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Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy Weekend

Hi everyone. It's been a busy weekend here in the Dunn house. Of course, the kids are doing great. They've been having some great sleeping stretches, which are really nice! We've been putting them down around 9pm-ish, depending on when their last bottle is, and they only wake us once overnight, around 3am for a bottle, then back to sleep until morning. Pretty good!

I have lots of pictures to share, as they are rewarding us with tons of smiles! Jake was smiling all the time, but Hailey rarely wanted to give us a grin ... until now! Suddenly she is non-stop smiling! Look at this cute pic!
Smiling Hailey

So Friday was busy. Aunt Chrissy and Grandma K came over and we all went out to lunch and to Babies R Us. And look at the cute bathing suits that were purchased for the twins!



On Saturday, we took the twins to meet their new best friend Kai! He is the son of our close friends Chris and Megan, and he is Hailey's future husband! Jake and Kai will be the best of friends, just like their Dads. Hopefully future college roomates too! But they will go to Harvard, not Trenton State.
Kai and Jake

And Sunday the twins had lots of family over! Grammie and Aunt Carol came to sit with them while Mom and Dad got out to see Knocked Up. Very funny movie, by the way. Then Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Anthony came over and Grandma and Opa. And Grandma bought them a rocking elephant. Just what they need! I have a feeling Eric and I might need to buy a new house just for all the stuff my mom keeps buying ... Not that I want her to stop. 8-)
Jake on rocking horse

And here are some more cute onesies that Aunt Chrissy bought. His says "Hung like a 5 year old" and hers says "Daddy drinks because I cry". Love them!




Erica and Eric

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