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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Party of the Century (and we are all sick, AGAIN!)

It's over. We survived the first birthday party of the twins. I think a better idea would have been to send the twins out with the grandparents, and for Eric and I to get some much needed sleep! But that was not to be.

I want to get this post up so bad, but I'm SO SICK! I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat and my whole head is just pounding and will not stop. Ugh. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. But staying home would be no fun, as Jake is sick as well. Daycare called today, and he's got a lovely 101.6 fever. So I had to pick him up. It was fine, because I was leaving early to pick them both up anyway, since they had their 1 year appt today. Jake still had a fever, but no ear infections, so the dr said it's just some sort of virus that will work its way out. Hailey on the other hand, had a double ear infection! And she was acting relatively normal, no fever on her or anything. So she's back on meds. She can go to daycare tomorrow, but Jake can't. Did I mention how much it sucks to be sick when the kids are sick? Yeah, it does. Ok, I'll give you the quick one year stats, and then back to the party. Jake weighs in at 25.1 lbs (up 1 lb from 9 months), putting him in the 85th percentile. He was 32 inches, which was 97% for height. I forget what his head was, but it was like 50%.

Hailey only gained 11 ounces from 9 months, she is now 18.13 lbs, which is the 16% (my little peanut!). She was 30.5 inches, and I honestly can't rmeember the % on that right now. And her head was 40%.

They are doing good. No shots today since they both were sick. I'm thinking about slowing down and spacing out their shots more, but I'll save that for a later post.

Anyways, back to the party! It was so lovely. Almost everyone we invited was able to make it, and it was so fun to see all the different friends in our lives who have had babies in the past year together! It was a mess of infants just crawling and walking around.

Ok, so a little aside. I was feeling so crappy last night that I saved my post at this point, and just went to bed. Now I'm trying to finish it up. I went to the doctor today and found out that I ALSO have an ear infection!?!?!?! What am I? A baby? Ugh. So now both me and Hailey are on antibiotics. Fun times, friends, fun times.

ANYWAY, back to the party! It really was fun. We had lots of food, and a beautiful cake, and all our friends and family, and it was just a good time! Both kids were a bit crabby, which now makes sense, knowing they are both sick!

Here is the birthday girl with Grandma.
Hailey and Grandma

And here is the birthday boy with his Uncle Anthony.
Jake and Ant

And I just wanted to show off the cute banners I got for them!
Jake Banner
Hailey Banner

Lots more pics if you click on any of the above ... I'm going to go take an antibiotic and go to sleep. Ugh. I was tagged, and I will get back to that soon as well! Now I must sleep.



Topcat said...

Oh, I really hope you get better soon - all of you!

Happy irthday to your two lil cuties, God they are just so cute.

Aimee & Hannah said...
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Aimee & Hannah said...

So happy to hear Erica's & Jakes 1st birthday party was a hit! Adorable pics, they're too too cute!

So sorry to hear all of you are sick. :o( I know it's brutal being sick at the same time! *hugs*

Last week, Hannah caught another cold/cough and passed the bug onto me. I woke up with a sore throat and pounding headache! Fortunatley, it was short lived!

I wouldn't worry too much about Hailey not gaining much weight, it's not unusual. Hannah's ped told me that babies weight's usually stabilize from 9-12 months. I bet having a double ear infection is not helping her appetite either. Poor lil gal. :o(

Hoping that all 3 of you are feeling much better soon!!!

P.S. I deleted my comment above, too many typos! LOL...

MoMo said...

I hope all you guys feel better soon!! It looks like the birthday party was a blast!! The pictures looks great! Get some rest!!!

Helen said...

God it does suck to be sick when they're sick! I hope you all feel better soon!

And the party - how fantastic! How sweet!

xavier2001 said...


Sorry I missed the actual day, and sorry that you all have the sickies, hoping it's short lived!

Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

They're looking so big already!

Sorry to hear about all the maladies though -- hope you guys pull through soon.

Melissa said...

I totally understand how much it sucks to be sick when the kids are sick!! We all had a stomach bug a few months ago and I cried every day. Please feel free to ignore my tag and get better ASAP!

Gemini Girl said...

btw- r u diong the march of dimes walk next week in staten island?