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Monday, March 2, 2009

An update of my kids ...

I know, it's been a while. It's also been a post I've had a hard time writing. I mean, do you really want to write a post that everyone in your family, all your friends, and your blog friends will read that starts with "I can't take my kids anymore". Yeah, that's the post you are about to get. But fret not! It comes with pictures!

The twins are going to be 23 months this Thursday. Yes, one month shy of their 2nd birthday. I believe the terrible twos have started. If they haven't, kill me now. Because I can't have it get worse than this. I seriously can't.

I love my kids to pieces, to the end of the world and back. I truly do. So please don't mistake my bitching for anything other than that. And screw it, I'm pregnant with twins, I can bitch if I want to!

They are driving me and DH UP THE WALL! It's constant NO!. It's constant whining. It's constant fighting. It's constant pushing boundaries. They hit each other. They hit me. They laugh while they do it. They fully understand when I tell them not to do something. And then they proceed to do it anyway. They are Satan's spawn. Ok, maybe that last one was a little mellow dramatic.

I know it's normal. Those of you with singletons probably don't see it, and maybe don't get it. This is something that is very different with twins. Although a singleton may do a lot of the things I mentioned, there isn't the constant battle with their same aged sibling. Even if you have two kids, one is older, and probably understands better, so there is someone to reason with. I can't reason with anyone. Not even myself most days. If you just have one, there is no one that is invading your childs personal space 24/7. They might throw a tantrum, or throw a toy. But they aren't running up to their twin and smashing them in the head with the stupid jukebox from the play diner. Yes, this is my life. It's challenging, a lot of the time. They try my patience endlessly, and let me tell you guys, there wasn't a lot of patience to begin with.

Ahhhhh, I feel better to have just vented that all out. But now, onto the cute stuff!

Cute Boots
Boots is really turning into quite the lover. She is a Daddy's girl like no one's business. She will even say if I try to pick her up "No, No Mommy! Daddy up!" She is like an appendage to him. But now, if I pretend to cry, she runs over to me, gives me a big hug, and then kisses me firmly on the lips and says "No cryin' mommmy". Let's just say it melts my heart, and makes me pretend to cry like a million times a day. She is SUPER vocal and repeats pretty much every single thing either of us says, which makes for some fun. We may or may not have had her repeating curse words. I won't confirm or deny this. She is getting really good at sharing with Mr Moop, and saying sorry when she hurts him. Oh, it's doesn't stop her from hurting him first, but she always says I'm sorry afterwards. It's a start, I suppose. She's the prettiest thing ever, and she is so much my personality that at times it scares me. The teenage years are going to be a fucking nightmare. Yes, I had to drop the f-bomb, because I really feel that's how insane it is going to be. When I ask her "Where are Chrissy's babies?" she rubs my belly and says hi to them. She is even learning their names (which I'm not putting here yet, as they are my sister's to share with the world). But it's really cute to hear her say them. She refuses to sit on her highchair during her meals and will scream "SIT DADDY!" until DH takes her out of the highchair and puts her in his lap. Then she will happily smile away and eat her meal. Although we haven't started potty training, she is interested in her potty, and every night before her bath, she will take off her own diaper and sit on the potty and pee. So I'm hoping she will be the easier of the two to train. Oh, and she has started stripping down in her crib in the morning. A couple days in a row, DH found her start naked sitting in her crib. So, we have started duct taping her diaper so she can't get it off. Ah, the many uses of duct tape.

