them to grow up playing outside with Dad while mom sits around like a slug. I want to ride bikes with them, play ball, etc. So I am trying to make a concerted effort to do more stuff outside together as a family.

So, hiking. It's a misleading thing to say we are doing, as the kids move pretty damn slow. So it's more like a REEEAAALLLY slow stroll, especially with Moop stopping every 2 inches to point out yet ANOTHER ant! Yes, that really does happen! So it's not like we are power walking, burning a million calories and rock climbing. But it's a start, and the kids are REALLY enjoying it.

Our first hike this season was at a place called Duke Island Park. It's a park surrounded by the Raritan River, so there is water everywhere and the kids love walking around there. They also have a pretty good playground for the kids, post walk.

Dad and Boots & Mommy and Moop.
Daddy and Boots
Mommy and Moop

Moop walking down the trail. There is something I just love about this picture.

Throwing rocks into the river.

This past weekend we took them to another park, Hacklebarney State Park. It was really cool. All these awesome hiking trails, and beautiful scenery! It was slightly more challenging for the kids (ok, whatever, maybe us too!) because there were a lot of steep ups and downs. But the kids were total troopers! I was so proud of them!

Here are the three cutest hikers ever posing with their walking sticks.
The Fam

Here is a smiling Boots throwing rocks in the river.

The Dude cleaning his hands.

And although this has nothing to do with hiking, I had a lovely Mother's Day with my parents, my sister, her husband, and her kids. They are getting so big!! Anthony has a billion teeth (or so it seems) and Sami just has the most bite-able cheeks EVER!

Here is my sister with her two favorite men, Moop and Anthony.
Chrissy and Boys

And here is Sami with her Daddy.
Ant and Sami

Moop and Little Ant, sharing a moment.
Moop and Ant

Alright, I think I'm all caught up now!!



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