Cute Moop
Moop, on the other hand, is as crazy as the day is long! He's so happy all the time it's almost verging on insanity. He's always got a goofy grin on his face, and he's my little buddy. Just like his sister won't leave Daddy, he's a Mommy's boy. And no, I'm not hating it at all. His hair is still long and completely out of control and I can't help but love it. He is full of loves and hugs and kisses, and is always up for a cuddle. I LOVE that. He is a counting genius (or so I think) and he can count up to 13. I'm not sure why that number, but hey, so far, so good. He knows all his colors too, and his favorite is blue. He yells it everytime I point to something blue and over annunciates it. "Moop, what color is this?" ... "BBBBAAAAAAAAALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". He's insane. He loves books, and he loves to read, and at any time we can leave him alone in a room, and come back like 10 minutes later, and he will be sitting perfectly, in the recliner, flipping through a book. He's just so EASY. DH and I laugh that if they hadn't come as a package deal, and Moop came first, we would have had another for sure. If Boots had come first, she would have been an only child. He's so much my husband's personality. He's sweet, easy going, and just happy. He sleeps SO WELL! He goes down right at 7pm without a peep ... and usually doesn't wake until 7am, if not later. But what's even crazier is that he doesn't cry or make noise when he gets up. He just sits in his crib and grabs one of his books or toys, and plays silently. That's how we always find him after nap time.

Ok Ok, so some pics. Here are a few of my recent favorites. Boots is loving having a pony tail, but then Moop wants one too! Here is the proof ...
Pony-tail BootsPony-tail Moop

Here is the Boots wearing Daddy's hat around and Moop dancing...
Boots in a hatDancing Moop

And here is the picture I need to refer back to when I'm having one of those days where I want to sell them. Because really, they are perfectly beautiful and I love them to death!
Hugging Twins



Arjun and Indira said...

HUGS to you girlfriend! Complain away, I think one thing as infertility mommies we feel guilty at times because we don't want to sound ungrateful but we are only human. Anyway they are adorable!!!! For b/g twins they certainly look a lot alike. Ah the tantrums are relentless aren't they?! A quick way to drain the life out of you. I don't have any magical words but wanted to say I feel ya!
adia2007 from TS

Intending To Be Parents said...

Yikes. You've got your hands full with 2 almost 2 and 2 in the oven for your sis. You are quite a trooper! But they are seriously adorable :)
Happy belated birthday!

Gibson Twins said...

My twins are just a few months older than yours. Why IS it that they can count to 13? lol For the longest time they'd stop at 13 and then every number after that was 13 also!

Laughing at the pic of both with ponytails- poor boys don't understand gender differences. Ryan (our boy twin) always wants his nails painted when I paint his sister's. I actually thought about using clear on them but I'm afraid to start that.

Mine went through that awful stage for awhile. Now they are able to be bribed for delayed gratification so most times when I run into issues with them, I just say "you have to be good to get to watch Mickey later". Works everytime.

They are so very precious!!

Aimee said...

Bitch all you want girl! Now I'm big time (even more) hoping I have one in the oven! LMAO! Mops personality sounds somuch like Hannah, otherwise I would not be pregnant right now! LOL I just loves Moops long hair! Don't cut it, he looks adorable! ;o) I seriously can't get over that they will be 2 soon! Great pictures, way too much cuteness going on!

Chrissy said...

YEAH..the post I was waiting for...Pics of my beautiful munchkins. I have to say that the Moop actually looks beautiful with a ponytail....poor kid! You have every right to bitch especially since you're carrying my two midgets around and they are making you sick! Keep your head up....this to shall pass..hopefully sooner rather than later. Love you, Chrissy

Jennifer said...

Terrible 2's...yikes! Good idea to vent!!!

Adorable photos...thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

First, the kids are absolutely precious! I love his hair--pony tail and all....You know, Ellie drove me absolutely INSANE (she seriously made me cry on occassion)when she was about to turn two and I was pregnant with Kate. The thought of there being two of her is unimaginable. You are a saint! I had friends tell me that three was worse and I remember thinking to myself, "What else can she possibly do besides set the house on fire or pull a gun on me?" Rest assured, it wasn't worse and she is actually a rather pleasant 6 year old now (although I do wish she would sleep a bit later). Kate on the other hand, sailed through her twos and most of her threes as sweet as can be--now that she is four, she is turning into a bit of a pain in the ass! Sigh...can't win. Feel good and take care of yourself....

Anne said...

I can't help but laugh whenever you post about your two. It's like you're describing mine... two years ago exactly. It's almost scary. You're in for a hell of a lot more with that little girl you got there... Daddy will get more and more resigned with time.... and you will glow with pride while wanting to harm yourself... Now I'm laughing again. ;)

Big hugs.. you're amazing!!